(PART 643)


In June 1964, the Warren Commission had an FBI agent take CE399 to the men who handled the bullet on 11/22/63 to see if they would positively identify it as the bullet they handled. .... Not one of them would sign an affidavit confirming it as the bullet they had in their hands that day. .... O.P Wright adamantly denied that it was the bullet he saw and handled that day. He pulled out a pointed tip bullet from a drawer and told [Josiah] Thompson that the bullet he saw that day was the same shape, unlike CE399.


I always love it when a conspiracy theorist talks about the "pointy-tipped" bullet that was supposedly found by Darrell Tomlinson (instead of the bullet that was actually found by him, CE399 from Oswald's rifle).

The reason I get such a big kick out of destroying this "pointy-tipped" argument is because it forces the CTers to abandon another one of their long-favored inaccurate beliefs, which is their firm belief (especially favored by noted CTer Cyril H. Wecht) that NO BULLET IN THE WORLD could have possibly caused the damage to Governor Connally and then emerge in very good condition (much like CE399).

But no conspiracy theorist has ever managed to debunk the logic of the following argument:

If a pointy bullet could emerge on Connally's stretcher with its pointy tip STILL POINTY after having gone through John Connally's chest and wrist....then why in the world do conspiracy theorists think that it's absolutely impossible for Bullet CE399 to have done the same damage to Connally's body and emerge in very good condition also?

And CTers surely don't want to argue that the pointy bullet was a planted bullet...do they?

If so, we must believe that the bullet-planters were some really, really stupid goofballs, because they then had to switch the pointy bullet for yet another phony bullet later on -- CE399.

And CTers surely don't want to pretend that a pointy bullet was found on the stretcher right next to Connally's at Parkland Hospital....do they?

Because via that silly scenario, we're back to the pointy bullet being a planted bullet again--and that's just stupid as we all can easily see.

So, CTers....which dumb road of conspiracy do you want to go down?:

1.) A pointy bullet was found that hit Connally's wrist and that bullet was then switched later for CE399.

2.) A pointy bullet was found on Ronnie Fuller's stretcher and not Connally's stretcher, and then this "planted" pointy bullet was later switched for CE399.

3.) Connally was really hit by more than just one bullet (which is a theory that has no evidence or additional bullets or major fragments to lend support to it), with one of these multiple bullets being the "pointy-tipped" bullet found by Darrell Tomlinson. And then this pointy bullet was later switched for CE399. All the while, the other mystery bullet(s) that also struck Connally completely disappeared into a puff of smoke (evidently).

As can be seen, any of the above three options is extraordinary and just plain silly when compared to what really is the truth, with that truth being:

Bullet CE399 was fired by Lee Harvey Oswald from the TSBD on 11/22/63, with that bullet travelling through both JFK's and Connally's bodies. The bullet then fell out of the Governor's shallow thigh wound onto his hospital stretcher, where it was found by Parkland engineer Darrell Tomlinson prior to 2:00 PM CST on Nov. 22nd.

And then months later, Tomlinson, O.P. Wright, and Richard Johnsen simply could not positively say whether CE399 was the exact same whole bullet they each saw at Parkland on 11/22/63.

But, amazingly, options #1, #2, and #3 displayed above are always more attractive (and reasonable) to a conspiracist when discussing the saga of CE399.

But, then too, common sense and logic are usually in short supply when dealing with conspiracy theorists when the topic of 399 surfaces.

David Von Pein
August 1, 2009