I wonder if anybody has yet figured out a way for a high-speed bullet entering John F. Kennedy's head from the RIGHT-FRONT (i.e., Grassy Knoll), per many/most CTer beliefs, to leave behind a huge gaping hole in the FAR-RIGHT-REAR of JFK's head, and yet have this Magical Missile (somehow!) LEAVE THE SCALP IN THE BACK OF KENNEDY'S HEAD COMPLETELY INTACT AND UNDAMAGED IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

Has anyone been able to figure out this mystery yet? I sure haven't. Other than to say the obvious -- The CTers who believe this are nuts!

Of course, there are also the various sub-topics with respect to JFK's head, such as the fact that the left side of Kennedy's head suffered NO DAMAGE at all (in addition to the "No Right-Rear Scalp Damage" too).

Plus, there's also the fact that there were no bullet fragments found in the LEFT hemisphere of John Kennedy's head at all.

So that makes the "Knoll Shooter" promoters 0-for-3 in my view.

Of course, the CTers who think that Kennedy was shot in the head from the front can always go down "THE PHOTOS ARE ALL FAKES" path (as most conspiracy-loving kooks do, indeed, travel down, even though the HSCA said that ALL of the autopsy pictures are "unaltered" in any way whatsoever; but CTers, as always, feel it's just okay to ignore anything being uttered by an "Official Government" body).

To stress my main point again (via the opinion that the pictures linked below are GENUINE and are NOT FAKES, which, of course, IS the truth of the matter):

How would it be even remotely possible for a bullet to leave a huge hole in the FAR-RIGHT-REAR portion of President Kennedy's head and yet have the REAR SCALP of that same President Kennedy look like this (in the autopsy pictures below) after such a shooting event?

Was Kennedy's scalp made of bullet-proof cast iron or some other impossible-to-penetrate material? Lacking that type of crazy explanation, I cannot see how it would be possible for a bullet that caused the amount of damage to the RIGHT-REAR of JFK's skull that most CTers think it DID cause, to NOT have penetrated the RIGHT-REAR scalp of Kennedy's head and caused at least SOME visible damage to the outer scalp of the President.

In a word -- impossible.

David Von Pein
April 10, 2008



He [David Von Pein]...dishonestly combined what LNT'ers believe with what CT'ers accept in order to produce a deceptively dishonest impossibility.


Ben needs to take a good look at Dr. Robert McClelland's crazy beliefs. Because McClelland is on record saying things that most certainly place him in the following categories (whether McClelland realizes he's in all of these categories or not). And my guess is that there are probably some additional people in the world who have decided to ride McClelland's coattails and therefore also fall into each of these categories as well:

1.) Robert McClelland is definitely a "CTer". (We know this for a fact by listening to this 80-minute interview with Dr. McClelland in 2009, where he talks at some length about how he thinks the "mob" killed Kennedy and utilized Oswald as a patsy, etc.)

2.) McClelland thinks the fatal head shot came from the famous Grassy Knoll. (This, too, is revealed in the doctor's 2009 interview.)

3.) McClelland does not think the autopsy photos are fakes.

4.) McClelland thinks the scalp in the back of JFK's head was intact (just as depicted in the autopsy photos).

5.) McClelland thinks that there was a huge blasted-out hole in the right-rear of JFK's skull.

Now, maybe Ben Holmes would like to call me a liar again.

If so, I can always repeat the above five items, which indicate beyond all doubt that a conspiracy theorist named Robert Nelson McClelland is actually nutty enough to believe in an intact REAR SCALP but a blown-out REAR SKULL.

McClelland has obviously never even once thought about how silly and impossible his theory is. Because if he ever stopped to think about it for any length of time at all, he could never even begin to believe that a bullet could have created a massive blown-out exit wound in the occipital area of a human skull and yet leave the scalp in that same occipital area totally free of any injury. And yet that is EXACTLY what Dr. McClelland said he believes happened.

But other than McClelland's crazy BOH double-talk and his unsupportable "Mob" theory, his 2009 interview is totally fascinating.

Did you know that Dr. McClelland was involved in the medical care of John F. Kennedy, John Connally, Lee Harvey Oswald, AND Abraham Zapruder? (He operated on Zapruder several years after the JFK assassination.)

David Von Pein
December 31, 2011



Let me guess... you never admitted that you were lying, did you?


No, of course not, Mr. Kook. Because I didn't lie. And, in fact, I even presented PROOF that you are wrong when you attempted to call me a liar and when you attempted to paint all CTers with one brush in the "scalp/skull" regard (although you did use the word "virtually" in your opening post, but you were definitely painting your fellow conspiracy-happy clowns with one brush in a later post).

And that proof I presented was Dr. Bob McClelland, who is a witness I know you conspiracy kooks love. There's no denying the fact you love his story.

But the truth is that McClelland believes something that is totally impossible. He thinks JFK's right-rear SKULL was blown out, but he also thinks the right-rear of President Kennedy's SCALP was left untouched by the bullet that McClelland thinks came from the Grassy Knoll.

Surely even a retarded featherhead like Ben Holmes can see how utterly stupid and impossible McClelland's theory is.

But as far as I know, Robert McClelland has never been asked the following question:

Dr. McClelland, since you have said in previous interviews that you believe the fatal shot to JFK's head came from the Grassy, then, can the following two things possibly co-exist in this case (which are things you are also on record saying that you believe are true) -- The right-rear of Kennedy's SKULL was blasted out and the right-rear SCALP of JFK was left totally intact?



"When I spoke over the telephone to Dr. McClelland in late September and early October of 2002, McClelland, a respected Dallas surgeon whom no one accuses of trying to deliberately mislead anyone, only of being completely wrong in what he thought he saw (the most honest people in the world can think they saw the darndest things), said he was positive the president had a "massive hole to the back of his head."

He said at the time of his observation he was holding a metal retractor that was pulling the skin away from the president's trachea so Drs. Perry and Carrico could perform their tracheotomy. "I had nothing else to do or to distract me so I fixated on this large, gaping hole to the back of the president's head for ten to twelve minutes."

When I wondered how he could see the large hole when the president was always lying on his back, he said the wound was so large that he nevertheless could see "most of it." If what he said was true, I asked, how is it possible that on the Zapruder film itself, the explosion is clearly to the right frontal portion of the president's head with a large amount of brain matter spraying out, and the back of his head appears to be completely intact?

Dr. McClelland gave an answer that deserves some type of an award for inventiveness: "What the explanation for this is, I just don't know, but what I believe happened is that the spray of brain matter and blood was kind of like a bloodscreen, similar to a smokescreen, that precluded a clear view of the occipital area."

If, I pursued the matter, the exit wound was to the back of the president's head, where was the entrance wound for this bullet? McClelland, who believes the shot to the head came from the grassy knoll, said he believed the president was struck "around the hairline near the middle of his forehead."

If that was so, I asked, how was it that seventeen pathologists, including
Dr. Wecht, all agreed that the president was only struck twice, both times from the rear, and none of them—from photographs, X-rays, and personal observation (by the three autopsy surgeons)—saw any entrance wound to the president's forehead?

Again, McClelland, who acknowledged, "I'm not a pathologist and I've never conducted an autopsy," said, "I don't know the answer to your question." But he remained sincerely inventive in his imagination. "What I believe happened is that none of the pathologists saw the entrance wound because it became a part of the destruction to the whole right side and top of the president's head. In other words, it was no longer a separate hole that could be identified."

(Of course, none of the autopsy photographs show any such massive injury to the president's forehead extending to the right side of his head, and none is referred to in the autopsy report, nor in the reports of the Clark Panel and Rockefeller Commission. As the HSCA said, "There is no evidence that the president was struck by a bullet entering the front of his head.")

"So you do acknowledge," I said, "the explosion to the right front part of the president's head?" "Oh, yes," the doctor said, "but that's not where the bullet exited. It exited in the occipital region of his head, leaving a hole so big I could put my fist in it."

When I pointed out to the doctor again that not only didn't the Zapruder film show any large hole to the back of the president's head but autopsy photographs never showed any large hole there either, he said that although it was pure "supposition" on his part, at the time the photographs were taken, someone "could have pulled a flap of the president's skin, attached to the base of his neck, forward," thereby covering the large defect. When I asked him if he saw any such loose flap of skin at Parkland, he acknowledged, "I did not."

It was getting late in the evening, Dallas time, but before I ended the interview I reminded Dr. McClelland of the fact that in his Parkland Hospital admission note at 4:45 p.m. on the day of the assassination, he had written that the president died "from a gunshot wound of the left temple." "Yes," he said, "that was a mistake. I never saw any wound to the president's left temple. Dr. Jenkins had told me there was a wound there, though he later denied telling me this."

Since there was no bullet wound to the left side of the president's body, and since the conspiracy theorists allege that Kennedy was shot from the grassy knoll to his right front, conspiracy author Robert Groden solves the problem and avoids having his star witness, Dr. McClelland, look very confused and non-credible simply by changing McClelland's words "left temple" to "right temple" in his book, The Killing of a President.

When I called Dr. McClelland the following evening to discuss further one of the points he had made, he quickly told me he was glad I had called because "since we hung up last night, I've had some second thoughts about the exact location of the exit wound."

Unlike the many conspiracy theorists who have exploited Dr. McClelland's obvious errors to their benefit, he told me, "I don't question the integrity of all the pathologists who disagree with me" (he wasn't so kind to his colleague, Dr. Charles Crenshaw: "Chuck had a lot of problems and fabricated a lot of things"), saying, for instance, that he and the three autopsy surgeons were "obviously looking at the same head and the same wound," but that the area on the head where they placed the wound differed because of "the different positions from which we viewed it and also because of the different interpretations of what we saw, which is normal."

But he made a major concession in an effort to reconcile his position with theirs. "I have to say that the sketch I first drew for Josiah Thompson's book a few years after the assassination was misleading. Since last night, I've been thinking that I placed the large hole in the president's head farther back than it really was, maybe. It may have been a bit more forward."

When I asked him where he now put it, he said, "Partially in the occipital region and partly in the right back part of the parietal bone" (which I told him was actually consistent with the original position he took in his Warren Commission testimony), but he still insisted that this large exit wound was not to the right frontal area of the president's skull as concluded by all the pathologists.

Dr. McClelland told me he believes there were two gunmen, Oswald and someone else, and further believes that "the CIA and FBI, mostly the CIA, were behind the conspiracy to kill Kennedy, and they brought in the Mafia, who carried out the killing."

He said he didn't know but suspects that "the Warren Commission covered up the conspiracy." On that note, I thanked the good doctor for his time and bid him a good night."

-- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Pages 405-407 of "Reclaiming History: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy" (c.2007)

David Von Pein
January 1, 2012