The Warren Commission, in late 1964, issued its 888-page Final Report
on the assassination of President John Kennedy. The Commission
concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald had murdered JFK, and in so doing, had
acted alone. Also within that report rests one of the most
controversial so-called "theories" in history -- the "Single-Bullet

The "SBT" has been battered from proverbial pillar to post by
conspiracy theorists for multiple decades now since JFK's tragic death
in 1963. And it's been an undeserved bad rap, too, in my opinion.
Because the SBT is almost certainly the only conceivable (accurate)
scenario to explain the injuries sustained by victims JFK and John B.
Connally in Dallas on 11/22/63.

Lacking the SBT, so many weird and incredible and, frankly, impossible,
things would have had to have taken place in Dealey Plaza, it would
make a Max Fleischer cartoon seem believable by comparison.

Many people ("CTers" by specific categorization) seem to think that the
holes in JFK's clothing are rock-solid "proof" that the Single-Bullet
Conclusion is worthy of only disdain. They'll claim the holes in
Kennedy's coat and shirt were "too low" to accommodate the accuracy of
the SBT scenario.

But, it must be remembered that the JFK jacket hole in dispute is a
hole on the BACK side of President Kennedy's suit jacket, not the front
side (with the front part of the jacket, of course, much more likely to
move around with ease).

Therefore, since the portion of the coat/jacket on JFK's back isn't
going to be moving around like a coat lapel at the front, the coat hole
lining up with the hole in his shirt is understandable, IMO.

The bottom line of this argument is -- CTers have taken one single
aspect of the "whole" that makes up the SBT scenario (JFK's clothing
holes on his back) and then they have seemingly chosen to ignore all of
the surrounding evidence that says the SBT is the ONLY way the shooting
could have occurred.

Plus -- I'm thinking it's quite possible that JFK's back brace might
have aided in keeping those two layers of clothing (shirt and jacket)
TOGETHER to some extent...more so than if he wasn't wearing the back
brace. I'll admit straight away, that this is just simply a wild guess
on my part (but CTers do nothing BUT "guess" 24/7 re. many aspects of
the JFK murder case; so I suppose an LNer can do it on occasion as
well). But it seems within the bounds of reason. I've never worn a
brace like that on my back, and don't know for sure how it might "bind"
or affect the clothing of the wearer of such an item. But it might have
had some effect on the clothing to a small, or not so small, degree.

But a discrepancy in the President's clothing holes pales in overall
significance when compared to the things that are "out of whack" re.
the pro-CT side of the SBT equation.

Things like:

Disappearing bullets.....Pictures that have to be faked.....Three
autopsy doctors who have to be falsifying official documents.....And
three gunmen performing the impossible at-the-same-time task of
shooting JFK in such a way to even come remotely close to being able to
say (later) that these THREE shots all "line up" to a "Single Bullet"

Even WITH clothing holes that cannot be completely reconciled to the
square inch to align with JFK's back (skin) wound, the SBT is far, far
ahead of ANY conspiracy-slanted substitute for it. In fact, I've yet to
hear a good, sound, logical, based-on-the-evidence "CT substitute" for
the Single-Bullet Theory. I wonder if we'll ever be treated to such a
revelation by conspiracy authors/promoters? Unlikely to happen, IMO.
Because no such "believable" CT version of the shooting exists.

CTers, IMO, still haven't a leg to wobble on with respect to the SBT.
Because virtually everything "fits" re. the SBT for the Lone-Assassin

But CTers, in trying to debunk the Single-Bullet Theory, are attempting
to do so, even though the conspiracists have......

1.) No bullets where there most certainly ought to be bullets found
(and THREE of them at that, discounting CE399 of course; because no
self-respecting CTer would dare think that that bullet was ACTUALLY
part of the "real" shooting).

2.) No damage inside JFK's back/neck where there certainly should be
some degree of damage if two whole bullets had just stopped inside the
President as if they'd hit a brick wall.

3.) No good, rooted-in-logic explanation for why Governor Connally's
back wound was "oblong" in shape if that wound had been caused by an
unimpeded bullet in flight.

4.) No real good explanation (at all) as to why on Earth those two
missiles just stopped inside Jack Kennedy's body without exiting. (Two
"duds"? Or two "misfires"? TWO?? Come now. What are the odds?)

5.) Not a single witness saying they saw an additional non-Oswald

6.) No proof whatsoever that the Official Autopsy Report has been
"faked" or "phonied up" by the autopsy doctors (all three of whom
signed off on said document).

7.) No proof at all that the autopsy photos and X-rays have been
"faked" in some manner to "hide" the true wounds.

8.) No proof at all to show that the 19 different HSCA panel members
who authenticated the autopsy photos/X-rays all lied when they said
this in 1978:

"From the reports of the experts' analyses of the autopsy photographs
and X-rays, the evidence indicates that the autopsy photographs and
X-rays were taken of President Kennedy at the time of his autopsy and
that they had not been altered in any manner."

9.) And to repeat a variation of #1 just for amplification -- WHERE DID
ALL THOSE BULLETS GO? WHERE? Can some conspiracy theorist please
provide the waiting world with the answer to that very important
question? I, for one, would certainly like to hear it. It should be an
amusing answer, if nothing else.

David Von Pein
March 2006