(PART 653)


You still haven't refuted the Files story.


The only things needed to refute James Files' lie about having killed the President by firing a bullet into JFK's right temple from the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza are these five things:

1.) The autopsy report.

2.) The testimony of the three autopsy doctors.

3.) The autopsy photographs.

4.) The autopsy X-rays.

5.) The HSCA Photographic Panel's conclusion that #3 and #4 above are genuine and "unaltered".

The above five items, in tandem or just individually, totally destroy a bald-faced liar named James E. Files.

Anyone who would voluntarily toss in the trash ALL FIVE of the above things in order to prop up the fairy tale of James Files is not only ignorant....he/she is an idiot.

And the same thing goes for anyone who believes in ANY other theory that involves a gunman firing a shot from the front of President Kennedy's car and killing the President with that frontal gunshot. Because that type of theory is just simply not possible. Period.

I truly think that the many, many conspiracy theorists who place their faith in a theory that has a frontal gunshot killing John F. Kennedy haven't really bothered to take inventory of all the many different items of evidence and official testimony from medical and photographic experts that those conspiracists have no choice but to totally ignore and/or toss out the window as being worthless. Things such as the already-mentioned multiple testimony sessions of the three autopsy surgeons and the conclusions reached by the 20+ members of the House Select Committee's Photographic Panel regarding the validity of the autopsy photos and X-rays.

Let me just take a quick poll:

Among the conspiracy theorists here who think JFK was shot in the head by a gunshot from the FRONT (which I'd wager to say is close to 100% of the forum's population of CTers, if not 100% exactly), how many of you have really stopped to think about all of those things that you are forced to totally disregard with respect to President Kennedy's head wounds in order to accept as true the notion that JFK was, indeed, killed by a bullet fired from the front of the President's limousine (such as the 5 things I listed above)?

David Von Pein
August 10, 2009