(PART 3)


There is a huge controversy about the authenticity of the bullet that was Parkland Hospital. You make it appear as if there is no debate
about the Parkland bullet (CE 399), but you know damned well there is.


The "huge controversy" surrounding CE399 is only "huge" because of the
CTers of the world who want to think that somebody placed that bullet
into the official record of the murder case of an assassinated U.S.
President in order to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for that murder.

But such a notion is just plain silly. It's also a notion that is very
extraordinary in nature. And is there really and truly a good reason
in this case to believe in any type of "extraordinary" theory with
respect to Bullet CE399 (i.e., a conspiracy theory that has some
unknown person or persons placing CE399 into the official record of
the JFK case in a desire to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for the
President's murder), when so many additional, corroborative pieces of
physical and circumstantial evidence ALSO lead down that same "IT WAS
OSWALD" path?

Given this "corroboration" regarding the evidence in the case, the
theory that has Bullet 399 being "tainted" in some fashion is highly
improbable (even if the bullet did, indeed, have a very weak "chain of
custody" or "chain of possession") -- Because CE399 is a bullet which

CE399 is a bullet that came out of the VERY SAME GUN that is also
positively linked to the bullet fragments found in the Presidential
limousine and the very same gun that is also positively linked to the
three cartridge cases found on the Book Depository's sixth floor (the
same floor where the weapon that was linked to all of these pieces of
ballistics evidence was also found).

If CE399 had been the ONLY piece of ballistics evidence that was found
after the shooting, then the CTers would have a much better argument
for that bullet being "planted", or "substituted", or whatever.*

* = But even in such a make-believe scenario, those CTers could still
never in a million years "prove" that the bullet had been planted (or
placed into evidence by one or more evil "conspirators"), but at least
the suspicious conspiracists would have had a better argument, because
in such a hypothetical instance, CE399 would have been the ONLY piece
of bullet-related evidence connected with Oswald's rifle.

But since there's so much OTHER stuff (bullet-wise and shell-wise)
that links Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano to the assassination, CTers who
continue to want to believe that CE399 didn't really come out of
Oswald's rifle when JFK's car passed through Dealey Plaza on November
22nd have a very large mountain to climb in order to advance the "399
Is A Fraud" conspiracy theory.

Because if CE567 and CE569 (the two front-seat bullet fragments linked
conclusively to Oswald's rifle) are the Real McCoy (i.e., genuine
evidence that wasn't tampered with in some manner)....

And: if the three bullet shells that were found by the police
underneath the sniper's window on the sixth floor are also genuine....

Then common sense (plus the overall ODDS) would certainly indicate
that it's very, very likely that Bullet #399 was ALSO a "genuine"
article as well, with that whole bullet exiting Lee Harvey Oswald's
gun at 12:30 PM on 11/22/63 in Dealey Plaza.

And if the CTers wish to travel down the "ALL OF THE CARCANO (C2766)
BULLET EVIDENCE IS TAINTED" road, then they've got THREE "This
Evidence Is Tainted" mountains to climb -- the "CE567/569" mountain;
the "Shells In The Window" mountain; and the large hill marked "CE399"

I hope those CTers are in good shape and are really good mountain
climbers. Because getting to the top of just ONE of those three Mount
Everests is likely to give an average (and reasoned-thinking) person a

But that hasn't stopped certain conspiracy theorists from heading up
that unclimbable series of peaks. Has it?

David Von Pein
October 22, 2007