(PART 17)

On the July 16, 2009, "Black Op Radio" broadcast, conspiracy theorist
James DiEugenio not only misrepresents what Arlen Specter and Dr.
James Humes said during Humes' 1964 Warren Commission testimony,
and misrepresents what I had to say in December 2008 regarding the
"probing" issue....

But DiEugenio takes it one big step further into "Misrepresentation
And Deception Land" when he decides to INVENT A SINISTER MOTIVE for
Arlen Specter saying something that he NEVER SAID AT ALL during Dr.
Humes' 1964 Warren Commission session!

Yes, indeed, you heard right -- Jim DiEugenio, a respected JFK
researcher in many quarters, has applied a make-believe motive to

Here's exactly what DiEugenio said about Mr. Specter on 7/16/09
(regarding words that never came out of Arlen Specter's mouth in the
first place!):


"Specter and Humes understood that the probe was gonna be a big
problem. They thought the photographs would never be declassified. So
Specter made up this B.S. story about the strap muscles, never knowing
that that story was going to be exposed. And Von Pein goes ahead and
quotes him. This is the reason he doesn't want to debate me, of course.
Because this is one thing I would just rip him open on." -- James DiEugenio;


Now, let me get a handle on this thing, Jim --- You think you can "rip
[me] open" with respect to something that you think Arlen Specter
said...something that NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL?!!

I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for Jim....or laugh until my
notoriously weak bladder bursts! (Or both.)

Unbelievable, isn't it?

To sum up, it appears to me that the following situation has taken
place here:

1.) Jim DiEugenio (probably for years) has ASSUMED that Arlen Specter
and James Humes talked about the "strap muscles" being the reason that
probes couldn't be placed through JFK's wounds during Kennedy's

2.) Believing (for some reason) that the "strap" muscles couldn't
possibly have been located at the same general level as that of the
flight of the bullet that entered JFK's upper back and exited his
throat (even though Dr. Humes testified in '64 that the strap muscles
in the front of JFK's neck were, indeed, "bruised" by the passage of
the bullet; in fact, this is the one and only reference to "strap
muscles" in Humes' WC testimony), Mr. DiEugenio now decides he must
apply a sinister and devious motive to Specter's and Humes' "B.S.
story" about the "strap muscles" causing the probing to fail. (Which
is WC testimony concerning "probing" that doesn't exist at all, of

3.) DiEugenio, quite obviously, never bothered to double-check the
official Warren Commission records (Volume 2 of the WC's 26 volumes)
to confirm #1 above. Because if he had looked up Humes' testimony to
check on this matter, he would have seen that neither Specter nor
Humes ever ONCE mentioned "strap muscles" with respect to the
"probing" topic.

(BTW, just for the record -- The words "strap muscles" never ONCE
escaped the lips of Dr. Humes during his entire 1978 HSCA testimony
session or his 1996 ARRB deposition either. Not once.)

A situation like this one makes me wonder how many other "CT myths"
Mr. DiEugenio has fallen for over the years.

The likely answer to that last inquiry is -- Quite a few. Such as: The
Mauser myth. The Double Oswald myth. The Grassy Knoll Shooter myth.
Jim Garrison's crackpot myths and fairy tales about a New Orleans "plot"
to murder John Kennedy. And God knows how many others.

That's a shame too. Because James DiEugenio is obviously a very bright
man. And as I've said before on this forum....Jim would make a great
LNer (given his vast knowledge about a lot of stuff connected to the
JFK case).

It's just too bad that the "Conspiracy Albatross" is so firmly tied
around Jim's neck.

David Von Pein
July 2009