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Imagine a scenario where all of the files held by the FBI and anyone else were to be released to the public.


Why in the world do CTers still think there are a bunch of "files" relating to the JFK case that are still locked up and/or "being hidden"?

AFAIK, there are not.

Vincent Bugliosi talked to the top men in charge of both the HSCA and the ARRB (Robert Blakey and John Tunheim)...and those men assured Vince that EVERY file and document HAS BEEN SEEN by the HSCA and/or the ARRB.

In this interview excerpt, Vince said that "a tiny tiny small fraction of 1%" of the files and documents that have been released contain redactions. But even those redacted documents are scheduled to be released, without the redactions, in 2017.

And Vince in 2007 on the radio (and in his book) explains the myth about the files being "locked away for 75 years". The files were sealed and locked up, but it had nothing to do with Earl Warren's wishes or the Warren Commission's requests to do so.

It was an old National Archives rule that said that files from an official Government body (like the Warren Commission) were to be sealed for 75 years (which was then considered to be the average lifespan of a human being).

But Earl Warren's 1965 letter to the National Archives concerning the WC files called for full disclosure of the files. But Warren wasn't calling the shots regarding the "sealing of the records". The National Archives was doing that. So the conspiracists should go blame the Archives and point at them as being part of the "cover-up" too.

There might be a few additional CIA files that haven't been made public. But, as I understand Mr. Bugliosi's comments on this matter, those CIA documents would fall into the "less than 1%" of ALL files relating to the JFK case that have not yet been released in unredacted form.

David Von Pein
July 31, 2009
February 20, 2014