(PART 639)


This is a message for James DiEugenio.

Hello Sir.

My name is François Carlier, a Frenchman who has learned critical thinking, has a great knowledge of the Kennedy assassination and has written a book about it (published in France and titled: "Elm Street. Oswald a tué Kennedy!").

I believe, I know, I claim, I stipulate that the evidence is overwhelming that Lee Oswald was the sole assassin and that all conspiracy theories are nothing more than mistakes in reasoning, falsehoods, and disinformation spread by people who unfortunately are incapable of weighing evidence and separating the facts from the fiction.

I listen to "Black Op Radio" every week and have not missed a show for years.

Recently, you have started what you call a "debate challenge", and you seem to brag that you found no takers? Well, I am one.

I am ready to take up your challenge. I state it publicly.

I know I'm not half as good as people such as David Von Pein, John McAdams, Kenneth Rahn or others, but that will do. Against you, all I have to do is show the evidence and the facts and call your bluff. Nothing could be simpler.

I say that all that you say every week is worthless. You are 100% wrong. You spend all your time misleading the American public and you are not even ashamed of yourself!

I say it's enough.

Somebody has to step up and stop you from spreading falsehoods every week.

I am that somebody.

You want a challenge? No problem, here I am.

I agree to debate any topic you want, provided it is public and that each person has to prove their claims.

If you accept, you're finished. Unless of course you resort to bad faith, but then everybody will witness it and you'll be finished all the same.

Mister DiEugenio, I say: PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

I am waiting for you.

François Carlier
July 31, 2009