(PART 4)



I just noticed another thing that James DiEugenio got wrong in the
article linked above, and that is when Jim said this:

"But the rule that Von Pein violated [at the JFK Lancer forum]
with reckless abandon was the one about doing mass posts and therefore
flooding the board. As Gene Stump pointed out, Von Pein did 263 posts
in his first 12 days! (Post of 7/28/05)"

The problem with the above quote about "flooding the board" at Debra
Conway's conspiracy-oriented JFK Lancer forum is this -- Gene Stump
wasn't talking about me when he said "263 posts in his first 12 days".
Stump was referring, instead, to another LNer by the name of Nick
Kendrick, who joined the JFK Lancer forum on July 17, 2005, and was
kicked off the forum the very same day I was (July 28, 2005).

And when we add up Kendrick's active days on the forum, what does it
come to? Twelve days exactly (inclusively) -- July 17 through July 28.

Here is a link to the 7/28/05 post by Gene Stump that DiEugenio
incorrectly thinks applies to me (and the various quotes that are
cited by Stump here are all things that were posted during those 12
days by Kendrick, not by me):


I don't know why I didn't notice that error of DiEugenio's earlier.
Maybe it's because my capacity for detecting the large number of
mistakes and silly things uttered by James DiEugenio had already
reached its maximum level when I first looked through Jim's article.
Hence, a second (and third) reading was required to pick up any
additional pieces of misinformation spouted by Jim D.

When thinking about the above "flooding the board" error made by
DiEugenio, in conjunction with the following "egg" comment also made
by Jim D. in the same article, I get a sense of pot-and-kettle irony:

"He [DVP] has been trying to sell 'Reclaiming History' as the
Holy Grail to the JFK case for about five years. To put it mildly, it
hasn't panned out as he claimed. He can't admit that. Since because of
his unwise advertising campaign, he now has egg all over his face. So
he sends out an SOS to Bugliosi. And what does he get? More egg. Maybe
he'll get an omelet next time." -- Jim DiEugenio

Are you sure it is DVP who has a face full of omelet, Jim? Look in the
mirror. Maybe it's you who needs a towel to wipe off some egg of your

David Von Pein
April 2010