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>>> "Mr. Carlier: Did you look at the footnote in the Warren Report to the material I quoted from? Or did you just robotically relay what Von Pein said on the McAdams forum? Please answer this question honestly before I agree to debate you. .... Why didn't you ask him [DVP] why he did not site [sic] the footnote? Isn't that what critical thinking is all about? [Signed:] JIM D. [James DiEugenio]" <<<


Subject: DiEugenio, Humes, And The WCR
Date: 8/2/2009 12:47:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: David Von Pein
To: Francois Carlier


Hello Francois,

Thanks for your e-mail. I greatly appreciate it, and I enjoyed reading
it very much.

Just a few things "for the record" here (as they relate to the e-mail
you sent to me on 8/1/09):

You do not need to own the 26 physical volumes issued by the Warren
Commission in order to look at every single page of those 26 volumes.
Every volume is available for free on the Internet, as well as every
volume of the HSCA report (and other JFK reports) too. Right here
(and here too).

So, you could have checked out the source note that appears at the top
of Page 89 of the WCR, which is something that I did, indeed, do for
myself immediately after hearing James DiEugenio quote that passage
from the WCR about the bullet sliding between "two large strap

The source note is Note #171 and it leads to 2H363. And at 2H363, we
find these words spoken by Dr. James Humes:

"The missile traversed the neck and slid between these muscles
and other vital structures..."

Now, DiEugenio is probably going to claim that because the specific
word "strap" doesn't show up anywhere on Page 363 of Vol. 2 (and it
doesn't), this must mean that Arlen Specter and Dr. Humes (and the
Warren Commission in general) were trying to pull off some kind of
"B.S. story" [DiEugenio's quote] because the word "strap" DOES appear
on Page 88 of the WCR.

But DiEugenio doesn't have a leg to stand on there.


Because Humes DOES say "strap muscles" on Page 368 of Vol. 2 when
talking about the exact muscles that were "bruised" by the passage of
the bullet through JFK's body (which is testimony that perfectly
aligns with Humes' testimony on Page 363).

The only complaint that DiEugenio can possibly make is that the Warren
Commission didn't expressly cite TWO different pages from Humes'
testimony in source note #171 on page 89 of the WCR. They only cited
2H363 there (and not 2H368).

And the obvious reason that the Warren Commission ONLY cited 2H363 is
because the MAIN POINT being revealed via source note #171 on pages 88
and 89 of the WCR concerned the fact that the bullet passed between
two muscles of JFK's body without creating a channel, which is
information that can be found at 2H363, but not at 2H368.

The WCR could, of course, have also cited 2H368 if they chose to, and
that would have been okay too, but the ONLY thing that 2H368 adds to
the information that can be obtained in 2H363 is the single word

Humes said "strap" on Page 368, but he did not use the exact word
"strap" when talking about the missile sliding between the muscles on
Page 363. That's the ONLY difference. And DiEugenio, as usual, wants
to make a huge mountain out of this silly little molehill.

Plus, let me add this:

This whole discussion regarding Page 88 of the WCR and 2H363 is really
NOT addressing DiEugenio's blatant falsehood (that he told on Black Op
Radio on July 16, 2009) at all. And that falsehood was this (which I know
you heard for yourself):

DiEugenio claimed on 7/16/09 that Specter examined Humes with respect
to the "PROBING" issue, as that probing topic related to the "STRAP
MUSCLES" of President Kennedy.

But, as I pointed out strongly in my online article refuting this
stuff, DiEugenio is wrong when he claimed such a thing, because as I
said before, the word "strap" only comes out of Humes' OR Specter's
mouth ONE SINGLE TIME during Dr. Humes' entire WC session, and that's
the already-mentioned passage on 2H368 when Humes was talking about
the bruising of those muscles ONLY. He wasn't talking about "PROBING"
at all.

So DiEugenio is just plain wrong. And he's got to know he's wrong on
that "probing"/"strap muscles" point. So, Jim decides to move the goal
posts and alter the subject, so he can pretend he was right and I was
wrong. (And Jim also no doubt hopes nobody else notices his mistake.)

Plus, I'll add this -- Specter elicited NO INFORMATION AT ALL from Dr.
Humes about the muscles of JFK (ANY muscles) tightening up and
closing. And Specter elicited no testimony from Humes at all about
those closed-up muscles being the primary reason for why no probes
could be placed through JFK's upper back and neck.

In addition -- As I also pointed out in my rebuttal article, DiEugenio
is also wrong on another related point concerning the "strap muscles"
when Jim implied on Black Op Radio that the strap muscles in JFK's
neck were "ABOVE" the areas where Kennedy was wounded by a
bullet....which is just flat-out wrong.

We know Jim's wrong there because Dr. Humes testified that the "STRAP
MUSCLES" were "bruised" by the passage of the bullet through Kennedy's
neck. So obviously the strap muscles were not "above" the location
where JFK suffered a bullet wound.

In fact, I'll even go a little bit further in debunking DiEugenio's
"above" verbiage -- On that same Page 368 of Volume 2 that I've been
discussing, Dr. Humes states that the bruised strap muscles were "just
below this wound" [he means the throat wound, of course].

So the strap muscles that were bruised were positively a little bit
BELOW the bullet hole in Kennedy's throat, contrary to what James
DiEugenio seems to think.

Whew! What a chore it is to straighten out somebody else's obviously
skewed perception and interpretation of things. It seems as though I
spend three hours having to fix something that it took DiEugenio three
seconds to say and mangle.

It's ridiculous. And so is DiEugenio's farcical attempt to turn one
single word -- "STRAP" -- into a "B.S. story" started by Arlen Specter
(with Humes evidently just following Specter's lead like a little
puppy dog on a leash). Unbelievable.

Anyway, I hope this lengthy post straightens out a little bit more
of Jim DiEugenio's pro-conspiracy crap.

David Von Pein
August 2, 2009