(PART 633)


You have at least 5-10 different internet sites where you proclaim the guilt of Oswald and your reverence for the Warren Commission's findings.

In the past 6 years, you've posted all hours of the day and night in your battle to rid the world of "kooks" with your "commons sense" and "logic".

Exactly how many "kooks" have you sucessfully "converted" to LNers?


The answer, of course, is zero. Because if you're a "JFK Conspiracy Kook" to start with, you cannot be reasoned with (via things like the ACTUAL EVIDENCE in the JFK case). As Vincent Bugliosi said: "Talking to them about logic and common sense is like talking to a man without ears" ["Reclaiming History"; p.1438].

We've seen this play out over and over again here at the acj newsgroup/asylum. The actual evidence is placed before a kook....and the kook ignores or distorts it. Time after time.

It's all a game for the kooks/retards. And Gil's one of the main players/hobbyists.

Gil certainly knows the actual evidence hangs Oswald seven ways to Sunday (or even Monday). How could anyone who studies this case NOT realize that fact? But Gil is too deep in Conspiracy Fantasy Land to actually admit it.

Author Jim Moore, in his 1990 book "Conspiracy Of One", said something interesting that relates to what I just stated above:

"I have watched Robert Groden, Josiah Thompson, G. Robert Blakey and others come to Dealey Plaza. The first thing these writers and researchers always do is look up at that sixth-floor window. If they truly believe Oswald innocent of the assassination, why do they crane their heads to stare upward at the sniper's perch?

The answer is that, deep in the secret recesses of their minds and hearts, nearly all these people accept what will ultimately be history's verdict: Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, killed the President.

But to show that acceptance would be anathema to the critics, for they have too much at stake. Down the drain would go political causes they champion, money they stand to make, and their personal and professional reputations. Those are hefty reasons for keeping their voices shrill and their platitudes unreasonable."
-- Jim Moore; Page 208 of "Conspiracy Of One"

David Von Pein
July 26, 2009