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I have been searching for the enhanced photograph that Robert Groden produced which he claims is 2 to 4 times as clear as any printed from the original negative of the TSBD Doorway Man. Have you ever seen it and can you send me a link to it?

Why is this photograph, which is so decisive regarding LHO, so difficult to find?

I can find a picture of Paris Hilton's vagina with 5 clicks of a mouse, but what I really want to see, clear proof that Billy Nolan Lovelady is standing on the TSBD steps with his shirt unbuttoned to his waist, does not exist on the Internet.

To my eyes, the Doorway Man's face is 70% Lovelady and 30% Oswald but the shirt is 100% LHO until I see that enhanced Groden photograph.

Can you direct me to any site where the photo is posted or to any book in which it is published? I remain a Doubting Thomas and will continue to believe that "the clothes make the man" until I see that photo! Can you help me out on this Dave? Thanks.


Hello Michael Lucas,

I'm not really sure why anyone actually needs any additional proof that "Doorway Man" is Billy Lovelady, seeing as how Lovelady HIMSELF verified that fact beyond all doubt in 1964 when he took a pencil and drew an arrow to himself (aka "Doorway Man") in the Altgens photograph. (And Wesley Frazier verified that Doorway Man is Lovelady as well.)

But, anyhow, I have a pretty good quality copy of the Altgens picture saved on my computer. Here it is [click on it to enlarge to 2048 pixels]:

I have no idea whether this is the "Groden version" you are seeking or not. I doubt very much that it is, because Lovelady's shirt is not very distinct and clear at all after the picture is enlarged to full size. But, that's the best version I've got.

Now, let's talk about Paris Hilton's vagina a little more. That subject sounds utterly fascinating (and cavernous)!


Robert Groden's contrast-enhanced Doorway Man is thrown up as the clincher in the Oswald vs Lovelady debate. That is why I want to see it.


If the Altgens link you sent is the best copy of the Doorway Man that you've seen, then all I can say to you is what Bachman Turner Overdrive said in one of their songs....."B-B-B-Baby you ain't seen nothing yet."

Seeing that photograph would help both of us. It could dispel my reasonable doubt or it could dispel your reasonable credulity. We both need to see it. It would be greatly appreciated if you would track it down and send me a link.



All you have to do is get ahold of Groden's 1993 book, "The Killing Of A President". The Doorway Man blow-up is on Page 186 of that publication.

Maybe if you search for the right keywords, you can find it online. But, to tell the truth, Groden's "enhanced" blow-up on Page 186 of TKOAP doesn't look very much better than the super-sized Altgens pic I mailed you previously.

Note -- The photo isn't at the link [for "TKOAP"] above. I'm just linking to my blog because I'm a shameless, self-promoting, CIA-employed Warren Commission shill. (At least that's what I'm usually called by conspiracy-happy kooks on the Internet.)


[2014 EDIT: Below is a blow-up of the man in the doorway. Click to enlarge to 1454 pixels....]


Dave, I was dissappointed by your last mail, no reference having been made to Miss Hilton's private parts. Are you bored with Paris? We could switch to one of my favorites, Kate Beckinsale, if you'd like. Kate actually has a brain in good working order to go with her female bits and pieces.


A careful look at the best available Doorway Man can still, at this late date, turn over someone's applecart. That is my only remaining uncertainty regarding the JFK assassination.

There was no conspiracy, I'm with you regarding the kooks, but if LHO was on the steps, he was not in the sniper's window. Page 186 has been on my desk and on my mind for at least 5 years.

I purchased a computer and learned to search the Net solely to resolve to my own satisfaction the identity of the Doorway Man. Once I have made a decision regarding that man that I can feel comfortable with, I will spend the rest of my life searching for a woman, in some doorway somewhere, that I can feel comfortable with. So, with the clock ticking, I will continue my search regarding Oswald vs Lovelady.

Page 186 in TKOAP is definitely not contrast-enhanced. I spent $60 five years ago to purchase an AP print hoping it would be better than the blowup shown of Bill-Lee. They are the same.

The wording by Groden has always made me wonder why his improved version was not in his book. If you have it, flaunt it. Paris flaunts what every woman has to turn a profit; why doesn't Groden flaunt this decisive piece of evidence which only he possesses? It doesn't add up. It supposedly closes the book on Bill-Lee, it's mentioned on many web pages, but is nowhere to be found on the Internet.

I have other versions that are significantly better in blowup form that provide details that turn the tide in Lee's favor. Details that not even the people who gave me the photos are aware of. It is new evidence, yes I am serious, new evidence after all these years. But how can I be sure I'm not seeing doctored photos? There is always that for independent researchers to deal with.

Groden's work was done for the House [HSCA] and thereby gains validity. I suspect that what I have is a hijacked copy of his contrast-enhanced photo printed from the Altgens original negative. That is why my focus at this time is exclusively to find a verifiable copy of his picture.

Thanks for being up-front about your CIA status. I've been wanting an intermediary, you could serve nicely when the time comes to deal with them. How is Mrs. Paine these days? Alive and well, I hope. Say hello to her for me..as one patriot to another.



Instead, he said he was INSIDE the building when the shooting took place. And we don't need to rely on the DPD for LHO's "I was inside" alibi either....because we have the famous "Patsy" statement, wherein Lee tells the world on live TV that he was "inside" the building at 12:30.

Of course, the "patsy" statement has been mangled by the conspiracy retards for 45 years (as always). Lee was aiming his "patsy" remark at the DPD only, and not some unknown group of "Mob" or "CIA" plotters who were framing him. That's obvious when the entire statement is heard:



Talking to you is like talking to a computer. A script is being followed. You do not deviate from it. I feel like Hal in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, except I am real and you, "DAVE", are the robot.

Goodbye "DAVE"


What a very odd thing to say, "MIKE".

I guess this must mean you think that I talk about Paris Hilton's vagina in all of my "scripted" correspondence, huh?

Your last mail was a real shoulder-shrugger. (And a howl, to boot.)

Bye, "MIKE"



One parting word deserves another, good buddy. When Lee said he was "inside" the building, he accurately described where he was. In some buildings, the front entrance stairs are external to the facade. In the TSBD, the entrance stairs are internal to the facade. On any step but the lowest one, a person standing on the entrance stairs is "inside" the building.

I realize that because you are an expert and know something about every aspect of the assassination that this does not mean you know every detail of every piece of the JFK puzzle. My son, who is an architect, agrees that the TSBD entrance space can properly be referred to as "inside".

I know enough about the Big Picture to realize that fighting City Hall is a losing battle for any Lone Citizen. All I want to do is ascertain to the best of my ability the identity of the Doorway Man. The Groden picture is an extremely important piece of evidence. I would like to see it. There is little else that I need to know.

I contacted you because I visit your site from time to time and see your name mentioned often at other sites. I have read, by you, that for all his faults Robert Groden has nailed the lid down on the pesky Doorway issue. I assumed your opinion was based on viewing his contrast-enhanced picture. But now I find that you've never seen it! To me this is extraordinary.

A researcher with your obvious talent, resources, and footprint should not be commenting on evidence you have not seen, and the fact that you cannot put your hands on that picture and direct other researchers with fewer resources to it tells me there is something lacking or a hidden agenda in your efforts.

I cannot understand that you yourself would not have a passion to see that picture. Why would you believe what Groden says when he hides his work in his desk drawer? Bring that picture out and show it to the Kooks!

Do you believe Groden because he is saying what you want to hear? What does that say about you? But that's the picture I'm left with and it is not the one I wanted or needed when I came to your door.

Do we have anything else to talk about? I doubt it, but I'll leave that up to you.

Adios amigo.



I don't recall having ever said that Groden "nailed the lid down on the pesky Doorway issue". Can you please provide the link to the Internet post where I said anything even remotely close to that? Because I sure don't remember it.

And you're really stretching a point to the max if you want to say that the Doorway Man position on the steps of the TSBD is "inside the building". That's a bit silly, because the TSBD steps are certainly not considered to be "inside" the actual building.

But the most "extraordinary" thing about your mail prior to your most recent one was when you said I was, in effect, a broken record and operating from a "script".

Especially in light of the fact that I've only been conversing with you electronically for two days or so, spanning four e-mails exchanges, with no repetition in commentary at all that I could see. (You must be transferring, in your mind, some of my on-the-Internet posts to our private mail sessions.)


Anyway, I'm more than happy to shoot the breeze with you (re: vaginas or otherwise), but the "script" and "hidden agenda" comments coming from your keyboard have irked me slightly....mainly because they are both utterly inaccurate comments.



I'm an old man sitting here watching Kate Beckinsale in Cold Comfort Farm. I can't imagine that you are sitting somewhere doing next to nothing, like me, waiting for your inbox to light up.

The picture I form of you is in a large office space filled with cubicles in which Dave # 34 is trying to straighten out the mind of Warren Commission Critic #45,776 aka Michael Lucas.

It's more like a scene in George Orwell's 1984 than anything else. The one where Winston sits in his cubicle reclaiming history on a day to day basis to suit the needs of the Party. But Winston is a rebel. I sense no rebellion in you, only a bitterness against kooks and retards who dare to challenge the powers that be. How dare they!

But it is a programed bitterness. A functional bitterness. An agenda driven artificial bitterness, much the way a receptionist is programed to be courteous, you, Dave # 34, have been trained to stamp out crime-think. You are with the Thought Police.


The above batch of nonsense gushed forth by a Mr. Michael Lucas in late July of 2009 just goes to show (once again) how incorrect a person can be.

Sorry to disappoint you (again), Michael. No "cubicle" here. Just a simple Dell PC desktop machine with 149 GB of hard-drive space in my rural home in the middle of Indiana. [EDIT: I've since upgraded my Dell to a 500 GB unit.] :-)

And operating that Dell machine and keyboard is an irrelevant 47-year-old person (that's me) with virtually no life (nor does he have any real desire for one, sad to say) who has decided that living in the '60s and talking continuously about the assassination of the 35th U.S. President is more comfortable and rewarding than dealing with very much day-to-day stuff that's happening in the year 2009 AD.

Maybe a little bit of "2009" seeps in every now and then, but I don't need much of it, that's for sure. For example, I don't have the slightest idea who Kate Beckinsale is. And I'm not racing to Wikipedia to find out either.

1963 is much more appealing to me, even though one of the worst tragedies in our nation's history took place at the tail-end of that calendar year. But, overall, the 1960s beat the living daylights out of every other decade....in every way I can think of. Including the fetching Laura Petrie (aka: Mary Tyler Moore):

That's not to say I relish the many tragic events that occurred in the 1960s. That's not what I meant to convey via the above paragraph at all, Michael. But there's something about the '60s that is forever attractive to this "Dave #34". The movies. The television shows. The people. The aura. The era. And, of course, the Kennedys in the White House.

Plus, I was born in the '60s (December 27, 1961). I'm a "JFK baby", born near the end of President Kennedy's first year in office. Maybe that's why I find the 1960s so alluring. Could be. I don't know. ~shrug~


I say this because you divert my simple request for assistance in contacting Robert Groden to nonsense about what LHO spouted as he was dragged from place to place 45+ years ago.

Groden's work is recent. Is it above your pay scale to contact the Great Robert Groden? If it is, what do I need Dave # 34 for?


You never once asked me for help in "contacting Robert Groden". Why are you now resorting to making things up from whole cloth?

In your first mail to me on July 27, 2009, you asked me this:

"Can you direct me to any site where the photo [Groden's "enhanced" version of the famous James Altgens picture] is posted or to any book in which it is published?"

You didn't ask for assistance in "contacting Robert Groden".

Will I next be accused of endorsing the "James Files Did It" theory too, Michael?


I'm not insulting a person. I have no concept of Dave Von Pein as an individual, only as a pyramid of Daves doing the necessary work of diverting the public from the single sore point in the assassination of JFK.

The fact that the assassin is standing "in" the doorway of the building from which he is shooting. It's the only thing that matters and you say no self respecting person can think that....you are with the Thought Police, Dave # 34. What else can I think about you?


Well, for starters, you might want to think that not every single "Dave" on Planet Earth who regularly posts pro-"LN" messages on the Web is part of the "Thought Police" and/or controlled by someone (or a series of evil "someones") in a stuffy white-walled building filled with "cubicles" from which to spew Government-sponsored "LN" propaganda.

Yeah, that'd be a nice start for Michael Lucas. Wouldn't you agree?


Winston Smith found a picture that revealed the truth about the Party to him. You are doing everything in your power to keep me from seeing a picture that will destroy the powers that be. You are a reverse Winston Smith.

The only thing that will change my mind is if you get that picture for me...and for you. But you don't want it. Therefore you are not Dave Von Pein, you are Dave # 34.


If this e-mail of yours gets any more highbrow and esoteric, I'm going to have to call in the "Allegory Police". And please keep in mind my very weak bladder, Mike.

(That "bladder" fact is documented in my previous Internet postings. And you can also check with "Dave #28" down the hall from me in cubicle #219A. He'll confirm that my bladder is a weak one, and when I read silliness online, to the restroom I must flee, in a hurry!)

And, come to think of it, after reading your last interesting (but hilarious) e-mail message.....(I hope nobody's in the toilet!)

Regards (of sorts),
David Von Pein ("Dave #34")



I will take one more shot at getting what I am looking for. Whoever you are behind the webwork associated with the name Dave Von Pein, and I care not whether you operate as an individual in Timbuktu or from a team in cubicles at the CIA, can you assist me in obtaining a print of the photograph by Robert Groden which he claims is 2 to 4 times clearer than any previously produced from the Altgens original negative, popularly known as the Doorway Man?



I would have thought that the above "No" answer would be quite obvious to you after four or five e-mail sessions, Michael.

You actually think that I have access to that photograph (or knowledge of where the picture can readily be obtained), but I'm REFUSING to share that information with you? Is that what you think of ol' "Dave #34"? That's hilarious.

And I'm still perplexed as to why you think I have more "resources" available to me than any other "researcher" on the Internet.

~huge shrug~

And I'm also perplexed by your thinking that I would have any desire to personally contact a super-kook named Robert J. "Oswald Didn't Shoot Anybody" Groden about ANY matter whatsoever....including info regarding his enhanced Altgens photograph.


I have no doubts myself as to the identity of "Doorway Man" -- it's obviously Billy Lovelady. Lovelady said so HIMSELF.

You seem to think I SHOULD have serious doubts about the identity of "Doorway Man". Well, sorry, I have no doubts at all. So why in the world would I want to contact Groden about it?

Anyway, good luck in your search for the photo you seek.

Here's a link to Bob Groden's website [now defunct]. There's no "contact" link available there, however. But Groden's new book, "JFK: Absolute Proof", is supposedly going to be published in a few months, and Groden has said he will probably be updating his website at that time. So, perhaps he'll add an e-mail contact link in the future too. You might want to check it occasionally anyhow.


David Von Pein
July 29, 2009