(PART 610)


Go to this link to Jim DiEugenio's CTKA website [ctka.net/alerts.html] and click on the link to Discovery Channel's viewer feedback forms to let them know your displeasure over their past JFK assassination propaganda programs.


Typical kook behavior --- the conspiracy-flavored nuts don't like the results of the Discovery Channel programs (naturally), so they have to whine and pout and write letters of discontent.

The same thing occurred in June 2007 at the JFK-Lancer forum, when Debra Conway decided to launch a petition to protest the upcoming Tom Hanks 10-hour mini-series.

Conway even had this to say in late June of 2007 (which was a mere 21 days after the "Reclaiming History" mini-series project was announced to the public):

"Inside sources tell me the HBO project is dead, wasn't really ever alive. I even took down the petition -- but I am still mailing it to Playtone [Tom Hanks' production company]." -- Debra Conway; June 27, 2007

Maybe Debra should think about getting some "inside sources" that are a little more reliable:

[2014 EDIT: The proposed 10-hour Home Box Office mini-series that was first envisioned by Bill Paxton and Tom Hanks in 2007 wasn't made after all, with that HBO project being downsized, instead, into the 2013 theatrical film "Parkland". But the longer HBO project was most definitely still alive as of March 2009, as Bill Paxton confirms in the interview linked above.]

David Von Pein
July 9, 2009