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The fact that the TSBD was set up as the place where the shots were fired from is a strong indication that there was a conspiracy. Obviously Oswald didn't want to take credit for shooting JFK. He adamantly denied that he had anything to do with any shooting.

Therefore, if he really had been one of the assassins and didn't want to be connected with the crime, he would not have shot JFK from the building where he was employed, because he was smart enough to know that the cops would question every employee in that building in search of the killer.

If Oswald had been the assassin, he would have found another site to shoot from...one that he was not connected to.


The amount of "denial" and "evidence ignoring" that exists in Walt's above post is staggering.

Here are some of the things that a kook like Walt must totally ignore (or pretend were "faked" and/or "planted") in order for his above paragraph of garbage to be considered true:

1.) Lee Harvey Oswald's prints all over the EXACT place in the TSBD from where an assassin was firing a rifle at President Kennedy.

2.) Oswald's very own rifle found on the same floor from where an assassin was shooting at JFK.

3.) Three bullet shells from Oswald's rifle found directly underneath the same window from where an assassin was firing a rifle at JFK.

4.) The empty brown paper bag (with LHO's prints on it!) found under the window from where a person was shooting at Kennedy.

5.) Howard Brennan's positive identification of Lee Oswald as the TSBD assassin.

6.) Oswald's fleeing the building within minutes of the assassination. This action taken by Oswald, plus all of his other post-12:30 actions on 11/22/63, reek of guilt (except to conspiracists who WANT Sweet Lee to be free from all blame in both the JFK and Tippit murders).

7.) Oswald's many lies that he told the authorities after his arrest. Particularly his lies concerning his Carcano rifle, which are lies that also reek of guilt, as LHO was obviously attempting to distance himself as much as humanly possible from the weapon that killed John F. Kennedy. And why would an INNOCENT Lee Oswald need to distance himself from the weapon if he didn't use it HIMSELF to kill the President?

Sadly, Walter Cakebread will continue to remain a charter member of the "Anybody But Oswald" conspiracy club (which was established in 1966 and helmed by Earling Carothers "Jimbo" Garrison, of course), despite the seven items of rock-solid physical and circumstantial evidence against JFK's murderer that are displayed in my list above.

As Dale Myers said recently (and it's oh so true):

"Conspiracy theorists have long struggled with reconciling their view of history with the truth. That, however, hasn’t deterred them from making false, baseless allegations in the hopes of perpetuating the myth of conspiracy and cover-up in the JFK assassination. In the early days, it was done through books, magazine articles, and newsletters. Today, conspiracy buffs have the global reach of the Internet at their disposal. But no matter how the lies are broadcast, the song remains the same." -- Dale K. Myers; May 26, 2009

David Von Pein
July 21, 2009