On November 22nd, 1963, when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was hit
in the upper back with a 6.5-millimeter full-metal-jacketed bullet
fired by assassin Lee Harvey Oswald (from Oswald's own bolt-action
Mannlicher-Carcano rifle), it marked the beginning of what many, many
people around the world deem to be an "absolutely-impossible
occurrence" -- for that wound on John Kennedy's back was the first
"link" in what is now known as the "Single-Bullet Theory" (with some
conspiracists referring to it as the "Magic-Bullet Theory").

But, in reality, there is no "magic" to this "theory" at all. The "SBT"
bullet that was fired by Oswald from his sixth-floor Sniper's Perch in
the Texas School Book Depository Building did not have to "zig" and
"zag" all over God's Creation in order to strike both JFK and Texas
Governor John B. Connally that day in Dallas. That is a provably-wrong "CT
myth". Connally was seated "inboard" of Kennedy and was seated a few
inches lower in his jump seat than was the President on the back seat.

And the bullet in question did not have to "stop in mid-air" for XX
number of seconds, per what many pro-conspiracy people seem to want to
think. The reactions of the two victims in the Presidential limousine
are completely consistent with one bullet having struck both men at the
very same point in time. Just watch this real-time video clip (below)
from Abraham Zapruder's home movie a few times back-to-back. After
doing so, it's nearly impossible (IMO) to totally discount the idea
that the two victims are reacting to being hit by gunfire at precisely
the same time. .....

Via my own personal common-sense view re. the subject, the long and
short of this decades-long debate over the accuracy of the "SBT" is
simply this -- It doesn't really matter, in the long run, whether
anybody "believes" the SBT is true and/or doable or not.

Why not? -- Because the hard, physical evidence that exists is telling
us beyond much doubt whatsoever that JFK and Governor Connally WERE,
indeed, wounded simultaneously by way of Bullet "CE399".

Moreover, the current LACK of any other evidence existing to suggest
that the SBT is totally wrong only enhances the likelihood that the SBT
is probably right.

That is to say, if the SBT is filled with as many holes as most CTers
claim it is, and if JFK and JBC had been hit by other bullets to
explain their "SBT"-like wounds -- then I have a valid question for
CTers .... Where is the evidence for this? Where are these bullets? Why
were none of these "other bullets" recovered in (or near) EITHER
victim? And THREE disappearing bullets, to boot?!! All going AWOL!

* = And some people even go one bullet better than that, theorizing
that Connally was hit twice, rather than just once. So, that theory
would increase the count of "vanishing missiles" to four; which also
boosts such a theory to practically immeasurable levels of
improbability, not to mention "absurdity".

No anti-SBT theorist has come even remotely close to believably
answering those reasonable inquiries I asked above.

As difficult as it is for some people to believe, the sum total of the
evidence (plus just ordinary common sense) is telling us that the
Single-Bullet Conclusion is, indeed, almost certainly the correct

Also -- As hinted previously, by NOT believing the SBT is even vaguely
possible, conspiracy theorists are, by default, believing in an
alternate scenario (ANY alternate scenario; and it doesn't really
matter which "what if?" theory is being postulated) which could ONLY
have been much more bizarre and highly-improbable than that of the SBT.
So much so, in fact, that only a moron could possibly place any faith
in such pro-conspiracy malarkey over and above the logicality of the
Single-Bullet Theory.

Conspiracists do realize that fact...right? (Or do they? I wonder.)

Why do I say such a bold thing about the anti-SBT stance?


Lacking the SBT, all of this incredible stuff (somehow) must have
occurred in Dallas in '63:

1.) Three different gunmen sprayed Kennedy and Connally with three
bullets in a way to make it seem like the three bullet holes in the two
victims could be (falsely) "connected" in such a perfect fashion so
that these wounds could be "explained away" as being caused by one
bullet. (The word "remarkable", alone, can't do justice to this type of
shooting feat. Terms like "phenomenal", "extraordinary", and
"miraculous" should be added here, too. Not to mention "laughable".)

2.) Two bullets go into JFK and never come out again (despite no hard
substances being hit inside Kennedy's neck or back at all). (All the
X-rays are fakes too...right?)

3.) A separate bullet hit John Connally in his back, even though
Kennedy is situated directly between the shooter and Connally. And,
this "separate", unimpeded bullet somehow starts to tumble while in
flight, having hit nothing during its flight to Mr. Connally's back,
causing an elongated wound on the Governor's back.

4.) Bullet CE399 was "planted" by some unidentified conspirator inside
Parkland Hospital prior to 2:00 PM on 11/22/63....a time which is
simply crazy for the plotters to want to plant any bullets. (Because
they could not possibly have known for certain at that time whether or
not the planted missile would turn out to be superfluous.)

5.) All three "real" bullets (which "fake" a nice "SBT" scenario later
on) magically disappear, never entering the record in the murder case,
and are never seen by anyone (other than "plotters", naturally).

6.) The three gunmen who caused the three wounds (wounds that would
later be turned into the "SBT" by the Warren Commission) all fired
their weapons in perfect synchronization to one another, making it look
beautiful on the Zapruder Film. Because these THREE separate shots ALL

A truly amazing job by those three assassins indeed.

And, somehow, per CTers, believing in all of the above nonsense is
supposedly MORE rational, well-thought-out, fact-based, and (above all)
reasonable than sticking with the known-to-exist evidence of the
Single-Bullet Theory??

If anyone really believes that this "SBT Alternative" is a more
"reasonable" conclusion than the SBT, medical treatment should be
sought asap.

Footnote -- BTW, it was, in truth, actually the autopsy doctors who
sowed the first seeds of the "SBT", not Arlen Specter and the Warren
Commission. The first hint of the SBT is right there in JFK's Official
Autopsy Report, which states, unambiguously, that the same bullet that
went into President Kennedy's back exited from the front of his throat.

Therefore, via the autopsy doctors, that bullet is now hanging in
mid-air after coming out of JFK's neck. So -- where could it have gone?
There are only two possible answers to that question:

1.) The bullet went into John B. Connally's body.

-- Or: --

2.) It struck the interior of the automobile without injuring anyone in
the car (which would, of course, have caused obvious damage to the
vehicle interior).

Number 2 did not occur (per Robert Frazier of the FBI, who examined the
limo and found no signs of such bullet damage to the back seats).
Therefore, the ONLY possible answer to the mystery is: the bullet went
into the body of Governor Connally.

How is ANY other scenario possible (without having to use the words
"Everything Was Fixed, Faked, And/Or Fabricated By Unknown


David Von Pein
February 2006