Here are some of my thoughts regarding the Single-Bullet Theory, and
the likelihood that ANY conspiracy-oriented alternative could be MORE
credible than the SBT (given the known wounds in the two victims and
other known evidence surrounding the 11/22/63 shooting event). .....


If the Single-Bullet Theory is incorrect, then we are forced to
believe that not just ONE, but TWO, rifle bullets failed to penetrate
all the way through the neck and back of JFK, from probably high-
powered weapons (because WHY would any plotters trying to kill the
President--and no doubt wanting to MAKE SURE THEY KILL HIM AT ALL
COSTS--utilize anything BUT high-powered weaponry in such a murder

Logical? I say no, it is not.*

* = Mark Fuhrman's anti-SBT, pro-LN stance notwithstanding here.
Because there are numerous reasons why I feel that Mr. Fuhrman is
wrong when he asserts that a bullet went all the way through JFK,
missed John Connally, and also failed to plunge into the seats or the
floor of the limousine in front of Kennedy. Here's why Fuhrman is just
flat-out wrong re. his analysis:

If conspiracy theorists wish to argue that perhaps ONE of the shots
was a "dum-dum" of some type, or that ONE shot was a misfire and
therefore the velocity entering Kennedy was severely reduced -- okay.
But TWO such shots of this kind that do not transit the soft flesh of
JFK in the throat AND upper back regions?

Odds please?

Even if CTers want to argue that the "angles" are not precisely dead-
on correct for the SBT to "work" or "align" properly back to the
Oswald window in the Texas School Book Depository -- in my considered
viewpoint, any theory that we're forced to substitute for the official
SBT falls apart on many different levels.

For example -- Here's what certainly MUST have occurred (via the CT
account) INSTEAD of the SBT:

1.) Three shots must "replace" the one single shot known as the "SBT".
There IS no way around this first point here. Because lacking the SBT
to explain the throat wound to JFK and both of the victims' separate
back wounds, CTers are forced to postulate that one of the two
following things occurred......

A.) The bullet that struck JFK did go all the way through him but,
somehow spectacularly, MISSED the man sitting right in front of him
who was in direct line to receive this bullet and this bullet was then
scooped up from inside the limo by plotters after the fact and
disposed of AND the damage to the inside of the limousine that was no
doubt caused by this bullet was completely eradicated in very short
order after the event. Likely (even in a CT world)? Hardly. Especially
in light of this WC testimony from Robert Frazier of the FBI......

ARLEN SPECTER -- "Did your examination of the President's limousine
disclose any other holes or markings which could have conceivably been
caused by a bullet striking the automobile or any part of the

ROBERT FRAZIER -- "No, sir."

-- Or: --

B.) Lacking a shot that transits JFK, we're left to accept a three-
shot scenario to explain these wounds to the two victims -- fired by
THREE separate gunmen as well (two from the rear and one from the
front). Given the very tight timeline (even per CTers, who have JFK
hit in the throat with Shot #1 at Z195 to Z200 approx.), I'd like to
know how there could have possibly been LESS than three gunmen
utilized to inflict all these wounds in the allowable timeframe?

2.) All three of these (supposedly) entry wounds on JFK and JBC line
themselves up in such a fashion on the bodies to give the APPEARANCE
that they could have ALL been "in line" so as to have been caused by
just a single missile passing through both men simultaneously.

I have yet to hear any reasonable and believable CT explanation that
logically rationalizes and defends this amazing "wound placement"
occurrence on TWO different victims. Even CTers must admit that the
likelihood of these wounds aligning in such a fashion on two victims
is pretty remote at best. For, if THREE gunmen managed to pull that
shooting feat off with three different bullets, then it's a
marksmanship accomplishment that should be featured prominently at
Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not Museum.

3.) The three bullets that are replacing the SBT via a CTer's
alternate theory now ALL get lost! Or are ALL disposed of by evil
plotters! In either instance, all three bullets that peppered Kennedy
and Connally are never entered into any kind of official record
representing this murder case. Odds please? Is this a logical
conclusion to come to?

For one thing: Why didn't Dr. Malcolm Perry (or Dr. Carrico or Dr.
Jenkins or Dr. McClelland) physically SEE the bullet that only
ventured part way through Mr. Kennedy's throat? It seems logical to
me, given the HANDS-ON circumstances we're dealing with here re.
Perry's having to make an actual incision into this VERY wound in the
throat for tracheostomy purposes, that Perry (or others) might very
well have been able to see the bullet in JFK's throat, seeing as how
it did not exit, per this theory.

In short, how could the "plotters" have possibly gotten THAT LUCKY so
that all three of those whole bullets, in 2 bodies, were never
recovered by anyone at Parkland Hospital, and so lucky to NOT have
even ONE of these three bullets enter the official record at any time?
Especially with regard to the Connally AWOL bullet. Here's a bullet
that enters a man who LIVED through the ordeal, and whose body could
not be "controlled" later at some "fixed" or "phonied" autopsy by the
conspirators (as many CTers believe occurred with respect to JFK's
autopsy at Bethesda).

This Connally bullet, IMO, is the KEY bullet that shows beyond any
reasonable doubt that no foul play was afoot with respect to the
bullets. This unexpected second victim of the assassination attempt
(JBC), and yet another (third) bullet that is conveniently "missing",
makes it FAR more difficult to believe in a vast conspiracy and cover-
up in this case (overall).

I ask -- What are the odds that the plotters could have "controlled"
all the trace evidence within TWO victims within such a covert plot,
one of whom survived the shooting?

4.) With respect to TWO separate bullets that BOTH fail to transit the
body of President Kennedy, I'll ask again the same recurring inquiry
here -- What Are The Odds? What is the likelihood that these
conspirators would have had TWO "dud" rounds fired into JFK? -- TWO
non-lethal missiles that pierce his body only a LITTLE BIT, and fail
to kill him OR to penetrate the soft tissues of his neck and upper
back? Doesn't this sound the slightest bit GOOFY to anyone else but

But perhaps a better question here might be -- WHY would killers, bent
on having a dead President by the end of November 22nd, have utilized
such low-powered weaponry in a Presidential assassination attempt?
Shouldn't they have wanted, and insisted, on the MAXIMUM firepower
possible here? And if not, why not? Why would ANY "Pre-Kill" shots
NEED to be fired at the President? Just...why? Does this add up at

When combined all together, don't ALL of these CT points that would
have HAD to have occurred in order to explain the "SBT wounds" AND
lack of bullets entering the official record seem just a tad far-
fetched and unrealistic?

To me, they're more than just a "tad" far-fetched and unreasonable --
they're downright illogical from every point-of-view. It seems to me
that any attempts to explain those wounds that were sustained at
virtually an identical time by John Kennedy and John Connally in a "CT
light" fail to hold up the least little bit when held up to the bright
light of scrutiny.

If the only way to explain away the SBT to fit a conspiracy scenario
is to come up with a plot that includes three different shooters,
firing three bullets into two different victims, from three different
locations, and incredibly have all three of these missiles pepper the
victims in just such a pattern so that it looks like it COULD (even
remotely so) be reconciled into a "SBT", and then (on top of this
miracle bit of shooting by three different gunmen) to get ALL THREE of
these separate bullets to vanish and to never enter the official
record -- then, from where I sit, plain ol' common sense is telling me
that something's just a bit screwy about this "CT" plot which
perfectly worked out to appease the WC and its loyal followers.

And -- Any such "multi-shooter" scenario is also very unlikely
(probability-wise alone) from the popular "Frame The Patsy Oswald"
standpoint. Would these plotters have deliberately been so foolhardy
and utterly reckless as to fire three separate shots into JFK's body
(including the head shot), from varying angles (some of them non-"SN"
angles), and yet still, incredibly, expect every last scrap of
ballistic evidence to get traced back to ONLY Lee Oswald's rifle AND
get traced back to only Oswald's "Sniper's Nest" window in the

They couldn't possibly have thought that this "Multi-Shooter Patsy
Plan" could succeed on its BEST day! Could they? (I think not.)

Whereas, the lone-assassin scenario rests on the very logical and
sound shoulders of the Single-Bullet Theory -- a theory in which all
of the following is thoroughly explained......

1.) Every bullet (totalling 'one' in number) is recovered and enters
the official record (Bullet #CE399). There are no mysteries as to any
"missing" missiles.

2.) The fact that no bullets were found inside JFK or JBC is perfectly
logical and to be expected via the SBT. Plus the very important fact
that no bullet holes or similar missile damage was done to the limo's
interior in the back seat areas of the automobile.

3.) All wounds to both men are perfectly consistent with the SBT. The
downward, back-to-front and slightly right-to-left "alignment" of the
wounds suffered by JFK and JBC are, IMO, wholly indicative of a single
shot that passed through both men (esp. when factoring in the oblong
wound in the back sustained by JBC, plus the lack of bullets found in
the bodies, AND the fact that no one ELSE was hit by gunfire in the
limousine, AND the fact that no damage was done to the car's rear or
jump seats by any missiles during the shooting).

4.) Via the Zapruder Film, the SBT "holds up" under intense scrutiny
as well (IMO), with both victims reacting to external (bullet)
stimulus at virtually an identical time on the film. People will no
doubt argue this point until the cows come home, but I still defy
ANYONE to look at the Z-Film (running at regular, real-time speed) and
tell me they can say with certainty that President Kennedy and
Governor Connally are NOT reacting to being hit by a bullet at the
very same point in time.


Many CTers don't think it's necessary at all to come up with any kind
of logical "alternative" scenario to explain all the wounds to JFK and
JBC -- let alone a full, complete version of the pre-Head Shot event
which would tie up all or most of the "loose ends" with regard to this
event. They just seem to KNOW that the SBT is dead wrong based on the
angles being slightly off or the reactions of the two victims being
far enough apart to make the SBT an impossibility.

But any CT substitute answers to reconcile all these wounds in two
victims (when such answers occasionally are provided, always in the
form of pure out-and-out guesses by the CT community) are far less
credible and less substantive and far less believable than is the
official version of the event -- the SBT.

In fact, even the majority of CTers (from what I've seen anyway)
cannot even agree with EACH OTHER on some of the most essential and
basic things that occurred on Elm Street on 11/22/63.

The critics have done little to disprove the SBT. But, on the flip-
side of that coin, there have been true-to-life and animated tests
performed over the years that have backed up (concretely) the validity
of the Single-Bullet Theory. But these tests, too, have been ridiculed
as being "inaccurate", with "manufactured" angles and results, and
incorrect measurements utilized. I, naturally, completely and
fervently disagree.

Based on what I've seen of these "tests" (the FAA simulation, Mr.
Myers' project, and the 2004 Discovery Channel SBT re-creation, which
should, in my view, be VERY convincing to any critic of the theory,
but, of course, is not), they've been conducted in an open and wholly
above-board and honest manner, with re-creations that are as close to
being as accurate as humanly possible (esp. given the "unknowns"
regarding some measurements -- like the EXACT positioning of Mr.
Connally's wrist at the moment the bullet hit him, plus the EXACT
positioning of JFK and JBC to each other in the car during the
shooting; these things can only be "guesses" to a certain extent, no
matter which side of the debate you reside on, as I'm sure even all
CTers will concur).

What I'd like to see are similar "Discovery Channel"-like tests done
by the CT side, in order to PROVE once and for all their belief that
the SBT is so full of holes you could drive the President's X-100
Lincoln convertible through them! Thus far, I've seen no such tests
that would prove that either Mr. Myers or The Discovery Channel got it
completely wrong.

Until such proof can be reasonably demonstrated, I truly cannot see
how anyone can totally dismiss the possibility (or probability, IMO)
that the Single-Bullet Theory is the CORRECT THEORY in the JFK murder

Even when viewed at a slower speed, I still challenge anyone watching
this top clip (below) of the Zapruder Film to provide one shred of
verifiable proof that the Single-Bullet Theory is a Lone-Nutter's wild

Tell the truth, what do you see here?:

David Von Pein
May 2005
February 2007