(PART 1)


It's the year 1964, and Lee Harvey Oswald (the accused assassin of
President John F. Kennedy), instead of being shot and killed by Jack
Ruby on November 24, 1963, is sitting in a courtroom, as his murder
trial draws to a close.

The lead prosecuting attorney, attempting to convince the jury of
Oswald's sole guilt in the murders of both JFK and Dallas policeman
J.D. Tippit, is Vincent T. Bugliosi.

Here's a portion of what just might have been part of Vincent's Closing
Arguments to that jury in 1964.

Let's listen in (just for fun).......


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury....the defense lawyers in this case
have argued to you that a massive conspiracy took place on Friday,
November 22nd, 1963, the day when President John F. Kennedy was
brutally cut down by a sniper's bullets in Dallas, Texas.

The defense has placed on the table the totally-unsupportable theory
that someone "planted" that bullet (Warren Commission Exhibit #399) on
a Parkland Hospital stretcher, as part of a devious plot to frame this
man -- Lee Harvey Oswald -- for President Kennedy's murder.

But, folks, think about the "logic" of doing such a thing at the point
in time when these defense attorneys are insisting it actually did
occur. Let's examine that type of "logic" for a moment......

There is no way on this Earth, ladies and gentlemen, that any
"Patsy-Framing" conspirators are going to risk the whole ballgame by
wanting to plant that bullet on a hospital stretcher before 2:00 PM on
November the 22nd, 1963....a point in time which could very well have
been SUICIDE for those same conspirators!

Why could it possibly have been a suicidal act by any so-called
"conspirators"? Because that bullet, after having been found by
Parkland employee Darrell Tomlinson and after also having been seen and
handled by O.P. Wright, was handed over (by Wright) to Secret Service
agent Richard Johnsen at approximately 1:55 PM (CST) on November 22nd.

Which means that if it had been "planted" on or near Governor John
Connally's stretcher (as Mr. Oswald's team of defense attorneys is
implying), it must have been planted there prior to 1:55 PM on the day
of the President's assassination -- which was a time when Governor
Connally was still in the operating room at Parkland undergoing
life-saving surgery.

Which also has to mean that at such a time, no evil bullet-planting
"conspirators" could have possibly had full knowledge of exactly where
ALL of the "real" bullets that hit the victims were located.

For, how could these ace plotters have possibly known at 1:55 PM (or
thereabouts) that Bullet CE399 would even be a bullet that could be
worked into the official record of this murder case?!

Or did this band of wretched plotters and assassination-planning
henchmen simply say to themselves the following (in the days leading up
to November 22nd)? ----

Oh, what the hell, guys....everything is going to be taken care of by
the dutiful and ever-efficient Government cover-up agents later on we'll just go ahead and plant this possibly-extra bullet
in the hospital and just throw up our collective patsy-creating hands
and hope that everything comes out okay in the long run.

Is that what these defense lawyers want you good folks of this jury to
swallow -- hook, line, and planted bullet?!!

You can see how silly and utterly preposterous so much of this kind of
"evidence-planting" talk really is by simply applying just a small dose
of common sense and logic to the allegations being made by these
defense attorneys -- attorneys who, it would seem, have never met a
conspiracy theory they didn't immediately accept with a broad smile and
wide-open arms.

But, it's not that easy, folks. Not by a long shot is it that easy.
Picking assorted unsupportable conspiracy theories out of a hat just
isn't gonna cut it! And with your verdict of "Guilty" at this trial,
ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you're going to be telling this
Scheme Team of lawyers that it's simply NOT THAT EASY!

Plus, let me add this regarding bullet CE399 -- Why would any so-called
"conspirators" even WANT to plant that bullet in Parkland Hospital in
the first place? There was ALREADY Oswald-incriminating bullet evidence
in the limousine that ties the so-called "Patsy" to the crime!

And not only do we have those two front-seat bullet fragments from
Oswald's very own rifle to tie this defendant to the President's
murder....but there is also a veritable Mount Everest of additional
Oswald-implicating evidence elsewhere in Dealey Plaza as well -- such
as those three spent cartridge cases found in the Texas School Book
Depository. Cartridge cases which we KNOW came from Lee Oswald's
Mannlicher-Carcano bolt-action rifle TO THE EXCLUSION OF EVERY OTHER

And those three bullet cartridge cases, ladies and gentlemen, were
found WHERE exactly? I'll tell you where they were found....they were
found directly underneath the sniper's window in the southeast corner
on the Book Depository's sixth floor! And that just happens to be the
EXACT window from where this defendant -- Lee Harvey Oswald -- was
physically seen by an eyewitness aiming a rifle at the President's car!

Other witnesses testified that they saw a man who looked generally like
the defendant, Mr. Oswald, in that very same Sniper's-Nest window just
MINUTES (perhaps even SECONDS) before the three shots rang out in
Dealey Plaza that day!

And we also have the brown paper bag, ALSO found in the Sniper's Nest.
And it's a paper bag that just happens to have two of Lee Harvey
Oswald's prints on it -- a fingerprint and what amounts to an
extremely-incriminating RIGHT PALMPRINT at the bottom (or closed end)
of that bag.

That palmprint is devastating physical evidence of Mr. Oswald's guilt --
because it's a print that perfectly aligns with the testimony of
witness Buell Wesley Frazier. You remember that nice young man, don't
you ladies and gentlemen? He was Oswald's 19-year-old co-worker at the
Book Depository who gave Lee Harvey a ride to work on the morning of
the assassination, remember?

And remember what Mr. Frazier testified to with regards to a certain
brown paper package that Oswald had with him that morning (a bag that
the defendant said contained "curtain rods")?

Mr. Frazier said that Mr. Oswald carried the bag "cupped" in his right
hand, so that the weight of whatever was in the bag would be pressing
down against Oswald's right hand.

And, lo and behold, on the sixth floor, in the same sniper's area with
the bullet shells and Oswald's other prints, what was found by police?
--- empty brown paper bag with Lee Oswald's RIGHT PALMPRINT
on the closed end of the bag!

Just an innocent coincidence of some kind, ladies and gentlemen?
Nonsense! It's as obvious as the nose on Jimmy Durante's face that the
empty bag found by police after the assassination is the very same bag
that Mr. Frazier saw Oswald carry into the back door of the Book
Depository on November 22nd. How could it BE any more obvious?!

And if anyone thinks for a single second (as the defense has suggested)
that the empty paper sack was "created" and then "planted" by the
Dallas Police Department (due to the fact that no photograph exists in
the official record of the paper bag within the Sniper's Nest) --
they'd better think twice about that absurd allegation.

Because if that bag had been "manufactured" by the police, how on this
Earth did the cops manage that perfect "Oswald palmprint" fakery? How
did they manage, in fairly short order, to produce a bag that ALSO
happened to have Lee Oswald's prints on it? And a certain palmprint
that perfectly MATCHES the testimony of how Wesley Frazier said Oswald
carried the bag in his right "cupped" hand?

How was such a beautifully-coordinated piece of deception carried out?
How COULD it have been? Was Mr. Frazier lying about the "cupped right
hand" business? I'm doubting the defense would claim Frazier is a
liar....because they used his testimony at this trial to attempt to
bolster their own defense case with respect to the "under the armpit"
testimony, remember? So, was Mr. Frazier supposedly telling lies one
minute; and then telling the truth the next?

But Mr. Frazier told you folks during the prosecution's re-direct
examination of him that the bag might very well have been protruding
out in front of Oswald's body and Mr. Frazier would not have been able
to see such a protrusion, due to Oswald having his back to Frazier
during the entire lengthy walk toward the back entrance of the Book
Depository. Mr. Frazier admitted that to this jury right here in open

So, as anyone with just one bad eye can easily see, the police did not,
and furthermore (given the evidence in this case), COULD NOT have
"faked" and "planted" that brown paper bag in the School Book
Depository on the day of the President's death. That theory is
preposterous on EVERY level -- and everybody knows it!

Getting back to the REAL evidence once again.....

There's the biggest piece of evidence of all -- Oswald's own
Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. Which is a rifle that was found by the police
just fifty-two minutes after the assassination. And WHERE was it found?
--- It was found on that very same sixth floor of the Book Depository
Building, ladies and gentlemen -- that's where!

And that rifle, which was found behind some boxes near the stairs on
the sixth floor, was conclusively proven to be the rifle owned by the
defendant in this case -- a Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald.

He didn't use the name "Oswald" to purchase the, no.
Instead, he used the fake name -- "A. Hidell" -- to order the rifle by
mail-order, in March of 1963, from Klein's Sporting Goods....a company
in Chicago, Illinois.

But the testimony of handwriting experts at this trial confirm --
without a shred of a doubt, ladies and gentlemen -- that the Klein's
order form for rifle number C2766 was filled out in Lee Harvey Oswald's
very own handwriting. So we KNOW that it was Oswald himself who ordered
the weapon that murdered President Kennedy.

And we also know, without any doubt whatsoever, that that
6.5-millimeter Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was shipped by Klein's to P.O.
Box number 2915 in Dallas, Texas, USA. And WHO was the person who used
that exact post-office box as a mailing address? You guessed it -- it
was Lee Harvey Oswald who used that box to receive mail. That's who.

And we also know, without a doubt, that the serial number that is
stamped on Oswald's rifle -- the number "C2766" -- was determined by
the Warren Commission to be a unique serial number....that is to say,
it was unique to this one particular rifle that was shipped to Lee
Oswald in March 1963. In other words, there were not two separate
weapons that possessed this same C2766 serial number, as the defense
has suggested at this trial.

Therefore -- as we now get back to talking about the ridiculous
allegations of evidence-planting in this case -- why would any
conspirators want to risk planting additional, possibly-needless
bullets in the hospital when there's so much other stuff elsewhere that
shows Oswald to be a guilty assassin?

Or would the defense like to now purport that the two large bullet
fragments found in the front seat of JFK's limousine were ALSO
"planted" there by these unknown/unseen/unidentified "evidence
manipulators"? Or that those shells found up on the sixth floor were
also "planted"? And was Lee's rifle ALSO "planted" on that same sixth
floor too?

And were the defendant's fingerprints ALSO "planted" on those boxes
that JUST HAPPENED to be boxes that were found deep within the Sniper's
Nest on November 22nd?

And I'm not talking about just the outer Sniper's-Nest boxes that
served to shield the assassin from view. No. I'm talking about Lee
Harvey Oswald's fingerprint and palmprints being found on two boxes
that were INSIDE that Sniper's Perch -- with Lee's palmprint being
discovered on the box that the killer almost certainly used as a chair,
to sit on, as he waited for his Presidential prey to round the corner
of Elm and Houston Streets on that fateful Friday afternoon in 1963.

And there were two of Oswald's prints located on one of the boxes that
almost certainly was positioned by the gunman to serve as a potential
"rifle rest" as he aimed his weapon toward the southwest, looking
toward the Triple Underpass in Dealey Plaza.

The positioning of those boxes in that window, ladies and gentlemen,
also tends to answer another of the conspiracy theorists' favorite
questions -- the question of why Oswald didn't take the "best shot",
per the theorists, while the President's car was on Houston Street.

In addition to the fact that by waiting until both JFK's car and the
Secret Service follow-up vehicle had turned the corner onto Elm Street
(thereby making sure that the majority of the "firepower" in the Plaza,
possessed by the Secret Service agents, all had their BACKS to the
assassin) -- there's also that pre-arranging of book cartons in the
sniper's window.

The cartons were placed in the window in such a way that we can pretty
much KNOW that the killer (Mr. Oswald) had every intention from the
GET-GO of only firing shots at the President AFTER the limousine had
turned onto Elm Street.

And I think it's fairly logical to assume that those book cartons were
PRE-positioned in such a "Rifle Will Always Point West" fashion prior
to the motorcade ever coming into Oswald's line of sight. For, Oswald
surely didn't want to have to deal with arranging his rifle rest AFTER
the President's car had already come into view, when seconds were
precious to him. Did he? Of course not, ladies and gentlemen. That's a
silly notion on its face.

So, was ALL of this other stuff I've been talking about "planted" by
some group of tireless, unidentified conspirators too (as the defense
seems to believe)? Or, perhaps as an alternative theory, the defense
thinks that it was merely a miraculous "coincidence" that Lee Harvey
Oswald's relatively-FRESH fingerprints, in the course of his everyday
Book Depository duties, just HAPPENED to show up on the VERY BOXES that
certainly must have been utilized by the killer of President Kennedy?!
His FRESH prints remember!

Or maybe the defense should go one rung higher on the "planting" ladder
and contend that Oswald's prints were planted on the boxes in the
Sniper's Nest too.

But just how far off the deep end of this "Evidence-Planting" pool do
these defense lawyers think they can lead you folks here on the jury?!
How far??!! The notion that all of this Oswald-incriminating evidence
was magically "planted" there by evil conspirators is utter nonsense!
And it always has been nonsense!

The defense uses that convenient word "planted" only because there is
nothing else TO argue to the members of this jury! They have no other
choice BUT to argue the evidence was "planted", "faked", "manipulated",
or otherwise "tampered with" in some fashion. Because, let's face
facts, if all of this stuff WASN'T planted or monkeyed-around with --
then Lee Harvey Oswald is as guilty as Hitler....and even these defense
lawyers must surely realize that basic of all facts.

The defense allegations of evidence-planting and police misconduct and
of how everybody under the sun covered-up the truth of the Kennedy
assassination are classic signs of a very weak, anemic case on the part
of Oswald's defense Scheme Team of attorneys!

It's merely a smokescreen that's being utilized by this "Anybody But
Oswald" defense team in an attempt to confuse this jury, and is an
attempt to muddy the nature of the true evidence in this case. And it's
simply nonsense of the first order!

For, surely you realize, ladies and gentlemen, that if that team of
brilliant minds over there at that defense counsel table had even ONE
piece of solid, physical evidence to back up their claims of a
multi-gun conspiracy in this case, everyone here in this courtroom
would have seen it! Can there be any DOUBT of that fact, ladies and

But the defense has produced nothing in the way of ballistics evidence
in this case to back up the notion that any guns other than Oswald's
guns were being fired at anyone in Dealey Plaza or on Tenth Street in
Oak Cliff (where Police Officer J.D. Tippit was killed) on November the
22nd, 1963.

And the defense has failed (miserably) in their attempts to provide, in
general, any substantial physical evidence whatsoever in this case to
show that other killers were involved in the assassination of President
John F. Kennedy, or in the savage second murder so obviously committed
by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22nd -- that being the slaying of
Dallas Police Patrolman J.D. Tippit.

As you men and women of the jury begin to deliberate and to consider
the evidence presented at this trial, please ask yourself this one very
important question --- Has the defense come even remotely close to
PROVING that ANY of the evidence presented by the prosecution in this
case -- evidence which unquestionably shows Lee Harvey Oswald to be a
double-murderer -- has been faked in any way whatsoever?!

The undeniable answer to the above inquiry, ladies and gentlemen, is a
resounding and reverberating "No". No -- they have not! There has not
been one speck of proof presented at this trial to back up the
defense's ridiculous allegations of evidence-tampering surrounding the
John F. Kennedy murder case!

The bullet evidence in this case leads in only one single direction --
and it's not toward multiple shooters firing from a number of
directions in Dealey Plaza. It leads, instead, to one man's
Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, #C2766, which just happened to be found in
the very same building where the gun's owner was located when John F.
Kennedy was being shot and killed one Friday afternoon in late nineteen

And if there HAD been a multi-gun conspiracy afoot on that autumn day
in '63 -- ask yourself this additional logical question, ladies and

The answer is -- None exist. No other bullets or bullet shells exist
except bullets that conclusively lead straight into Lee Harvey Oswald's
Carcano rifle (or were consistent with having come from that very
rifle)! Why is this? And HOW can this be if several different shooters
took aim at JFK's body on November 22nd??! Were all of these "other"
killers aiming at the sky?! Or at each other, instead of the intended
target of John F. Kennedy?! It makes no sense, ladies and gentlemen!

But what DOES make the most sense is this: Lee Harvey Oswald, by
himself, with his own gun, murdered President Kennedy. Oswald then
slipped out of the Book Depository Building after being detained
briefly by police officer Marrion Baker on the 2nd Floor. Oswald then
proceeded to kill a policeman in Oak Cliff while in desperate flight
from the murder he had just committed less than one hour earlier in
Dealey Plaza!

The evidence isn't lying to you, ladies and gentlemen. It's the rabid
conspiracy theorists like these unscrupulous defense attorneys who have
been spoon-feeding you lies, half-truths, and distortions ever since
these two murders were committed by Lee Oswald in 1963.

But regardless of what Mr. Conspiracy over there at the defense table
wants you to believe -- the evidence surrounding this case is
rock-solid. And that evidence is telling any reasonable person that the
man sitting over there across the room from you -- Lee Harvey Oswald --
is guilty as sin of murdering two human beings in the fall of 1963!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury......

John Fitzgerald Kennedy....only 46 years of age when he was
killed....born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on May 29th in the year
1917....the 35th President of these United States....


J.D. Tippit....39-year-old police officer....born in Texas on September
18th, 11-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department when
his life was so abruptly ended via four gunshot wounds on November
22nd, 1963....

Those two men are not with us here in this courtroom today -- BUT FROM

And justice can only be served by your coming back into this courtroom
with a verdict of guilty.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. *


* = Footnotes/Disclaimers -- The above is a David Von Pein-authored
summation, presented in a Vince-like manner; Mr. Bugliosi's actual
verbiage to an actual jury may vary.

Shake twice before opening.

Enlarged to show product texture.

May contain peanuts (or may contain too much common sense for some
conspiracists to fully grasp). ;)

David Von Pein
April 2006
October 2006