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Hello Mr. Von Pein;

I try to keep an open mind about the who, how and why of the JFK assassination, and I read everyone who seems to have a credible view.

To this day, Wesley Frazier maintains that Oswald’s paper bag was no longer than two feet, give or take an inch or two. How can this be the same paper bag that allegedly was found in the sniper’s nest and contained the disassembled MC [Mannlicher-Carcano]? The MC was 40” in length, and I think would be no less than 35-36” long when broken down [DVP INTERJECTION: The lengthiest part of the rifle is 34.8 inches when disassembled; see WCR, p.133].

In his latest interviews, which I’m sure you’ve seen, Frazier basically says he does not believe that Oswald could have shot JFK. Do you think he is just simply wrong about the size of Oswald’s paper bag that he saw in his back seat that day?



Yes, I definitely think Buell Wesley Frazier was (and is) wrong.

Here's another way to look at it---

In order to believe that Frazier was NOT mistaken about the length of the paper bag that Lee Oswald carried inside the Book Depository Building on the day of JFK's murder, we'd have to believe that Oswald took a shorter bag into the building on 11/22/63 (measuring about two feet long)....and then that shorter bag managed to vanish from the Earth right after the assassination (and we know Oswald didn't have it with him when he got into William Whaley's cab very shortly after the shooting, and we also know he did not enter his roominghouse on Beckley with any kind of paper bag, and no such bag was found in his room on Beckley or inside the Depository).

And then, on top of the above paper bag vanishing act, we'd also have to believe (by sheer coincidence) that a 38-inch-long paper bag with Lee Harvey Oswald's fingerprint and palmprint on it, similar in color and overall design to the bag Buell Frazier remembers seeing in Oswald's hands that day, just happens to turn up--empty!--right underneath the very same window from where other "Oswald Was Here" and "Oswald's Gun Was Here" evidence was later discovered (e.g., Oswald's prints on two of the boxes in the Sniper's Nest, the three spent bullet shells from Oswald's own Carcano rifle, and the eyewitness testimony of Howard Brennan, who told the Warren Commission that Oswald was the person firing a rifle at President Kennedy from that very same window).*

Now, with all of the above things in mind, which of the two choices below is most likely to be true? ....

1.) Oswald took a two-foot-long paper bag into the TSBD on November 22, just like Buell Wesley Frazier said.


2.) Mr. Frazier was mistaken by about a foot or so when he estimated the size of Oswald's bag.

In my opinion, the choice isn't a very hard one.

* The above scenario was written with the thought in mind that the Dallas cops were NOT the evil, lying, evidence-planting scumbags that many conspiracy theorists think they were.

David Von Pein
February 11, 2014