(PART 2)

I've been reading through a few selected parts of Doug Horne's five
volumes of insanity entitled "Inside The Assassination Records Review
Board" (via's handy "Look Inside This Book" tool), and I've
been able to confirm that I was 100% correct when I made this
statement the other day:

"The above short list [see this article for the 4-item list], as I
mentioned, is probably only a representative sampling of the
ridiculous and impossible things that Mr. Horne believes regarding the
John F. Kennedy murder case." -- DVP; 12/19/09

Sure enough, by glancing at just a few of the pages of Horne's five
volumes provided for free by, I found several more things
to add to the list of "Ridiculous Things That Doug Horne Believes With
Respect To JFK's Assassination". Let's take an another inventory (this
is in addition to the four insane items that I already outlined in the
article linked above):

1.) Doug Horne believes that JFK's body arrived at Bethesda Naval
Hospital in a cheap "shipping casket".

2.) Doug Horne believes that JFK arrived at Bethesda inside a body

3.) Doug Horne believes that the expensive ornamental casket that was
taken off of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base was "empty".

4.) Doug Horne believes that "corrupt individuals within the U.S.
Secret Service were responsible not only for the security stripping of
President Kennedy's Dallas motorcade...but that the Secret Service was
integrally involved in the physical coverup of bullet damage to the
Presidential limousine which, if left in its damaged condition
immediately following the assassination, would have provided
incontrovertible proof that the limousine's occupants were subjected
to ambush by crossfire in Dealey Plaza, and that President Kennedy was
therefore assassinated by a conspiracy" [Horne; page 1379].

5.) Doug Horne, also on page 1379 of his book (Volume 5) suggests that
Governor John Connally was intimately involved in planning the
motorcade route through Dallas so that JFK "would have to pass through
the dangerous kill zone on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza" [Horne; page

And the only possible inference I can see from that statement made by
Horne on page 1379 is that Horne believes that Governor Connally was
an integral part of a plot to murder John F. Kennedy in Dallas -- even
though Connally HIMSELF rode in the very same car as JFK and was in a
direct line of fire when the bullets started flying in Dealey Plaza
(with Connally, of course, being shot and nearly killed himself during
the shooting).

And I saved the best one for last here (this one's a real dilly):

6.) Doug Horne said this on page 1654 of "Inside The ARRB":

"One reality that is undeniable is that Lee Harvey Oswald DID
NOT KILL PRESIDENT KENNEDY, as proven by George O'Toole in
1975." [Emphasis is Horne's.]

For those who might not recall who George O'Toole is -- O'Toole is the
kook who utilized a machine known as a "Psychological Stress
Evaluator" to determine that Lee Oswald was positively telling the
truth when he told the press (and the world) that he was merely "a
patsy" and that he had not shot President Kennedy.

And O'Toole's "PSE" evaluation of Oswald's oral statements made while
LHO was in custody in Dallas is apparently the BEST evidence that Mr.
Horne can come up with to back up his belief that "Lee Harvey Oswald
did not kill President Kennedy".*

* = Along with O'Toole's "PSE" tests, Horne also states on page 1654
of his book (in Volume 5) that the other of the "two lines of
evidence" that have "convinced me, more than any others, that Lee
Harvey Oswald did not assassinate President Kennedy" [Horne; page
1654], is the negative result of the paraffin test that was conducted
on Oswald's cheek.

Horne, of course, undoubtedly is aware of the fact that the FBI did a test
with Oswald's rifle after the assassination which proved that a negative
paraffin result on a gunman's cheek does not prove that the person
being tested did NOT fire a rifle, with the FBI agent who fired Oswald's
rifle testing NEGATIVE for nitrates on both his hands AND his cheek.

I'm guessing that Horne, however, probably thinks that that FBI test
was merely a sham and a total lie. After all, nobody in officialdom
can be trusted to ever tell the truth. Right, Doug?

When does Doug Horne's laundry list of insane beliefs cease, you might
be asking?

Beats me.

I only read a few pages (for free) at And just look at the
list of craziness I was able to gather from just that very short

Just imagine how long my list would be if I had plopped down the
outrageous sum of $84.35 [as of the date of this post in December
2009 -- $16.87 x 5] to purchase all 2,000+ pages of Horne's fanciful
flight into delirium.

David Von Pein
December 2009