(PART 616)


When Julia Postal called police to report a suspicious-acting man ducking into the theater, she testified that the officer

".....wanted to know--well, if he fits the description is what he says. I said, "Let me tell you what he looks like and you take it from there." And explained that he had on this brown sports shirt and I couldn't tell you what design it was, and medium height, ruddy looking to me, and he said, 'Thank you'." (7 H 11)

At what time did the Dallas Police broadcast the description of the suspect in the Tippit shooting as wearing a brown shirt?


Postal wasn't describing the man that killed Tippit, retard, she wasn't there. She was describing the man she saw sneak into the theater.


Oh goodie! Gil heard John Judge on Black Op Radio on Thursday, July 9th, 2009, and heard Judge go off half-cocked with a stupid theory about the capture of LHO in the theater.

So this set Gil in motion. He raced to the Warren Commission testimony of Julia Postal in order to find some little teeny-weeny tidbit of chaff to latch onto (like all good true-blue conspiracy kooks love to do; Jim DiEugenio is an expert at this too).

So, quite naturally, Gil found something to sink his conspiracy teeth into....something that he thinks actually MEANS something. But, naturally, like all of these "chaff" cases, it means nothing.


Because Oswald was so obviously guilty of killing J.D. Tippit, and the police so obviously went to the theater for only ONE REASON -- that reason being: the DPD thought that Tippit's slayer might be located in the theater.

Next up on Gil's "Chaff Plate":

Oswald is undoubtedly innocent because we don't know exactly where he was located in the (approximately) 21 minutes between 1:15 PM CST and 1:36 PM CST on 11/22/63.

Since we can never know precisely what Oswald was doing or where precisely he was located during those 20+ minutes just after J.D. Tippit was shot, this "gap" probably MEANS SOMETHING to a jerk like Gil J. Jesus....and it no doubt indicates Oswald's total innocence.

Right, Gil?

As Bud has said so many times in the past, but it's always worth repeating.....

The conspiracy kooks who hang out at acj (and elsewhere) are the VERY LAST PEOPLE in the world who should be looking into the JFK assassination.

How true that is. And just one quick glance at this silly thread started by one of those kooks (Gil J.) reinforces those words spoken by Bud--in spades.

David Von Pein
July 11, 2009