(PART 21)

Subject: More DiEugenio Errors
Date: 8/28/2009 5:49:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: David Von Pein
To: James DiEugenio


Hi Jim,

It would be nice, Jim, if you could get your facts straight (at least
once in a while) with respect to things that I supposedly have said
and done in the past. To date, you have totally failed to do so.

The latest examples being:

During your pre-recorded August 27, 2009, Black Op Radio segment,
when referring to me and Vincent Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History",
you stated that I "couldn't find one thing wrong with the whole book".

Well, Jim, I've got news for you. I found several things that Vince
gets wrong in his book. And I've talked about them (many times) on the

None of the errors affect Bugliosi's obviously-correct "Oswald Acted
Alone" bottom-line conclusion, of course; but I have documented
several mistakes that Vincent makes in "Reclaiming History".

And if you would bother to actually READ something that I have written
before wagging your tongue on Black Op Radio, you would know these
things first-hand.

But since you evidently refuse to do that little bit of legwork, I
guess perhaps I should give up all hope of you being fair when it
comes to the wrong things you have repeatedly said about me on Len
Osanic's Internet radio program.

Anyway, just for your information, here are two articles concerning
some of the errors I have documented within Mr. Bugliosi's otherwise-
exemplary magnum opus known as "Reclaiming History: The Assassination
Of President John F. Kennedy":


Along similar lines, you are also dead-wrong when you said on the
August 27th Black Op broadcast that I "couldn't find one thing wrong
about 'JFK: Inside The Target Car'".

To the contrary, Jim, I've documented my thoughts on that subject as
well. And I have talked about some of the mistakes in that program
(plus some other really weird things relating to the 2008 Discovery
Channel "Target Car" documentary that wouldn't really go under the
heading of "mistakes" or "errors", but should probably be placed in
the file drawer marked "Really Dumb Stuff").

Here is one of my "Target Car" articles.


Jim, I also noticed during your 8/27/09 Black Op appearance that you
provided some additional laughs when you seemed to be endorsing
certain elements of John Armstrong's insane "Two Oswalds" theory
(which is a theory that has the CIA, years before JFK's assassination,
recruiting two different "Oswalds" who looked exactly alike).

I know you hate Vincent Bugliosi's book with a passion, Jim, but I'm
going to include an excerpt from Vince's excellent book here anyway,
because a little bit of CS&L (Common Sense & Logic) is certainly
needed when discussing John Armstrong and his 2003 book, "Harvey And

"[John Armstrong] carries his fantasy about a double Oswald to
such absurd lengths that not only doesn't it deserve to be dignified
in the main text of my book ["Reclaiming History"], but I resent even
having to waste a word on it in this endnote. ....

"Obviously, if Armstrong had a source for any of the things he
charges, he would be only too eager to give it. Instead, his only
source is his exceptionally fertile imagination. ....

"Perhaps most important, Armstrong doesn't deign to tell us why
this incredibly elaborate and difficult scheme was necessary. I mean,
if the CIA were willing to frame the Russian refugee for Kennedy's
murder by setting him up as a patsy, why not simply frame the real Lee
Harvey Oswald? After all, both the real Oswald and the imposter Oswald
were, per Armstrong, recruited by the same conspirators at the CIA and
both were being "handled" by them. ....

"So before Armstrong even writes the first word of his long
tribute to absurdity, the premise for his whole book is seen to be
prodigiously ridiculous." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 565-567 of
"Reclaiming History" (Endnotes)


Then there is also your belief, Jim, that the United States Government
was on a mission to "cover up" the truth of the assassination after it
occurred. Which brings up another point that no conspiracy theorist in
the world has ever been able to reconcile in a satisfactory and
reasonable manner:

Are we really to believe that a group of behind-the-scenes
conspirators was attempting to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder
of President Kennedy MANY WEEKS AND/OR MONTHS prior to 11/22/63, with
that group of plotters succeeding in that endeavor (per many
conspiracy theorists of Planet Earth)....and then, immediately after
the assassination, the U.S. Government (plus the local police
department in Dallas) exhibited an incredible like-mindedness by
wanting to falsely accuse the EXACT SAME "PATSY" NAMED LEE HARVEY
OSWALD that the pre-assassination group of plotters was attempting to
frame for Kennedy's murder?

It seems to me, Jim, that many conspiracists have no choice but to
answer "Yes" to the above question. Because if those conspiracy
theorists don't think those two "like-minded" things occurred, and if
the Government really wasn't involved in some kind of "Let's Nail
Oswald" mission, then Lee Oswald is most certainly guilty of killing
JFK and Officer Tippit.

And let's be reasonable here, Jim....answering "Yes" to my above
question is just plain silly.


Mr. DiEugenio, if your overall research into the murder of President
Kennedy is as inept and willy-nilly as your consistently inaccurate
and haphazard research concerning my personal statements and beliefs
relating to certain matters associated with JFK's assassination, I
think it's safe to say that John McAdams could likely defeat you in a
debate even if Professor McAdams were half-asleep throughout the
entire radio encounter.

David Von Pein
August 28, 2009