I think Governor Connally's lapel is moving. It's not just a shadow
(as some people have theorized).

Although, due to the apparent movement of that same part of Connally's
jacket at a point which I believe was PRIOR to the bullet passing
through JBC's body, I've revised my thinking on the "lapel flip" over
the years.

I now feel it's quite possible that a combination of the wind (which
was gusty that day) and Oswald's CE399 bullet are causing the movement
of Connally's lapel that we see in the Zapruder Film.

Something appears to be happening with the right side of John
Connally's suit coat in this Z222-Z223 toggling clip:

And then we get the bigger "bulging out" (for lack of a better term)
of that same area of Connally's jacket at the precise instant when I
think the bullet is striking Connally (at Z224). There is no way this
is only a shadow, IMO:

In the final analysis, the "lapel flip" or "jacket bulge" is probably
the LEAST compelling evidence on the Z-Film that proves the SBT is
occurring at precisely Z224. There are multiple other indicators that
show JBC is "reacting" to an external stimulus just after Z224, e.g.:

JBC opens his mouth at Z225 (his mouth is closed at Z224), and a
startled (or pained) look comes over his face; his shoulders "hunch"
up, or flinch, starting at exactly Z225.

This "hunching" is extremely important, IMO, because it's showing us
an involuntary reaction on the part of the Governor. So we don't need
to depend only on the CLOTHING (the lapel) of Connally to prove the
SBT. Connally's OWN BODY is telling us that the bullet has just
pierced him. Just look:

Here's another clip showing the very noticeable (but often overlooked)
"hunching" of Connally's shoulders and the distressed look that
crosses his face at Z225:

And then there's also the very important "hat flip" of JBC's, which
begins just an instant later, at Z226:

I challenge anyone to look at that last Zapruder Film clip above a few
times in a row and arrive at the following conclusion:

There's NO WAY that President Kennedy and Governor Connally were
struck by the same bullet! No way!

Anyone who could utter the above words after watching that Z-Film clip
must either be blind or closely related to Oliver Stone.

David Von Pein
April 23, 2010