(PART 5)

I've certainly hit a nerve in James DiEugenio.

The delusional DiEugenio has decided to embarrass himself even more in
his latest effort to discredit me, linked below, which is an article
that debuted at the CTKA.net website on May 17, 2010:


DiEugenio, in effect, admits he lied about me in the past regarding
certain things I brought up in one of my rebuttal articles that I
wrote to straighten out some of his falsehoods. (Take note of item
numbers 3, 5, 10, and 15 in the above article to see what I mean.)

And item #6 on Jim's list of craziness is enough to make any sensible
person pee their pants immediately. Let's take a gander at it now:

"6. The next point indicates the time warp that Von Pein is in.
He actually scores me for not accepting all the old discredited Warren
Commission evidence against Oswald. You know, like the palm print that
did not arrive in Washington until a week later; the unbelievable CE
399; the dented shell that could not have been dented that day; the
Walker bullet that somehow altered its caliber and color while in
transit from the rifle; the shells from the bullets fired at Tippit
that are missing the officer's initials etc etc. These deceptions were
all exposed decades ago by Harold Weisberg, Sylvia Meagher, Mark Lane,
Josiah Thompson and others. Yet, with Von Pein, it's like those books
do not exist. Which shows his denial problem. Because they are the
main reason that the public lost faith in the Warren Commission." --
Jim DiEugenio; May 2010

Keep posting the articles, Jim. I'm enjoying the laughs they
inevitably provide.

David Von Pein
May 2010



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