(PART 20)

Subject: Jim DiEugenio Vs. Vince Bugliosi And David Von Pein
Date: 8/22/2009 5:30:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: James DiEugenio
To: David Von Pein


Dear DVP:

You did a cover-up job on the strap muscles and you know it.

But keep it up and keep on running from a debate.

You look more and more like what you are: a chicken.



Subject: Re: Jim DiEugenio Vs. Vince Bugliosi And David Von Pein
Date: 8/22/2009 5:52:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: David Von Pein
To: James DiEugenio


Hi James! Good to hear from you, my friend!

While I have your attention.....

You know damn well that the whole "strap muscles" thing began when you
said on the 7/16/09 Black Op (retard) broadcast that I said something
that I never ever said about Humes' testimony as it related to
Specter's "B.S. story" (your quote) as it related to the "PROBING"
issue ONLY. Nothing else. It was ALL ABOUT THE "PROBING" ISSUE.

Now, you want to move those goal posts closer to your CT goal line, so
that you can pretend that you weren't wrong when you said that Humes
and Specter discussed the "strap muscles" as they related to the
PROBING of John Kennedy's upper-back wound.

But, as you obviously have to know by this time (if you're any kind of
a "researcher" at all), Humes and Specter never ONCE talked about the
"strap muscles" as those muscles relate to any "probing" issue at all.
It never happened. Period.

But, Jim, keep pretending you won that mini-debate with me. I'm sure
it satisfies your enormous ego to think you've defeated another lowly
LNer who does nothing but write out his "paper debates" on John
McAdams' "pigpen" 24/7.

BTW, Professor McAdams' "alt.assassination.jfk" forum is a totally-
different forum from the "pigpen" you keep referring to on Len
Osanic's weekly "Black Op [Retard] Radio" shows.

The McAdams forum is a moderated forum that will not allow personal
attacks or hateful remarks toward its members, while the
"alt.conspiracy.jfk" newsgroup/forum is unmoderated (hence, it is
crawling with conspiracy-happy kooks), and the primary reason I go
there at all is because it's the best unmoderated online JFK forum I
know of where I can easily and instantly archive individual messages
for my JFK Blog.

You should visit my blog and JFK-related webpages sometime, Jim. You
might learn something. And that "something" just might be an added
dose of "common sense". Lord knows, you and Mr. Osanic could use a
helping of that stuff when it comes to your beliefs about President
Kennedy's assassination.

You're beginning to look more and more like what you are: an "Anybody
But Oswald" conspiracy-happy nut. And that fact is illustrated very nicely
within this article that I penned on 8/22/09, dealing with your latest
crazy conspiracy-flavored notion regarding Buell Wesley Frazier and
Linnie Mae Randle.

David Von Pein
August 22, 2009