>>> "Connally insisted to his deathbed that he was not hit by the first
shot." <<<


Right. And he WASN'T hit by the first shot. He was hit by the second
(SBT) shot.


>>> "His [John Connally's] repeated testimony and interviews are definitive." <<<

Maybe you never saw Gov. Connally's TV interview with Eddie Barker in
1967 on CBS, wherein he says that the SBT is "possible".....

>>> "[Connally] was not hit by the first shot." <<<

Correct. He wasn't.

>>> "As you point out, Connally was hit somewhere in the Z-226 to Z-236 range." <<<

Z224 to be precise. ....

>>> "Either the FBI was wrong or the Warren Commission was wrong, or there was a conspiracy." <<<

The FBI was definitely wrong. The Bureau made several early errors.
More on those errors here.....

>>> "Re-read the portion of the Warren Report that deals with the order of the shots. Note the weasel language, the hedging, the obfuscation..." <<<

It's more like FORTHRIGHT HONESTY, in my view. Instead of pinning
themselves down to a specific Z-Film frame (which, in circa 1964, was
much more difficult to do than it is today, what with the newer,
clearer digital versions of the film that we have now, plus toggling
Internet clips of selected frames, etc.), the WC, instead, bracketed
the "SBT hit", from Z210 to Z225.

Nothing wrong with that, IMO. For, the Commission KNEW that a "SBT"
frame DID and does exist within the Zapruder Film.

The HSCA knew it too, based on other evidence that makes it quite
clear that a single bullet went through both JFK & JBC on 11/22/63.
The HSCA got it wrong, IMO. The original Z210-Z225 WC bracketing was
more accurate in '64, with Z224 being the precise moment that both men
were hit, IMO.

>>> "Professional writers drafted that (lawyers), and they knew exactly what they were doing." <<<

Yep. Being forthright and honest by not saying something so bold in
'64 as "The SBT occurs definitely at such-&-such a Z-Frame". The
"bracketing" of the SBT hit, in fact, only further makes me think more
highly of the WC and its detailed study of the assassination.

The WC and FBI did very detailed angle measurements in May '64, via a
surveyor and "thru-the-Oswald-rifle-scope" determinations from the
Sniper's Nest.

And it was determined (as best as could be determined, circa 1964)
that both victims were generally lined up in the limo to receive the
"SBT" bullet from approx. Z210 through approx. Z225.

CTers scoff at this "bracketing", saying it can't be right. But those
CTers are attempting to place an EXACTITUDE on the event that can't
really be placed there. Some things MUST be estimated to a
degree....and the WC did that. And did a damn good job at it too.
Because "Z210-Z225" certainly encompasses the now-widely-accepted SBT
Z-Frame of Z224 (a frame I fully endorse for many, many reasons).

IOW -- The WC got it perfectly correct DECADES prior to the digital Z-
Film copies fully backing up their findings of a SBT hit somewhere
between Z210 and Z225.

So what's the big gripe, is my question? The Warren Commission GOT IT
RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Conspiracists just don't wish to accept the
"SBT/Occam's-like" scenario of one bullet transitting both victims.

Instead, they (the CTers) would rather rely on pure guesswork,
involving multiple disappearing bullets and an SBT-like alignment of
wounds on two men (created by two or three gunmen!) that would make
David Copperfield proud.

>>> "Incidentally, the WC did not dare include the FBI's summary report of the shooting dated December 9, 1963. That report makes it clear that the FBI did not believe that JFK and Connally were hit by the same bullet." <<<

See the above-linked essay re. "FBI Mistakes". That rushed FBI report
was wrong in multiple key respects. Heck, J. Edgar Hoover even told
LBJ at one point that the Stretcher Bullet had actually rolled out of
JFK's HEAD! So, the FBI was certainly not immune to errors. But, so

>>> "In short, the single bullet theory was concocted by desperate men..[Blah-Blah]..." <<<

Better read Page 117 of the Warren Report again. It'll set you
straight on whether the WC was "desperate" in the SBT regard or not.
Or is Page 117 all a lie too?

>>> "For you to defend that garbage more than forty years later reveals much about your intellect and your integrity." <<<

Nonsense. The Warren Commission's account of the JFK assassination has
never, ever been undermined and/or disproven....and certainly not for
lack of trying by conspiracy buffs and assorted kooks (like Jim Garrison,
Jim Fetzer, and Oliver Stone, et al).

David Von Pein
April 2007