(PART 624)


Oswald is stopped by an officer at his work, and he acts cool. Now, he decides to go nuts [and kill J.D. Tippit]. Only Bud would think that as 'reasonable'.


It's not only Bud at all. I think it's reasonable...and all other reasonable people think it's reasonable for Oswald to "go nuts" and shoot a policeman after he knows the jig's up.

As Bud has explained to this aggregation of conspiracy seekers in the past (and it makes perfect sense) -- Oswald probably tried to talk his way out of the situation with Tippit when LHO spoke with Tippit through the car window.

But Tippit probably wanted more info from this man. So he gets out of the car and was going to apparently get more info on the sidewalk from Oswald. What other possible reason would Tippit have had to get out of his car if he didn't want some more information from Oswald?

Oswald, of course, can't possibly have any idea how much info has been put out over the police radio about JFK's killer at this time. He knows he was spotted and stopped by a cop in the TSBD. And he surely must know that some type of roll call of the Depository employees will ensue in fairly short order. And he knows he'll be found missing. And he can't possibly know who might have got a look at him firing at the President -- such as Howard Brennan.

And it was Brennan, in fact, who actually sealed Tippit's fate...and Oswald's too (in a sense). Because without Brennan's description of the assassin being broadcast over the DPD radio within 15 minutes of the shooting, the situation that confronted Tippit on Tenth Street at 1:14 PM on 11/22/63 most certainly would not have played itself out the way it did.

Or, at least it's not likely to have ended in Tippit's death at any rate; because Tippit would have had no reason to stop or suspect Oswald of anything without Brennan's description being broadcast on the DPD radio.

So, when Oswald sees Tippit get out of the police car....this is bad for JFK's killer (Oz). And the fake "Hidell" identification cards in his wallet aren't going to help things either. That was another stupid mistake, among several, made by Lee Harvey on November 22 -- having the fake I.D. on him which reveals the name of the fake person who ordered the gun that killed the President. That's just flat-out stupid to have that Hidell I.D. on him on the same day he decides to kill the U.S. Chief Executive. Incredibly dumb, in fact.

But do conspiracy theorists want to pretend that Oswald DIDN'T do that stupid thing on 11/22? Was the fake I.D. supposedly "planted" on him too? With Oswald's PHOTO on the forged I.D. card?!

Anyway, when Oswald sees Tippit get out of the car, I'd say he had four choices:

1.) Try to talk his way out of the situation (some more). But that evidently didn't work with Oswald on the sidewalk and Tippit sitting in his car. Plus, with Tippit right next to him, Oswald knows he might get frisked. And there's a gun in his pants. And that won't be good for Sweet Lee if J.D. finds that pistol in Lee's trousers.

2.) Take off running like the guilty man he was.

3.) Let Tippit take him in as a suspect in the President's murder.

4.) Take out the gun he has tucked in his waist and pop the cop a few times, then flee the scene of this crime too.

Given the circumstances surrounding the pre-1:15 PM events that day (and knowing that Oswald probably didn't like the idea of getting nabbed) -- #4 became Lee Harvey Oswald's best bet.

David Von Pein
July 19, 2009