Many, many people believe Lee Harvey Oswald was completely innocent of
murdering President Kennedy in November of 1963. They think Oswald was
nothing more than an unwitting "Patsy", set up and framed to take the
fall after the tragic assassination of America's 35th President.

This "Patsy" viewpoint is just pure nonsense, IMHO. There is so much
evidence verifying Oswald's guilt (evidence that any "Patsy plotters"
themselves could not possibly have "controlled"), that any such "Patsy"
notions fall completely apart upon even a cursory glance at the
evidence in the case.

Oswald's own rifle was found on the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book
Depository Building. .... Oswald (or someone who resembled Oswald) was
seen by witnesses in the sniper's window on that same 6th Floor. .... And
Oswald's fingerprints were found on boxes within the Sniper's Nest.

In addition to the above, there's also another very incriminating set of
Oswald prints found on that sixth floor of the Depository:

Oswald's fingerprints were on the homemade paper bag which was found
right next to the Sniper's Nest window. ..... This information re. the
bag is detailed on Page #135 of the Warren Commission Report.

Three different fingerprint experts identified the TWO prints lifted
from the paper bag as those of Lee Harvey Oswald. Sebastian F. Latona
of the FBI first IDed the prints as positively being Oswald's. Then, in
a separate independent examination of the prints found on the bag, two
other experts (Ronald G. Wittmus of the FBI and Arthur Mandella of the
New York City Police Dept.) came back with the very same results.

It's also very interesting to note just exactly which prints of Oswald's
were discovered on the paper bag and WHERE, in particular, one of the
prints was located. The two prints discovered on the bag were Oswald's
left index finger and the other (the key one in a crucial respect) being
Oswald's right palmprint.

LHO's right palmprint was found on the END of the CLOSED side of the
bag -- indicating that Oswald had held the bag in such a manner where
his right palm was supporting the weight of whatever was inside the bag,
just exactly matching Wesley Frazier's testimony of how Oswald carried
the bag into the TSBD back entrance the morning of November 22 [2 H 239].

Via Wesley Frazier's Nov. 22 affidavit (providing solid evidence that
Oswald did, indeed, WALK INTO the back door of the Depository WITH
PACKAGE IN HAND, rather than empty-handed) --- "I saw him go in the
back door at the Loading Dock of the building that we work in, and he
still had the package under his arm."

In my view, this valuable and incriminating evidence against Oswald is
quite possibly the BEST "print" evidence there is in the whole case.
Oswald's own prints being found on his very own rifle ARE rather
incriminating, yes. But, as conspiracy promoters like to point out with
zealous glee, it's possible that the print taken from the rifle by the
DPD might have been left there by Oswald at some time prior to November
22 (since he was the owner of the weapon since March of 1963).

And the other hard, physical evidence that exists (fingerprint-wise)
suggesting very strongly that Oswald was at the sniper's window at
some point on November 22nd is the evidence of Oswald's prints (three
of them) being found on two of the boxes that were found INSIDE THE
SNIPER'S NEST ITSELF [see CE1301 and CE1302].

This "box" evidence is very strong to support the idea that Oswald was
present at that southeast corner window on Nov. 22nd, but (as CTers
will also point out) it doesn't HAVE to mean that LHO "constructed" the
"Nest" or that he was at the window with a rifle at precisely 12:30 PM
shooting at anybody. This due to the fact that, as an "order filler" for
the Depository, Oswald obviously COULD conceivably have touched
or handled those exact cartons sometime prior to the assassination.

Although the LOCATION of the prints on the cartons, IMO, is quite
compelling and interesting (in an "Oswald-did-it" kind of fashion).
PLUS: As I said, the cartons with LHO's prints were NOT just the
cartons stacked high up all around the "Nest" (i.e., the "shielding"
cartons on the outside of the SN).

But, instead, the Oswald prints were found WITHIN the Nest itself --
on the box the sniper would have used to probably SIT on while
aiming his rifle; AND two prints on one of the exact boxes that was
used as a 'rifle rest' by the assassin.

I'd like to know the odds that ONLY Oswald's prints would have been
found on those PRECISE boxes, while no other DISCERNIBLE prints could
be lifted off of them?

Did the "plotters" who many conspiracy theorists say framed Oswald
as their patsy just get extremely lucky and PICK AT RANDOM two boxes
to place INSIDE the bowels of their Sniper's Perch which just happened
to have three of Lee Harvey Oswald's prints on them?

Just exactly HOW did these crack conspirators orchestrate this "plan"
so perfectly to ensure that ONLY OSWALD'S fingerprints and palmprints
would be found on those particular boxes? How did they KNOW for certain
which cartons on the sixth floor Oswald touched and which ones he had
not handled? More incredible foresight on the part of the plotters it
would appear.

The fingerprints on the paper bag are also very damaging to Oswald
and indicative of guilt (more so than even the prints on the rifle or his
prints on the boxes), because it places Lee Harvey Oswald -- via his
identifiable, verifiable fingerprints -- at just EXACTLY the same location
where three cartridge cases were also found (with all of these shells
being linked to Oswald's rifle) and just exactly the same location --
the 6th-Floor Sniper's Nest -- where witnesses saw a man who
resembled Oswald.

Plus: The "bag" prints place Oswald's fingerprints on an item (the
brown bag) that has no logical or explainable or valid reason to be
where we find it after the assassination -- just lying on the floor below
the window from where rifle shots were fired at President Kennedy.

I cannot see ANY possible wiggle room for CTers with regard to this
very strong fingerprint evidence on the paper bag itself -- given the
location of the prints on the bag, plus WHERE the bag was found, plus
Wesley Frazier's testimony about seeing Oswald carrying a very
similar-looking paper bag into the Depository at approximately 8:00 AM
on Nov. 22nd, plus the OTHER "Oswald print" evidence found on the very
same sixth floor (on the rifle itself and on the two SN boxes).

HOW can this evidence be twisted and turned into a conspiracy-favoring
argument which has Oswald NOT at that Sniper's Nest window at some
point during the day of November 22, 1963? How?

Do conspiracy buffs think that Oswald just happened to unwrap his
"curtain rods" right beneath the sniper's window, and then just left
the bag in the Nest (and also, evidently, just DITCHED these "rods"
somewhere, because we know he didn't enter his roominghouse with
any curtain rods at 1:00 PM; nor were any rods found inside the TSBD
after the shooting)?

One way some conspiracy kooks have tried to wrangle out of Oswald's
obvious guilt and obvious presence at that 6th-Floor window on 11/22/63
has been to claim that the Dallas Police "planted" the bag underneath
the sniper's window after the shooting in an effort to frame Oswald.

This theory is about as believable as the "Patsy" theory as a whole (which
is wholly-UNBELIEVABLE right from the get-go, IMO). Because -- we'd
then have to believe that the DPD had somehow been able to "plant"
Oswald's prints on a "fake" bag (without any non-plotters noticing of
course, as per the norm with ALL conspiracy theories -- no non-conspirators
ever notice a thing, amazingly).

Or, we'd have to believe that the DPD just MADE UP from whole cloth the "fingerprints" story concerning the bag. Which, of course, also must mean
that the THREE fingerprint experts mentioned earlier (Latona, Wittmus,
and Mandella) are part of the "Frame The Patsy" plot, because they ALL
three said they had examined the bag [CE142] and found Oswald's prints
on that particular brown paper bag.


I'm eagerly awaiting the logical and believable explanation from
conspiracy theorists that will answer the question of why that 38-inch
brown paper sack (which could house Oswald's 34.8-inch disassembled
rifle [as we can see here]), with Oswald's fingerprints on it, was in the
place where it was found after the assassination -- the Sniper's Nest --
and yet still NOT have Oswald present at the Sniper's Nest window on
November 22nd, 1963.

I, for one, cannot think of a single "Oswald's Innocent" explanation for
that bag being where it was found after the shooting, and with Lee Harvey
Oswald's fingerprints on it.

David Von Pein
May 2005


(PART 23)

James DiEugenio continues to do the thing that conspiracy-loving kooks
do best. They (and he) keep resurrecting already trashed theories, and
then they (he) apparently hope that nobody remembers that each of these
stupid theories has already been thoroughly explained in non-conspiratorial

As many conspiracy theorists try to do, DiEugenio also tries to maneuver
and re-work the Zapruder film's head-shot sequence into a "Conspiracy Only"
type of framework.

But what DiEugenio specifically does in his anti-Bugliosi review (and
during his frequent appearances on "Black Op Radio") is pathetic and
reprehensible, IMO.

It's actually kind of a triple-bill of absurdity and distortion on Jim's
part, too. Here's the "triple-bill" I'm referring to:

1.) DiEugenio has the gall to imply that JFK's head is in the
"exact position" in Z-Frame 313 as it was 1/18th of a second earlier
in Z312....which is total rubbish, of course. And DiEugenio has got to
know it's rubbish, too, because we know he's seen the Z-Film
IN MOTION many, many times in his life.

Therefore, since we know Jim's seen the film many times (and
undoubtedly has viewed frames 312 and 313 in super slow-motion,
like all of us have done many, many times, such as the clip provided
below) -- then we know that Jim doesn't have a leg to stand on when
he said to the sparse "Black Op Radio" audience that JFK's head is in
the "exact position" in Z313 as it was in Z312.

Also -- When DiEugenio said those words ["exact position"] on
Black Op Radio on November 27, 2008, he prefaced the remark by
misrepresenting Vince Bugliosi's REASON for putting a picture in his
book of the "high contrast" picture of Z313, with Jim, for some stupid
reason, saying that Vince uses that high-contrast version of Z313 to
show that the President's head is "leaning forward" at the moment of
the head shot.

Of course, as anyone can easily see by reading page 486 of VB's 2007
book, "Reclaiming History" (which is, indeed, the exact page number
cited by DiEugenio when Jim discusses this topic in Part 4 of his "RH"
review on Jim's website), Bugliosi is certainly NOT talking about the
forward lean or tilt of Kennedy's head when VB refers to the high-
contrast photo of Z313.

Vince, instead, utilizes the high-contrast picture to emphasize the
fact that all of the blood and brain tissue is seen to the FRONT of
JFK's head, indicating (of course) the likelihood that the bullet that
just caused that terrible spray of bodily fluid came from BEHIND the

For DiEugenio to totally misrepresent Mr. Bugliosi with regard to this
important matter is, IMO, just about as disingenuous (and sneaky) as
you can get.

And Jim's "exact position" remark is just flat-out dead-wrong too, as
we all know. And even if Jim wanted to come back with the argument
that he was ONLY talking about the degree of "lean" or "tilt" of JFK's
head in both Z312 and Z313, his argument wouldn't go very far either.

Because even THAT argument would be invalid, because when JFK's head
moves forward between 312 and 313, the "forward lean" of his head DOES
change slightly too (i.e., in Z313, Kennedy's head can certainly not be
said to be in the "exact position" it was in in Z312...even from JUST
a "leaning forward" standpoint).

But it was obvious to me that DiEugenio's distortions (and his
misrepresentations of what Bugliosi meant by certain things relating
to Z-frames 312 and 313) are part of a concerted effort on his part to
try and REMOVE (or just DENY) as much of the verified Z-Film evidence
that exists that tells a reasonable person that JFK was shot FROM
BEHIND at the important moment when the bullet struck him at Z313.
And numbers 2 and 3 below go toward meeting that desired goal of
Jim's as well.

2.) DiEugenio's comment about how it looks like only "the front" part
of JFK's head is "being impacted" at Z313 is a real "WTF?" moment.

Jim must think that an ENTRY hole for a bullet is the HUGE hole, vs.
EXIT holes being the large and irregular-shaped ones.


And, again, as with Jim's distortions in #1, this #2 item is designed
to re-write the history of this murder, as James tries to impress upon
people something that is just plain dumb -- that is, that the great-big
hole at the right-front of JFK's head was the "impact" (or entry) point
for an incoming bullet fired from the front.

How stupid does Jim think his listeners are? Granted, a lot of conspiracy
kooks are mighty stupid....but geez.

3.) With Black Op host Len Osanic's help (it was Osanic who first
mentioned this #3 item, with DiEugenio, right on cue it would seem,
jumping in with both feet firmly in his mouth to completely agree with
the incredibly wrong thing that Len just uttered), DiEugenio actually
had the additional audacity to suggest that both of the Connallys
(John and Nellie) WEREN'T splattered with debris from the fatal shot
that struck JFK in the head.

Talk about misleading people. This one is a beaut in that regard.

Of course, as virtually all JFK researchers know (without even having
to think about it and without even needing to look up any of Nellie's
or JBC's testimony), both John and Nellie Connally were definitely
"covered" with debris from the fatal gunshot that hit JFK's head. To
quote John Connally himself:

"I could see blood and brain tissue all over the interior of the
car and all over our clothes. We were both covered with brain tissue."

So, we can see from the above three points that James DiEugenio (like
many other conspiracists) is practically DESPERATE to re-write the history
of this assassination.

And while he's attempting to re-write history, Jim is obviously willing to
just toss the testimony of both John Connally and Nellie Connally out
the nearest window (and I don't believe for one second that DiEugenio
could have possibly gone this long without hearing at least ONE of the
many, many interviews [or WC/HSCA sessions] with the Connallys, where
they each have stated many times that they were splattered and "covered"
with JFK's brains and blood).

When I hear a CTer like Jim DiEugenio make blatantly incorrect remarks
like he has done on multiple recent Black Op Radio shows, I have to ask
the following question:

Since Jim is perfectly willing to totally misrepresent and mangle
certain KNOWN FACTS regarding the assassination of President Kennedy,
then why in the world would anyone take seriously anything else he
might say about a "conspiracy" in the JFK case?

David Von Pein
December 2008


(PART 22)

Subject: Jim DiEugenio, Vince Bugliosi, Dave Von Pein, & Assorted Miscellany
Date: 8/29/2009 11:11:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: David Von Pein
To: James DiEugenio



>>> "Hmm. Talk about a distinction without a difference. In your first review yes, you did point out some errors in RH ["Reclaiming History"]. BUT NONE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE JFK ANGLE! They were essentially trivia. Things like birthdays. Not one thing about the main focus of the book: which takes up about 2500 pages." <<<


Nonsense, Jim. I have talked about what I perceive to be Vincent's
errors with respect to several different things of a substantive

I quote now from my September 2007 Internet article:

""Reclaiming History" author Vincent Bugliosi has, in my
opinion, written a very factual book, with only a very few mistakes
cropping up here and there (that I noticed). That doesn't mean I
always agree with everything VB says in his JFK book. Because that's
not the case at all. In fact, I disagree with him on several different
issues re. the Kennedy case....e.g., the timing of when the SBT bullet
struck the victims; the specifics of what happened to the bullet from
Oswald's first (missed) shot; the very strange flip-flop that Vince
seems to do on pages 423-424 re. the HSCA's insane "upward" trajectory
of the SBT bullet path through JFK's body; and VB's criticism of
Gerald Posner in a couple of places (particularly with respect to a
JBC bullet-fragment issue)." -- DVP; September 8, 2007


>>> "...You were trying to intimidate people on Lancer [www.JFKLancerforum.com] with how Bugliosi was going to magically erase all the doubts about the WC [Warren Commission], even though he worked from the same knowledge base we all did. You then amended this to VB making an error about his book containing certain Z film frames. Again, it's trivial. And then you loudly proclaimed how this did not touch on VB's book's credibility." <<<


If you're talking about Mr. Bugliosi's obvious error when he said
(over and over again in 2007) that his book was the first book to ever
print Z-frames 312 and 313, then I'll emphatically say -- Such an
error certainly does not affect Vince's credibility regarding his
bottom-line "lone assassin" conclusion.

Are you, James, actually trying to say that that error of Bugliosi's
regarding the publishing of Z312 and Z313 affects his credibility when
it comes to the big-ticket question of whether Oswald alone killed

Surely you jest.


>>> "Davey: Why not talk about VB's four Magic Bullets. Huh?" <<<


You took the word right out of my own mouth, Jim. And that word is:

"Four magic bullets"? What the hell are you talking about? The only
people who have ANY "magic bullets" are the conspiracists. They've got
up to 4 of those--to replace the SBT alone! And all of those "magic"
bullets disappeared without a trace. Even you should realize how
stupid that type of anti-SBT theory sounds.


>>> "Or two within six seconds." <<<


It appears to be time for another "HUH?" here. You think Vince has two
"magic bullets" within "six seconds"? WTF?

Vince, just like me, thinks the total time for the shooting was 8.4
seconds (8.36 seconds to be more precise) -- from Z160 to Z313.

As I've said several times on the Internet, Vincent's SBT timeline is
wrong, IMO (but that doesn't affect VB's overall time of 8.4 seconds
for all three of Lee Oswald's gunshots).

Vince thinks the SBT shot occurred at Z210 (or "within a split-second
of Z210"), which is obviously too early. The SBT occurs at exactly
Z224, IMO.

But even with a Z210 SBT shot, there is still ample time for Oswald to
fire that shot (after his first shot misses the car at Z160). The
difference between Z160 and Z210 is 2.73 seconds, which is more than
enough time when using Oswald's Carcano.

And the time between shots 2 and 3 (per Bugliosi's timeline) is 5.63
seconds. In my opinion, the time between those two shots was 4.86
seconds. But either timeline affords Oswald sufficient time to get the
job done.


>>> "Or his [Bugliosi's] displaying of the altered Dox drawing of the back of JFK's skull and proclaiming it the "entrance wound"." <<<


It would have been better if Mr. Bugliosi had simply provided the
actual autopsy photos in his book (vs. merely relying on the Ida Dox

I think that was another mistake made by VB. The autopsy pictures
should definitely have been included in such a "book for the
ages" (which "Reclaiming History" undoubtedly is).

It was a mistake not to include the autopsy pictures, and it was a
mistake for Vince not to include a lot more photographs, too. And he
certainly could have done so, even if only on the CD-ROM. That kind of
"reference" book about the JFK case should have more photos in it than
"Reclaiming History" contains, IMO.

But I don't know why you have such a problem with the Dox drawing of
the back of JFK's head. Dox has the entry wound placed properly in her
HSCA drawing.

Why you think otherwise is a bigger mystery. And I assume you're
talking about this Dox drawing below [HSCA JFK Exhibit F-48], right
Jim? Ida Dox made this drawing, btw, by TRACING directly over the top
of the actual autopsy picture of JFK's head:

Ida Dox's other drawings that depict the entry wound in Kennedy's
head look very accurate too, IMO, with the entry wound being HIGH on
JFK's head, near the cowlick, which is, of course, just exactly where
EVERY SINGLE PATHOLOGIST who has examined the official autopsy photos
and X-rays since 1963 has said the wound is located.

Naturally, though, being a firm believer in the make-believe "Grassy
Knoll Killer", you (James DiEugenio) are forced to disagree with the
more than ONE DOZEN doctors who examined the autopsy photographs for
THREE separate U.S. Government panels and committees since the
assassination -- The Clark Panel in 1968, the Rockefeller Commission
in 1975, and the HSCA/FPP in 1978.


>>> "Or his [Bugliosi's] error on the spacing of the jump seat inward?" <<<


There's definitely some confusion and contradiction in the record
regarding the distance between the car door and Governor Connally's
jump seat. The Hess & Eisenhardt schematic definitely shows the
distance to be just "2.50 inches", whereas Thomas Kelley's Warren
Commission testimony indicates a 6-inch gap.

In May of 2008, I had THIS online discussion with Pat Speer regarding
this "Connally Jump Seat" topic.

As with all things that conspiracy theorists prop up as meaningful and
substantial, the "Jump Seat Measurement" issue is a great-big "TO-DO
ABOUT VIRTUALLY NOTHING", as I fully demonstrate via ample doses of
common sense and logic in the above-linked Internet article.


>>> "Maybe because those would undermine the book's credibility? Which you vouched for two years before the book was published, and called it by the wrong title?" <<<


I didn't refer to Vincent Bugliosi's book by the "wrong title" at any
time, Jim. Maybe you should (once again) look before your mouth leaps
into action.

The book went through three different titles, with "Reclaiming
History" finally winning out as the book's published title (it was
Vincent's wife, Gail, btw, who came up with that title).

Prior to the title being changed to "Reclaiming History" in 2006, the
book's moniker was "Final Verdict" (which I'm positive you are fully
aware of, Jim, since you even mention that early title in Part 1 of
your never-ending anti-VB review/tome).

The two (full) titles that were used at one time or another for Mr.
Bugliosi's masterwork prior to its 2007 release were these:

1.) "Final Verdict: The True Account Of The Murder Of John F. Kennedy"

2.) "Final Verdict: The Simple Truth In The Killing Of JFK"


>>> "For ITC ["JFK: Inside The Target Car"], you did the same. You did your usual press release, then you amended it when so many others found so many errors in it--which somehow you managed to miss. But here, you only go as far as the positioning of Jackie. And again, you say it does not really touch on its credibility." <<<


It doesn't.

Please tell me, Jim, how JACKIE'S position in the limousine IN ANY WAY
nullifies the rifle tests that were done in California by Michael

I'll answer that question myself -- It doesn't nullify or undermine
those test shots.


>>> "How about the wrong exit spot on the head, Davey? Does that mean anything in a trajectory analysis? Or the bullet not fragmenting to leave a large fragment behind, as Mack's HSCA x-rays said happened? And Mack was using the HSCA analysis for his comparison." <<<


As I've stated in my articles online regarding the "Target Car" rifle
tests -- I really don't care too much about anything in that
particular Discovery Channel program except the two simulated "From
The Grassy Knoll" tests that were performed by Michael Yardley in

Those two "Knoll" test shots (using two different types of rifles--a
Winchester and a Mannlicher-Carcano) prove beyond ALL POSSIBLE DOUBT
that President Kennedy could not possibly have been shot in the head
by a gunshot coming from the front or right-front (which is a shooting
scenario that a vast majority of conspiracy theorists firmly believe
to this day, including Mr. James DiEugenio).

Naturally, those two "Knoll" rifle tests are WORTHLESS to a hardened
CTer like you, Jim. And that's because you've invested way too much
time and too many words on promoting the make-believe "Grassy Knoll
gunman" theory.

You don't care that Yardley's shot from a Winchester rifle completely
blew the simulated JFK head clean off its neck!

And you also don't give a damn that Yardley's second "Knoll" shot,
using a Carcano rifle, created undeniable damage to the LEFT side of
the surrogate JFK head (i.e., damage that even all conspiracists admit
DID NOT EXIST with respect to the head of the real John F. Kennedy at
his autopsy in 1963)!

So, as all conspiracy theorists have to do, you will find ways to
discredit and undermine the importance of those two "Knoll" shots that
were fired by Mr. Yardley for the "Inside The Target Car" documentary

I'll repeat the following comment that I first made in late 2008,
because it seems fitting here:

"The more scientific and ballistics tests that are done (like
the Discovery Channel's tests and Dale Myers' excellent computer
animation projects relating to both the Single-Bullet Theory and the
acoustic/Dictabelt evidence), the further and further away from a
multi-gun conspiracy we get in the JFK case. Shouldn't that make even
the staunchest conspiracy theorist pause and ask -- I wonder how this
can be...if JFK was really hit from the front and rear, like Oliver
Stone, Jim Garrison, et al, insist he was?" -- David Von Pein;
November 1, 2008


>>> "Why not debate me so we can address these and many, many other issues. /s/ JD [Jim DiEugenio]" <<<


You never can tell, maybe I will feel like doing just that at some point
in the future.

Of course, in a very real sense, I already have "debated" you on many
key issues relating to JFK's assassination....on the Internet (and in
my 6-part [now 8-part] video series).

David Von Pein


Subject: The Strap Muscles (Again)
Date: 8/29/2009 11:11:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: David Von Pein
To: James DiEugenio



>>> "I don't know who sent you that quote but it was not me. I was on the road to Santa [B]arbara for vacation with my sister. Davey, you did say this in one of your early versions of your counterattack on my VB review, which is driving you batty. .... Humes and Specter were specifically talking about the strap muscles. When they both knew the bullet came in the back. In other words they were deliberately covering up its real location--which they both knew of--in order to make the SBT viable. Which it is not." <<<



I guess I'm going to have to go around the "strap muscles" mulberry
bush with you for the 12th time. Apparently the previous 11 times I
proved you were dead-wrong on this issue weren't enough for you.

Anyway, you need to listen to the Black Op Radio broadcast of
July 16, 2009, wherein you said that I had earlier quoted "Specter
examining Humes" (your verbatim quote from 7/16/09) regarding
the "probing" issue as it relates to the strap muscles:

But, quite obviously, I never quoted Specter or Humes talking about
any such thing relating to the "probing" topic. How could I have quoted
AT ALL. It does not exist. You INVENTED it, Jim, for your own "CT"
purposes. And you surely MUST realize that by this time.

You must also believe that Arlen Specter was somehow able to wave his
"magic coercion wand" and miraculously was able to get Dr. Humes to
follow him down "Strap Muscles B.S. Avenue", because it's HUMES who
said the strap muscles WERE, in fact, "bruised" by the passage of the
bullet...not Specter!

So, how did Specter get Humes, on the record, to LIE HIS ASS OFF in
front of the Warren Commission, Jim? You never did state how that neat
little trick was accomplished.

BTW, I also must assume that you really DON'T think the strap muscles
of JFK were "bruised" by the passage of the bullet through his body,

Because if you DO think that the strap muscles were bruised (and, of
course, they definitely were, because Dr. Humes was very clear on that
point in his WC testimony), then your whole argument about how Specter
made up the "B.S. story" (your direct quote) concerning the strap
muscles is a totally-moot and useless argument altogether.

Better luck next time, James. You've lost this round.



(PART 21)

Subject: More DiEugenio Errors
Date: 8/28/2009 5:49:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: David Von Pein
To: James DiEugenio


Hi Jim,

It would be nice, Jim, if you could get your facts straight (at least
once in a while) with respect to things that I supposedly have said
and done in the past. To date, you have totally failed to do so.

The latest examples being:

During your pre-recorded August 27, 2009, Black Op Radio segment,
when referring to me and Vincent Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History",
you stated that I "couldn't find one thing wrong with the whole book".

Well, Jim, I've got news for you. I found several things that Vince
gets wrong in his book. And I've talked about them (many times) on the

None of the errors affect Bugliosi's obviously-correct "Oswald Acted
Alone" bottom-line conclusion, of course; but I have documented
several mistakes that Vincent makes in "Reclaiming History".

And if you would bother to actually READ something that I have written
before wagging your tongue on Black Op Radio, you would know these
things first-hand.

But since you evidently refuse to do that little bit of legwork, I
guess perhaps I should give up all hope of you being fair when it
comes to the wrong things you have repeatedly said about me on Len
Osanic's Internet radio program.

Anyway, just for your information, here are two articles concerning
some of the errors I have documented within Mr. Bugliosi's otherwise-
exemplary magnum opus known as "Reclaiming History: The Assassination
Of President John F. Kennedy":


Along similar lines, you are also dead-wrong when you said on the
August 27th Black Op broadcast that I "couldn't find one thing wrong
about 'JFK: Inside The Target Car'".

To the contrary, Jim, I've documented my thoughts on that subject as
well. And I have talked about some of the mistakes in that program
(plus some other really weird things relating to the 2008 Discovery
Channel "Target Car" documentary that wouldn't really go under the
heading of "mistakes" or "errors", but should probably be placed in
the file drawer marked "Really Dumb Stuff").

Here is one of my "Target Car" articles.


Jim, I also noticed during your 8/27/09 Black Op appearance that you
provided some additional laughs when you seemed to be endorsing
certain elements of John Armstrong's insane "Two Oswalds" theory
(which is a theory that has the CIA, years before JFK's assassination,
recruiting two different "Oswalds" who looked exactly alike).

I know you hate Vincent Bugliosi's book with a passion, Jim, but I'm
going to include an excerpt from Vince's excellent book here anyway,
because a little bit of CS&L (Common Sense & Logic) is certainly
needed when discussing John Armstrong and his 2003 book, "Harvey And

"[John Armstrong] carries his fantasy about a double Oswald to
such absurd lengths that not only doesn't it deserve to be dignified
in the main text of my book ["Reclaiming History"], but I resent even
having to waste a word on it in this endnote. ....

"Obviously, if Armstrong had a source for any of the things he
charges, he would be only too eager to give it. Instead, his only
source is his exceptionally fertile imagination. ....

"Perhaps most important, Armstrong doesn't deign to tell us why
this incredibly elaborate and difficult scheme was necessary. I mean,
if the CIA were willing to frame the Russian refugee for Kennedy's
murder by setting him up as a patsy, why not simply frame the real Lee
Harvey Oswald? After all, both the real Oswald and the imposter Oswald
were, per Armstrong, recruited by the same conspirators at the CIA and
both were being "handled" by them. ....

"So before Armstrong even writes the first word of his long
tribute to absurdity, the premise for his whole book is seen to be
prodigiously ridiculous." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 565-567 of
"Reclaiming History" (Endnotes)


Then there is also your belief, Jim, that the United States Government
was on a mission to "cover up" the truth of the assassination after it
occurred. Which brings up another point that no conspiracy theorist in
the world has ever been able to reconcile in a satisfactory and
reasonable manner:

Are we really to believe that a group of behind-the-scenes
conspirators was attempting to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder
of President Kennedy MANY WEEKS AND/OR MONTHS prior to 11/22/63, with
that group of plotters succeeding in that endeavor (per many
conspiracy theorists of Planet Earth)....and then, immediately after
the assassination, the U.S. Government (plus the local police
department in Dallas) exhibited an incredible like-mindedness by
wanting to falsely accuse the EXACT SAME "PATSY" NAMED LEE HARVEY
OSWALD that the pre-assassination group of plotters was attempting to
frame for Kennedy's murder?

It seems to me, Jim, that many conspiracists have no choice but to
answer "Yes" to the above question. Because if those conspiracy
theorists don't think those two "like-minded" things occurred, and if
the Government really wasn't involved in some kind of "Let's Nail
Oswald" mission, then Lee Oswald is most certainly guilty of killing
JFK and Officer Tippit.

And let's be reasonable here, Jim....answering "Yes" to my above
question is just plain silly.


Mr. DiEugenio, if your overall research into the murder of President
Kennedy is as inept and willy-nilly as your consistently inaccurate
and haphazard research concerning my personal statements and beliefs
relating to certain matters associated with JFK's assassination, I
think it's safe to say that John McAdams could likely defeat you in a
debate even if Professor McAdams were half-asleep throughout the
entire radio encounter.

David Von Pein
August 28, 2009

(PART 20)

Subject: Jim DiEugenio Vs. Vince Bugliosi And David Von Pein
Date: 8/22/2009 5:30:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: James DiEugenio
To: David Von Pein


Dear DVP:

You did a cover-up job on the strap muscles and you know it.

But keep it up and keep on running from a debate.

You look more and more like what you are: a chicken.



Subject: Re: Jim DiEugenio Vs. Vince Bugliosi And David Von Pein
Date: 8/22/2009 5:52:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: David Von Pein
To: James DiEugenio


Hi James! Good to hear from you, my friend!

While I have your attention.....

You know damn well that the whole "strap muscles" thing began when you
said on the 7/16/09 Black Op (retard) broadcast that I said something
that I never ever said about Humes' testimony as it related to
Specter's "B.S. story" (your quote) as it related to the "PROBING"
issue ONLY. Nothing else. It was ALL ABOUT THE "PROBING" ISSUE.

Now, you want to move those goal posts closer to your CT goal line, so
that you can pretend that you weren't wrong when you said that Humes
and Specter discussed the "strap muscles" as they related to the
PROBING of John Kennedy's upper-back wound.

But, as you obviously have to know by this time (if you're any kind of
a "researcher" at all), Humes and Specter never ONCE talked about the
"strap muscles" as those muscles relate to any "probing" issue at all.
It never happened. Period.

But, Jim, keep pretending you won that mini-debate with me. I'm sure
it satisfies your enormous ego to think you've defeated another lowly
LNer who does nothing but write out his "paper debates" on John
McAdams' "pigpen" 24/7.

BTW, Professor McAdams' "alt.assassination.jfk" forum is a totally-
different forum from the "pigpen" you keep referring to on Len
Osanic's weekly "Black Op [Retard] Radio" shows.

The McAdams forum is a moderated forum that will not allow personal
attacks or hateful remarks toward its members, while the
"alt.conspiracy.jfk" newsgroup/forum is unmoderated (hence, it is
crawling with conspiracy-happy kooks), and the primary reason I go
there at all is because it's the best unmoderated online JFK forum I
know of where I can easily and instantly archive individual messages
for my JFK Blog.

You should visit my blog and JFK-related webpages sometime, Jim. You
might learn something. And that "something" just might be an added
dose of "common sense". Lord knows, you and Mr. Osanic could use a
helping of that stuff when it comes to your beliefs about President
Kennedy's assassination.

You're beginning to look more and more like what you are: an "Anybody
But Oswald" conspiracy-happy nut. And that fact is illustrated very nicely
within this article that I penned on 8/22/09, dealing with your latest
crazy conspiracy-flavored notion regarding Buell Wesley Frazier and
Linnie Mae Randle.

David Von Pein
August 22, 2009

(PART 19)


>>> "Mr. Carlier: Did you look at the footnote in the Warren Report to the material I quoted from? Or did you just robotically relay what Von Pein said on the McAdams forum? Please answer this question honestly before I agree to debate you. .... Why didn't you ask him [DVP] why he did not site [sic] the footnote? Isn't that what critical thinking is all about? [Signed:] JIM D. [James DiEugenio]" <<<


Subject: DiEugenio, Humes, And The WCR
Date: 8/2/2009 12:47:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: David Von Pein
To: Francois Carlier


Hello Francois,

Thanks for your e-mail. I greatly appreciate it, and I enjoyed reading
it very much.

Just a few things "for the record" here (as they relate to the e-mail
you sent to me on 8/1/09):

You do not need to own the 26 physical volumes issued by the Warren
Commission in order to look at every single page of those 26 volumes.
Every volume is available for free on the Internet, as well as every
volume of the HSCA report (and other JFK reports) too. Right here
(and here too).

So, you could have checked out the source note that appears at the top
of Page 89 of the WCR, which is something that I did, indeed, do for
myself immediately after hearing James DiEugenio quote that passage
from the WCR about the bullet sliding between "two large strap

The source note is Note #171 and it leads to 2H363. And at 2H363, we
find these words spoken by Dr. James Humes:

"The missile traversed the neck and slid between these muscles
and other vital structures..."

Now, DiEugenio is probably going to claim that because the specific
word "strap" doesn't show up anywhere on Page 363 of Vol. 2 (and it
doesn't), this must mean that Arlen Specter and Dr. Humes (and the
Warren Commission in general) were trying to pull off some kind of
"B.S. story" [DiEugenio's quote] because the word "strap" DOES appear
on Page 88 of the WCR.

But DiEugenio doesn't have a leg to stand on there.


Because Humes DOES say "strap muscles" on Page 368 of Vol. 2 when
talking about the exact muscles that were "bruised" by the passage of
the bullet through JFK's body (which is testimony that perfectly
aligns with Humes' testimony on Page 363).

The only complaint that DiEugenio can possibly make is that the Warren
Commission didn't expressly cite TWO different pages from Humes'
testimony in source note #171 on page 89 of the WCR. They only cited
2H363 there (and not 2H368).

And the obvious reason that the Warren Commission ONLY cited 2H363 is
because the MAIN POINT being revealed via source note #171 on pages 88
and 89 of the WCR concerned the fact that the bullet passed between
two muscles of JFK's body without creating a channel, which is
information that can be found at 2H363, but not at 2H368.

The WCR could, of course, have also cited 2H368 if they chose to, and
that would have been okay too, but the ONLY thing that 2H368 adds to
the information that can be obtained in 2H363 is the single word

Humes said "strap" on Page 368, but he did not use the exact word
"strap" when talking about the missile sliding between the muscles on
Page 363. That's the ONLY difference. And DiEugenio, as usual, wants
to make a huge mountain out of this silly little molehill.

Plus, let me add this:

This whole discussion regarding Page 88 of the WCR and 2H363 is really
NOT addressing DiEugenio's blatant falsehood (that he told on Black Op
Radio on July 16, 2009) at all. And that falsehood was this (which I know
you heard for yourself):

DiEugenio claimed on 7/16/09 that Specter examined Humes with respect
to the "PROBING" issue, as that probing topic related to the "STRAP
MUSCLES" of President Kennedy.

But, as I pointed out strongly in my online article refuting this
stuff, DiEugenio is wrong when he claimed such a thing, because as I
said before, the word "strap" only comes out of Humes' OR Specter's
mouth ONE SINGLE TIME during Dr. Humes' entire WC session, and that's
the already-mentioned passage on 2H368 when Humes was talking about
the bruising of those muscles ONLY. He wasn't talking about "PROBING"
at all.

So DiEugenio is just plain wrong. And he's got to know he's wrong on
that "probing"/"strap muscles" point. So, Jim decides to move the goal
posts and alter the subject, so he can pretend he was right and I was
wrong. (And Jim also no doubt hopes nobody else notices his mistake.)

Plus, I'll add this -- Specter elicited NO INFORMATION AT ALL from Dr.
Humes about the muscles of JFK (ANY muscles) tightening up and
closing. And Specter elicited no testimony from Humes at all about
those closed-up muscles being the primary reason for why no probes
could be placed through JFK's upper back and neck.

In addition -- As I also pointed out in my rebuttal article, DiEugenio
is also wrong on another related point concerning the "strap muscles"
when Jim implied on Black Op Radio that the strap muscles in JFK's
neck were "ABOVE" the areas where Kennedy was wounded by a
bullet....which is just flat-out wrong.

We know Jim's wrong there because Dr. Humes testified that the "STRAP
MUSCLES" were "bruised" by the passage of the bullet through Kennedy's
neck. So obviously the strap muscles were not "above" the location
where JFK suffered a bullet wound.

In fact, I'll even go a little bit further in debunking DiEugenio's
"above" verbiage -- On that same Page 368 of Volume 2 that I've been
discussing, Dr. Humes states that the bruised strap muscles were "just
below this wound" [he means the throat wound, of course].

So the strap muscles that were bruised were positively a little bit
BELOW the bullet hole in Kennedy's throat, contrary to what James
DiEugenio seems to think.

Whew! What a chore it is to straighten out somebody else's obviously
skewed perception and interpretation of things. It seems as though I
spend three hours having to fix something that it took DiEugenio three
seconds to say and mangle.

It's ridiculous. And so is DiEugenio's farcical attempt to turn one
single word -- "STRAP" -- into a "B.S. story" started by Arlen Specter
(with Humes evidently just following Specter's lead like a little
puppy dog on a leash). Unbelievable.

Anyway, I hope this lengthy post straightens out a little bit more
of Jim DiEugenio's pro-conspiracy crap.

David Von Pein
August 2, 2009

(PART 1)

An author by the name of Orlando Martin was a guest on Len Osanic's "Black Op Radio" program on June 24, 2010. The interview can be heard below:

Martin has written a new 208-page pro-conspiracy book on the JFK assassination called "JFK: Analysis Of A Shooting: The Ultimate Ballistics Truth Exposed" [Published by Dog Ear Publishing on January 21, 2010].

Martin's examination of the ballistics evidence in the case has led him to the "undeniable" conclusion "that three gunmen fired five shots at President Kennedy. These men took their shots from varied distances and heights around Dealey Plaza."

The quoted words above come directly from Orlando Martin, via the Introduction chapter in his book, an excerpt of which can be read HERE. The main (home) page of Martin's nice-looking website is linked below:


In the early portion of Mr. Martin's Black Op Radio appearance, he talks about what apparently he deems to be his Number One reason for disbelieving the Warren Commission's single-assassin and Single-Bullet Theory conclusions. And that reason is a real whopper, folks. Get this:

Martin insists that all of the pre-surgery X-rays that were taken of Governor John B. Connally's body (the X-rays of his right wrist, chest, and left thigh) are now "missing" and "have been destroyed" [Martin's quotes from 6/24/10]. Martin also thinks that the Warren Commission "completely ignored the pre-surgery X-rays of Connally" [Martin; 6/24/10].

Now, when I heard Mr. Martin make these ludicrous claims on the Black Op Radio program, I could only stare at my computer screen for a minute or two and say to myself: What the hell is this guy talking about? He must be nuts.

Contrary to Martin's beliefs, Governor Connally's pre-operative X-rays have certainly not been "destroyed" at all. Those X-rays are part of the official Warren Commission records, and were all assigned specific Commission Exhibit numbers, and all of them are available to view in WC Volume 17.

Commission Exhibit numbers 690 and 691 are the pre-operative wrist X-rays; numbers 694, 695, and 696 are the pre-operative X-rays of Connally's left thigh; and number 681 is the chest X-ray which was taken on November 22, 1963 (which is an X-ray that Dr. Robert Shaw told the Warren Commission was actually taken DURING the surgery that was conducted on Connally's chest wounds).

But the lack of a definitive and provable PRE-OPERATIVE X-ray of Connally's chest cannot be used by Martin (or anybody else) to discredit the Single-Bullet Theory or the validity of Stretcher Bullet CE399. And that's because of the testimony provided by Dr. Shaw.

Author Martin suggests that the bullet which went through John Connally "probably left a bunch of fragments in the Governor's chest" [Martin; 6/24/10].

Well, evidently Mr. Martin has decided to totally ignore the testimony of Dr. Robert R. Shaw, who was the Parkland surgeon who operated on Connally's chest.

If Mr. Martin had bothered to look at Page 105 of WC volume #4, he would have found the following words coming from the mouth of Dr. Shaw (and maybe Martin does realize this testimony exists in the WC volumes, but has decided that Dr. Shaw was a liar and a cover-up agent):

ARLEN SPECTER -- "Was any metallic substance from the bullet left in the thoracic cage as a result of the passage of the bullet through the Governor's body?"

DR. ROBERT SHAW -- "No. We saw no evidence of any metallic material in the X-ray that we had of the chest, and we found none during the operation."

Furthermore, the Warren Commission most certainly did not "completely ignore" the two pre-surgery X-rays of Connally's wrist at all. Those X-rays are discussed at great length during the testimony of another one of Connally's Parkland physicians, Dr. Charles Gregory, right here.

So, I guess Orlando Martin must be of the opinion that CE690 and CE691 (the two PRE-operative X-rays that were taken of Connally's fractured right wrist) are faked X-rays. Or, as embarrassing as this option is for Orlando, perhaps Martin is totally unaware that CE690 and CE691 even exist in the Warren Commission's 26 volumes. (They can be found, plain as day, on pages 347 and 348 of Volume 17, linked above and pictured below.)

Moreover, Mr. Martin's assertion that the Warren Commission "completely ignored" the pre-surgery X-rays of Connally's wrist within the text of the 888-page WARREN REPORT itself (vs. the 26 volumes of evidence and testimony) is a false assertion as well. And anybody with access to the Warren Report or the Internet can easily see for themselves that Mr. Martin is all wet when he makes such a silly allegation. Because on Page 95 of the Warren Report, we find these words:

"An X-ray of the Governor’s wrist showed very minute metallic fragments, and two or three of these fragments were removed from his wrist. All these fragments were sufficiently small and light so that the nearly whole bullet found on the stretcher could have deposited those pieces of metal as it tumbled through his wrist." -- WCR; Page 95

And, quite obviously, the above excerpt from the Warren Report is referring to a PRE-OPERATIVE X-RAY of Governor Connally's wrist.

So, it's fairly clear that Orlando Martin doesn't know what he's talking about.

Footnote --- The topic of John Connally's pre-operative X-rays is a topic that I have written about online a few times in the last few years. And as I point out in those articles (linked below), there is ample evidence and testimony to be found in the 26 Warren Commission volumes (including photos of Connally's pre-operative wrist X-rays in Volume 17) to indicate the high likelihood that the total weight of the bullet fragments deposited in Governor Connally's whole body on 11/22/63 most certainly did not exceed the amount of metal/lead that is missing from Commission Exhibit No. 399:

http://JFK-Archives.blogspot.com/Connally Bullet Fragments

http://JFK-Archives.blogspot.com/Errors In Reclaiming History

Are you ready for more crappy research from a conspiracy theorist named Orlando? Here's some more:

Another thing that Orlando Martin has decided the Warren Commission was untruthful about is the subject of the "Missed Shot". Once again, Martin erroneously claims that the Commission has totally ignored something connected to the case, when, in fact, the Commission didn't ignore it at all.

In this instance, Martin said that the WC, within the Warren Report itself, ignored the mark that was found on the Main Street curb just after the assassination. But the Warren Commission did no such thing. The mark on the curb is dealt with on page 117 of the Warren Report. Apparently Martin never bothered to read, or comprehend correctly, these words that we find on page 117:

"Even if it were caused by a bullet fragment, the mark on the south curb of Main Street cannot be identified conclusively with any of the three shots fired. Under the circumstances it might have come from the bullet which hit the President’s head, or it might have been a product of the fragmentation of the missed shot upon hitting some other object in the area. Since he did not observe any of the shots striking the President, [James] Tague’s testimony that the second shot, rather than the third, caused the scratch on his cheek, does not assist in limiting the possibilities. The wide range of possibilities and the existence of conflicting testimony, when coupled with the impossibility of scientific verification, precludes a conclusive finding by the Commission as to which shot missed." -- WCR; Page 117

In other words, conspiracy theorist Orlando Martin, once again, doesn't seem to have the slightest idea what he's talking about.

More? Okay. This one's a lulu, too:

Martin says that Governor Connally was "sitting to the right of the President" in the limousine on 11/22/63. Of course, exactly the opposite is true. Connally was sitting to the LEFT of President Kennedy, as this photograph illustrates:

So, once more, Mr. Martin proves that he doesn't have a clue.

Most conspiracy kooks are happy to distort the true positioning of the limo's victims by telling the lie about Connally sitting directly in front of Kennedy. But Mr. Martin has decided to make the lie even more blatant and outrageous by saying that John Connally was actually sitting to the RIGHT of the President in the car.

I wouldn't be surprised if Martin soon has Jacqueline Kennedy changing places with William Greer, with Jackie driving the limousine and Greer sitting in the back seat next to JFK. Because it would seem as if no distortion of the known facts is too blatant or outrageous for Mr. Martin.

And, according to Martin, there were NO SHOTS fired from the southeast corner window on the sixth floor of the TSBD. None at all. I wonder what it was that Howard Brennan, Amos Euins, James Worrell, Mal Couch, and Robert Jackson saw sticking out of THAT EXACT WINDOW when President Kennedy was being assassinated by rifle fire on 11/22/63?

Maybe those witnesses all lied when they each claimed to see a rifle protruding from a window where Orlando Martin thinks NO SHOTS AT ALL were fired from. Or, perhaps Mr. Martin believes that all of those witnesses just imagined seeing a rifle in that precise window.

Or--maybe Martin wants to pretend that somebody was merely sticking a useless rifle out of the sixth-floor Sniper's Nest window just in order to fool people into thinking that shots were being fired from there.

But how the plotters got Harold Norman to hear the sound of a rifle being fired from that particular window, as well as hearing three bullet shells falling to the floor DURING THE ASSASSINATION, is a real head-scratcher. Isn't it, Mr. Martin?


Martin also claimed that the bullet that hit President Kennedy in the head could
not have come from Lee Harvey Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. And one of the main reasons for this conclusion, says Martin, is because the Carcano test bullets fired through mock-up heads during the Discovery Channel's 2008 documentary "JFK: Inside The Target Car" did not break up into pieces.

But what Mr. Martin totally ignores are the detailed tests that were conducted by Dr. Alfred Olivier and Dr. John K. Lattimer, with those tests conclusively proving that a Mannlicher-Carcano bullet can (and will) definitely fragment and break into pieces after striking a human skull at full muzzle velocity, with the fragmented pieces of both Olivier's and Lattimer's test bullets looking very similar to the two large fragments of a bullet from Oswald's C2766 Carcano rifle that were recovered in the front seat of JFK's limousine after the assassination (CE567 and CE569). See the diagram below, which comes from page 219 of John Lattimer's 1980 book, "Kennedy And Lincoln":

More Martin Garbage:

Martin just flat-out lies when he claims that several doctors at Parkland Hospital looked for an exit wound on JFK's body after seeing the wound in Kennedy's throat.

This is pure bullshit, of course, because the Parkland doctors never turned JFK's body over while attempting to save his life at Parkland Hospital. Martin is just pulling crap out of thin air that never happened.

And Martin specifically said that Dr. Robert McClelland was one of the several Parkland physicians who specifically looked for a wound on the back of the President. But when we take a look at Dr. McClelland's Warren Commission testimony [at 6 H 39], we find the following exchange between McClelland and Arlen Specter:

MR. SPECTER -- "Dr. McClelland, why wasn't the President's body turned over?"

DR. McCLELLAND -- "The President's body was not turned over because the initial things that were done as in all such cases of extreme emergency are to first establish an airway and second, to stop hemorrhage and replace blood, so that these were the initial things that were carried out immediately without taking time to do a very thorough physical examination, which of course would have required that these other emergency measures not be done immediately."

MR. SPECTER -- "Did you make any examination of the President's back at all?"


MR. SPECTER -- "Was any examination of the President's back made to your knowledge?"

DR. McCLELLAND -- "Not here [at Parkland], no."


And speaking of pulling imaginative crap out of thin air, I saved one of the best hunks of Martin's nonsense for last here. Wait till you hear this one:

Orlando Martin said on 6/24/10 that he thinks a bullet did, indeed, go "right through" President Kennedy, with that same bullet going on to hit Governor Connally (although a separate bullet hit Connally in the right wrist at Zapruder frame 295, per Martin's fantasy theory).

But then--get this--Martin has another bullet striking JFK from the front in the throat.

Martin actually thinks there was an exit wound in President Kennedy's CHEST that nobody at JFK's autopsy noticed at all! And nobody at Parkland Hospital noticed it either.

Yeah, sure, Orlando.

In other words, we have a team of trained medical pathologists at Bethesda Naval Hospital, who made notations in their autopsy report of virtually every scar and defect on President Kennedy's body -- including these notations on Page 3 of the autopsy report [Page 540 of the Warren Report]....

"Situated on the anterior chest wall in the nipple line are bilateral 2 cm. long recent transverse surgical incisions into the subcutaneous tissue. .... A similar clean wound measuring 2 cm. in length is situated on the antero-lateral aspect of the left mid arm. Situated on the antero-lateral aspect of each ankle is a recent 2 cm. transverse incision into the subcutaneous tissue. There is an old well healed 8 cm. McBurney abdominal incision. Over the lumbar spine in the midline is an old, well healed 15 cm. scar. Situated on the upper antero-lateral aspect of the right thigh is an old, well healed 8 cm. scar."

....But, according to Orlando Martin, those same autopsy surgeons who made those extensive comments in the autopsy report concerning all of those old scars and "recent surgical incisions" in the "anterior chest wall" of the President (which were incisions that were made by the doctors at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, of course), were unable to find a bullet hole in JFK's chest.

Orlando, you're a howl!


After listening to him talk in just a single 1-hour interview, I wouldn't trust Mr. Martin to analyze a piece of Swiss cheese in order to see if it had any holes in it....let alone trust him to analyze any of the evidence associated with President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

I said it previously above, but it's worth a replay to close out this article -- Orlando Martin doesn't have a clue.

David Von Pein
June 26, 2010
Revised July 8, 2010





Many conspiracy theorists seem to believe in the notion that Lee Harvey
Oswald (who was the man who shot and killed President John Kennedy in
1963) was somehow "planted" in the Texas School Book Depository
Building by scheming plotters who were manipulating Oswald's every move
to suit their "Patsy"-serving conspiratorial needs. But such talk is
just pure nonsense of the first order. And there are many, many reasons
why it's nonsense. .....

While it is true that the Kennedy tour through Texas (including Dallas)
had been announced initially in Dallas papers in September of 1963, a
month prior to Oswald's getting hired by Roy Truly at the Depository,
it's also quite true that neither Oswald nor any assassination-planning
henchmen could have possibly known as of October 15th (which was the
date Oswald was hired by Mr. Truly) that a motorcade was going to take
President Kennedy's car directly past the front door of the Book
Depository on November 22nd.

The decision to have a motorcade through the city wasn't finalized
until weeks after Oswald's mid-October TSBD hiring, when such a parade
through downtown Dallas was approved by none other than Texas
Governor John B. Connally himself, who rode in the very same car with
JFK during the motorcade and became a second victim of the Dallas
shooting on November 22, 1963.

Therefore, no conspirators (nor Oswald himself even) could have known
of any motorcade drive through downtown Dallas by mid-October, let
alone that any such motorcade would take the President directly in
front of the Book Depository in the middle of a WORK DAY FOR OSWALD.

Which brings up yet another oft-ignored little tidbit about this subject --
i.e.: what if the President had toured Dallas on a Saturday or a Sunday
(instead of a work day, e.g. a Friday)? In such a case, Oswald would not
even have been working within the Book Depository building at the time
when the President drove by. That would have tossed a nice irritating
monkey wrench into the "Frame Oswald As The Patsy" conspiracy plot, huh?

Therefore, to the CTers who believe such nonsense, it was yet another
amazing piece of good fortune for the people who "planted" Oswald in
the building to kill JFK, was it not? The President comes through
Dallas on a weekday, and just happens to drive slowly by the workplace
of Oswald, who had secured a job there a full month before any
conspirators (or Oswald) could have possibly known if the Depository
was even going to be a useable location to hide a sniper.

Incredible foresight by the "plotting team", indeed. Via such a plan,
these same conspirators must have had "Oswalds" planted in virtually
every building in Dallas, to ensure that Kennedy would pass at least
ONE of them.

~~ big grin at the absurdity of such a notion ~~

Two other major factors associated with Oswald's employment status
and how he ended up where he was on November 22nd----

If Oswald was "planted" in the Depository building for the sole purpose
of murdering the President a month later (as some people think; which
assumes, as mentioned before, that any "plotters" were clairvoyant),
then an accusing conspiratorial finger MUST be pointed at a number of
people who aided Oswald in getting hired at the TSBD in mid-October.
Namely: Ruth Paine (who made the call to the Book Depository on Lee's
behalf and set up an interview for Oswald) -- plus Marina Oswald and
Linnie Mae Randle, who were both present at the home of a neighbor of
Ruth Paine's (Dorothy Roberts) when the subject of Lee's unemployment
was first brought up.

And, of course, Roy Truly, the Depository Superintendent, would also
have to be considered a KEY conspirator as well, since it was Roy who
actually HIRED Lee Oswald.

Plus: It's often forgotten that Truly could have assigned Oswald to
work at another building owned by the TSBD Company, which was not
located in Dealey Plaza and was not situated along the President's
November 22nd motorcade route.

So, if Truly was NOT a "conspirator", then it was mighty fortunate for
the people who WERE plotters to have Truly hire Oswald in the first
place (when he easily could have told Lee to get lost), PLUS to have
Truly place Oswald in the Depository branch on Elm Street where the
"plotters" needed to have Lee working on November 22. (And the plotters
just prayed that Kennedy would come on a weekday, too, remember, when
Oswald would be working in the building.)

How anyone with a grain of sense can actually believe for a moment
all of that conspiracy-oriented hocus-pocus regarding Oswald getting
his job, is beyond me. The cloudy and shrouded-with-doubt
conspiracy-slanted version of these events surrounding Oswald's
employment is so ridiculous and implausible that it can easily be
considered impossible (here in the "real" world, that is, where miracles
rarely, if ever, occur).

Any "CT" variation regarding the neighbors who first suggested that the
Depository might have an opening is utterly unbelievable from every
angle, and would require multiple extra conspirators, people who had
never met Lee Harvey Oswald in their lives, including 19-year-old stock
boy Wesley Frazier.


Can anyone believe that these seemingly-invincible plotters somehow
arranged to have Marina Oswald live temporarily with Mrs. Paine, who
just happened to live only a half-block away from Wes Frazier, who just
happened to work in the Depository and who just happened to mention to
his sister one day that a job at his workplace might be available, so
that Linnie (NOT Wesley) would just happen to casually mention this
possible job opening while having coffee at a neighbor's house (which
wasn't Ruth Paine's house either; it was at the house of Ruth's
next-door neighbor, Mrs. Roberts)?

And, how did the plotters arrange to not only have Lee hired at the
Elm St. warehouse, but how did they arrange for Oswald to even WANT
to go and apply for this job at the Book Depository?

What if Oswald would have gotten different work the day before, which
almost did happen. The Texas Employment Commission, in fact, attempted
to contact Oswald on the very day he started working at the TSBD
(October 16, 1963), regarding an even better-paying job for an airline
company, which had some openings for baggage handlers.
[See Warren Commission Report, p.247]

So, another question needs to be addressed by the CTers who think
Oswald was "placed" in the Book Depository by evil-doers .... i.e.: How
did any "plotters", needing Oswald to be in the TSBD on November 22nd,
know for certain that Oswald wouldn't just simply quit his Depository
job and take a job elsewhere prior to the President's November visit to

And: How did these conspirators also know that Oswald wouldn't gain
employment someplace else prior to November 22? (He was looking for
work in early October, and had applied at several places, but was not

The obvious "pro-LN" alternative to all that conspiratorial
sleight-of-hand is the Occam's Razor (simplest) explanation, which is
1,000 times more believable (and doable) than any "Oswald Was Planted
In The Building" theory.

With that "Lone Nut" version of events being:

1.) Lee Oswald was out of work in early October of 1963 and needed to
find a job to support himself and his wife and his infant daughter
(with another baby on the way in a matter of days).

2.) By pure happenstance, a neighbor of Mrs. Ruth Paine's mentioned to
Ruth and Marina that a Depository job might be available (although she
was not sure of this).

3.) Marina and Ruth informed Lee about this job tip, and Lee went to
the Book Depository at 411 Elm Street the next day and was hired to
fill book orders for $1.25 an hour.

4.) Lee then seizes a perfect opportunity to strike back at an America
that he feels has snubbed him (just my guess as to part of his motive),
and after probably reading about the detailed motorcade routing in the
newspaper on November 19 or 20 (which is the EARLIEST he could have
possibly known for certain that JFK would be driving right by the
Depository building), he prepares a last-minute, one-man plot all his
own -- arranging an unusual Thursday-night trek to Irving, Texas, to
visit the Paine home where his wife, Marina, is staying (to retrieve
the rifle he has stored in the garage there).

5.) Lee wraps up the disassembled rifle in brown paper and on Friday
morning tells his ride to work (Wesley Frazier) that the bulky package
contains curtain rods (a lie he conceived the previous day, when he
told Frazier that he needed the ride to Irving on Thursday to fetch
some curtain rods to put up in his apartment on Beckley Avenue;
a room which needed no curtains, or rods, by the way).

6.) By incredible good fortune (for him) Lee has the entire 6th Floor
of the Depository building to himself at exactly 12:30 P.M. on November
22, just as the President is passing by below on Elm Street.

7.) Lee, who couldn't keep himself entirely hidden from people on the
OUTSIDE of the building, is seen by eyewitness Howard L. Brennan firing
a rifle toward the direction of President Kennedy's limousine.

8.) Oswald is then seen by Dallas police officer Marrion Baker in the
2nd-Floor lunch room, approximately 90 seconds after the final of three
shots had been fired at the President.

9.) Oswald is not surprised in the least to have Baker's gun thrust at
his mid-section for a brief moment. Why? Because Oswald, of all people
in Dealey Plaza, was THE ONE AND ONLY PERSON who already positively
KNEW why a cop would be searching that building at that time -- because
Oswald had caused this turmoil himself. So why SHOULD he be "surprised"
to see the officer? He shouldn't. And wasn't.


Oswald had the means, a probable motive, a perfect opportunity on a
deserted 6th Floor, and the ability to accomplish the deed. These are
the things that add up to Lee Harvey Oswald's lone guilt in the murder
of President John F. Kennedy.

ANY conspiracy theory that would be used to counter the above simple,
based-on-the-evidence assessment pales by comparison (in both logic and
common sense, as well as HARD EVIDENCE) to the lone-assassin scenario.
Always has.

David Von Pein
November 2005





The cable television network "The Discovery Channel" aired the documentary
program "JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet" in November 2004, a very
impressive John F. Kennedy assassination-related program which set
out to attempt to duplicate (with all possible accuracy) the controversial
"Single-Bullet Theory"; and it's a program which hammered one or two
more nails into the "conspiracy" coffin.

The more and more time that passes, the firmer and more solidified the
"Lone Assassin" position becomes with respect to JFK's murder in
Dallas on November 22, 1963; while the "It Was A Conspiracy" side
makes no headway whatsoever, with zero tests like that of The
Discovery Channel's "SBT" test being performed to prove the conspiracy
buffs are correct. Nor do we ever see any computer simulations for the
"CT" side to "prove" their case for conspiracy (a la Dale Myers'
exacting animation project, which, like the "Magic Bullet" program,
goes a long way toward proving the SBT is a truism).

Several impressive things supporting the overall doability of the SBT
scenario came out of the "Beyond The Magic Bullet" program.....such as
the "log" test (with a bullet being fired into a solid block of wood).
The test bullet looked absolutely perfect after being dug out of
several feet of wood.

And, of course, the actual SBT re-creation itself....which proved beyond
any doubt that a Western Cartridge Company 6.5-millimeter
Mannlicher-Carcano bullet exactly like "CE399" (the actual bullet
from the JFK case in 1963) could, indeed, take a very similar path
through two "bodies", and then emerge in pretty decent shape, as can
be seen here:

The Discovery Channel test bullet (above) was more damaged than CE399,
but IMO the test proved a very important thing -- it proved that a bullet like
Oswald's 399 could go through two bodies, do a lot of damage, and NOT

Here's Commission Exhibit 399 for comparison:

The test bullet, just like 399, emerged PERFECTLY WHOLE (i.e., not
fragmented at all). It's all in ONE PIECE. It's flattened more than
399, sure....but certainly not banged all to hell like conspiracy theorists
(such as Dr. Cyril Wecht) seem to think a bullet like 399 would HAVE to
have been if it went through the bodies of both Jack Kennedy and
John Connally and caused seven wounds; and the "test" bullet caused
an extra (2nd) rib fracture within the John Connally mock-up "body"
during the re-creation as well.


The nose portion of the test bullet wasn't flattened at all either,
which is an important factor, indicating almost certainly it took a
similar path through John Connally's "mock" torso in the test, just as
CE399 most-likely took through JBC's real torso in 1963 -- indicating
a bullet that smashed into most of the hard objects that it hit in a
BACKWARD, END-FIRST manner, thereby keeping the nose undamaged.

And another impressive part of the "Magic Bullet" broadcast was the
ending sequence which had a doctor giving his erroneous opinion that
the damage he had just seen in the X-rays from the re-creation almost
certainly must have been caused "by more than just one bullet".

When proven wrong in this multi-bullet belief, the Los Angeles doctor
was genuinely surprised. (Do CTers think that he's a "CT plant" too,
only feigning "surprise" when confronted with the test results to further
the notion of the SBT?)

Another point I'd like to make regarding the "Beyond The Magic Bullet"
re-creation (with respect to Connally's thigh wound):

Many conspiracists like to point out (with some glee) that the "test"
bullet in the Discovery Channel re-creation/simulation didn't penetrate
the surrogate "thigh wound" of Governor Connally. Instead, the test
bullet struck the simulated thigh and then immediately bounced off
into the grass.

But it's very, very possible that a similar occurrence DID happen with
the real John Connally on 11/22/63 -- that is to say:

It's quite possible (given the nearly-"spent" condition of Bullet
CE399 at the time it struck Connally's leg) that CE399 did not remain
in his thigh for any length of time at all. Perhaps it immediately
came out of that shallow leg wound and then simply fell down into
Connally's pants leg....where it remained until later falling out of
the clothing onto his stretcher inside Parkland Hospital.

But the main point I want to make about the "bouncing off the thigh"
test bullet vs. the real bullet that struck Connally on November 22nd is:

If CE399 did, in fact, pop out of JBC's thigh just after entering his
leg, it would have had virtually NO CHOICE but to remain in Connally's
pants leg (unless CTers want to theorize that the bullet miraculously
exited JBC's leg by way of the very same small hole in his pants where
it entered).

Sure, the bullet could have conceivably found its way down to the
bottom of JBC's pants-leg opening and dropped out into the car
immediately. But a reasonable person researching the case knows that
that scenario did not happen....because if it had occurred, a bullet
would have been found in the car that could equate to Connally's

In my opinion, it's very likely that that bullet (CE399) almost
immediately fell out of JBC's leg after striking the thigh, and it
remained in his pants leg until after he was wheeled into the

Such a scenario would also (in a small way at the very least) explain
why there was no trace evidence left on 399....due to the fact that
it was never "buried" in a victim for any length of time whatsoever,
thereby making it less likely for trace evidence to have accumulated
on the missile.

All-in-all, the Discovery Channel broadcast did an amazing job at
replicating the damage path and general characteristics of CE399. The
test bullet exited the JFK mock body much lower than the real 399 did
in '63, true. I certainly cannot deny this obvious difference. But we
must keep in mind that a PERFECT re-creation can never be fully
achieved, with every single "human" nuance accounted for (since only
mock torsos were utilized in the re-creation).

With some unavoidable limitations in mind, the SBT re-creation done by
the Australian team of JFK researchers in early October of 2004 is as
close to the real event that I believe we're likely to ever see. And
the results most certainly do not debunk the likelihood of the Single-
Bullet Conclusion. To the contrary -- the results of that re-creation
enhance the viability of the Warren Commission's one-bullet conclusion



Prominent JFK assassination researchers Vincent Bugliosi and
Dale Myers both put in appearances in the Discovery Channel
"Beyond The Magic Bullet" documentary.

Myers convincingly demonstrates the rock-solid validity of the
Single-Bullet Theory, via portions of his Emmy Award-winning
3D computer animation of the assassination ("Secrets Of A
Homicide: JFK Assassination").

"It's a straight line....it's the only way it COULD have
happened." -- Dale K. Myers; 2004


Bugliosi, in his only appearance in a JFK documentary of this nature
(that I am aware of; not taking into account his appearance as the
prosecuting attorney in the 1986 TV Docu-Trial, "On Trial: Lee Harvey
), provides a few tidbits of general information throughout the
early stages of the program.

I would have enjoyed hearing a lot more from Vince and Dale during
this documentary program, but their on-screen time is not very
prolonged...but intriguing nonetheless.

Here are some verbatim quotes spoken by Vincent Bugliosi during the
"Beyond The Magic Bullet" program:

"The American people are simply misinformed. They think they know what
happened; but there's an enormous amount of material in this case they
have no idea about." -- VB

"If, in fact, the bullet that passed through Kennedy did NOT go on and
hit Connally, then the bullet that DID hit Connally, by definition,
would have had to have been a separate bullet from a second gunman.
Why? Because Kennedy and Connally were hit virtually at the same time.
And with Oswald's single-shot, bolt-action rifle, it would have been
absolutely impossible for him to squeeze off two rounds within a split-
second of each other." -- VB

That last Vince Bugliosi quote above goes a long way, in my opinion,
toward debunking the "Anti-SBT/Pro-Lone Gunman" theory put forth by
Mark Fuhrman in his 2006 book "A Simple Act Of Murder", which is a
theory of Mr. Fuhrman's that DOES indeed have Oswald performing a non-
SBT solo act and doing what Vince has said (via the above quote) is
"absolutely impossible".

I agree 100% with Mr. Bugliosi -- it was "absolutely impossible" for
Lee Harvey Oswald to wound JFK and John Connally with separate
bullets, given the Zapruder Film timeline of the event.

The Single-Bullet Theory is still fully intact....and always will be
in my opinion. It's the "best evidence" in the case for what actually
happened to President Kennedy and Governor Connally on November 22,

David Von Pein
December 2004
October 2006
November 2006
March 2007
June 2010