How can the laws of physics [re: JFK's head movement] be completely meaningless?


Because, in the JFK case in particular, it's not important WHICH WAY
THE HEAD MOVED -- because the only verifiable, official, factual
medical evidence in the case tells us that Kennedy was shot just ONE
time in the head, and it came FROM BEHIND (regardless of head movement
AFTER the bullet struck).

The rearward head motion of JFK's cranium might seem "weird" or
"funny" or "impossible" to a lot of people -- but the physical and
medical evidence in the case makes ANY head movement a completely
moot point.

The conspiracy theorists who continue to insist that the back and to
the left
motion of President Kennedy's head must mean that JFK was
shot in the head from the front should watch the video below, because
that popular myth is debunked quite nicely here:

Regarding the bullet fragments recovered in the JFK murder case:

A bullet fragment from Warren Commission Exhibit #843 very likely came
from a WCC/MC bullet, and very likely (per NAA analysis) came from the
same bullet which also deposited fragments under Nellie Connally's
seat and which deposited the two large fragments in the front seat of
the limo.


And the ONLY possible source of such extensive fragmentation of a
bullet within that limousine was President Kennedy's head.

It's my firm opinion that the NAA analysis of the JFK head fragment(s)
is not even needed to arrive at the obvious conclusion of: Lee Harvey
Oswald's own gun caused JFK's head injuries.

Because, as mentioned, there's NOTHING else that could have caused
Oswald's bullet to break apart in the manner that it did except John
F. Kennedy's head, with the two largest (and heaviest) of the mangled
bullet fragments ending up to the FRONT of the victim.

Governor John Connally's injuries are positively ruled out as a source
of the front-seat fragments. This is because of the existence of
bullet CE399 (found in the hospital where Connally was taken) and the
fact that Connally was struck by just ONE single bullet (per his
doctors' comments on this matter, plus the fact that if he were hit by
multiple bullets that were fragmenting badly within him....then WHERE
in the world are those fragments inside JBC's body? They aren't there.

Only a microscopic amount of lead (less than the weight of a "postage
stamp", per Dr. Gregory) was deposited in John Connally's body during
the shooting. It's silly to think that TWO or more bullets left only
this minuscule amount of lead and trace evidence behind in wake of the

This fact also tends to buttress the Single-Bullet Theory and the notion that Bullet #CE399 was certainly the bullet that left only very minimal lead deposits behind in JBC's whole body (with a mere 2+ grains missing from CE399's total mass).

Of course, all CTers enjoy trashing Dr. Guinn's analysis and his HSCA
testimony, as the conspiracists consider Guinn's 1978 analysis to be
completely outdated. But what I'd like to know is this:

Just exactly how likely (odds-wise) is it that Dr. Vincent P. Guinn
would testify to the effect that TWO specific bullets (that both very
likely came from the barrel of Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, via
Guinn's NAA results) were the only two bullets that can be linked to
any of the ballistics samples in the John Kennedy murder case....and
yet still NOT have Oswald's Carcano doing all of the damage to the
victims on November 22nd, 1963?

Even via 1970s-era NAA technology, what are the odds that Guinn's data
would end up revealing the likelihood that ONLY BULLETS FROM OSWALD'S

My guess is this -- The odds of that type of scientific evidence
favoring the likelihood that only Oswald's gun was involved in the
assassination, and somehow having that data being totally FALSE, must
be fairly low indeed.

In addition (and probably even more important on the "common sense"
and "sheer luck" scales):

What do you think the chances are that a multi-gun conspiracy took
place in Dealey Plaza, with bullets from MORE THAN ONE GUN striking
the victims in JFK's limousine on Elm Street....and yet, after the
bullets stopped flying and the missiles and fragments were examined,
NOT A SINGLE BULLET OR FRAGMENT from any non-C2766 gun turned out to
be large enough to be tested in order to positively eliminate Lee
Harvey Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle as the source for ALL of the
bullets and fragments that hit any victims on Elm Street?

Would anybody be willing to take those incredibly-low odds to Vegas?



MR. WOLF -- "Dr. Guinn, based on these results, do you have an opinion
as to what type of bullets these fragments were from?"

DR. GUINN -- "Once again, every one of these samples is in the same
range, which is an unusual range, as the background WCC Mannlicher-
Carcano samples that we have looked at from all four production lots.
These five [CE399, CE567, CE840, CE842, and CE843] fall right in the
midrange, in fact. They are not the highest; they are not the lowest
of the antimony range, and the same is true of the silver."

MR. WOLF -- "It is your opinion then that these all are fragments from
WCC Mannlicher-Carcano bullets?"

DR. GUINN -- "I think that is their most likely origin, yes."

MR. WOLF -- "Can you, just from looking at the results, state what is
the number of bullets that these evidence specimens came from?"

DR. GUINN -- "Yes sir, I can."

MR. WOLF -- "What is the number of bullets, in your opinion?"

DR. GUINN -- "These numbers correspond to two bullets. Two of the
samples have indistinguishable compositions, indicating that they came
from the same bullet, and the other three particles are evidently
samples from another bullet."

MR. WOLF -- "So it is your opinion that the evidence specimens
represent only evidence of two bullets, is that correct?"

DR. GUINN -- "Yes, sir, there is no evidence for three bullets, four
bullets, or anything more than two, but there is clear evidence that
there are two."


David Von Pein
December 2006
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