(PART 636)


Bill Paxton: A story that's haunted me


Alas, yet another retelling of the myth of the WCR.


Aw, poor Pam.

But, on the bright side, if all goes well for Bill Paxton and Tom Hanks (et al) in the next 4.5 years, it appears as though Pamela Brown will have another truthful documentary about the events of 11/22/63 to moan about and to piss on when November 2013 rolls around.

And I'm sure that Pam will thoroughly enjoy attempting to debunk yet another program that brings the truth of the assassination to a TV/movie audience. Right, Pam?

The raw facts, as we all know, never faze a conspiracist. They'll just sweep all the known facts and evidence directly into the gutter, like always.

And, amazingly, CTers like Pam don't feel the slightest twinge of discomfort or uneasiness when they dump in the trash the conclusions reached by all of these entities:

1.) The Warren Commission
2.) The HSCA
3.) The Clark Panel
4.) The Rockefeller Commission

Per the Kennedy conspiracy theorists, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the above organizations dropped the ball and/or just flat-out LIED about the assassination of JFK.

ALL FOUR of those outfits got it wrong, according to the all-knowing CTers.

Even the conspiracy-seeking HSCA got it totally wrong, too, per the CTers, because virtually all conspiracy believers think that JFK was hit in the head from the FRONT, which is not what the HSCA determined.

To borrow some verbiage from Vince B.:

"Arrogance thought it already had a bad name. That was before it met Oliver Stone [and virtually all other JFK conspiracy theorists who are more than willing to dismiss virtually everything uttered by ALL FOUR of the Governmental committees and commissions mentioned above]."

David Von Pein
July 28, 2009