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Here is a 25-minute interview segment with Vince Bugliosi from June 4th, 2007 (via WBZ-Radio in Boston):

The above radio interview is a real howl in some ways, too. And conspiracy theorists will be able to thrash Vince Bugliosi (aka: The Devil Come To Life, per many conspiracy kooks), because Vince is a bit of a prick during a portion of that program, hosted by a fill-in interviewer at the Boston station named Dan Rea.

Vince jumped Dan's case for asking a question that was, per VB, "incredibly and unbelievably insignificant."

I love VB's candor and "Get On With It" type of manner in these book-tour interviews, which, btw, are almost all identical, word-for-word, except when the host takes phone calls from assorted conspiracy kooks....then the show really gets good, because Vince is then forced outside his pre-arranged text/spiel.

Don't get me wrong....the VB "LHO Did It Alone" spiel is quite good, solid, and based on the evidence....even the 59th time I heard it; it's great. But the interviews really get good when a kook calls to say something like this (which occurred during VB's interview on Seattle's KIRO-Radio on July 1, 2007):

"Your book is superficial....the fatal shot came from the front; EVERYTHING points to this; policemen were sprayed with blood from the frontal shot." (Paraphrased comments from a rude and clueless caller.)

Vince laughed (naturally), and said: "Superficial?!! I worked 20 years on it! It's almost 2,800 pages. I guess I should have written another thousand pages. That caller {named Dick} is obviously allergic to the truth. I get kinda ticked off when someone calls my book 'superficial'. That's nonsense."

Those are paraphrased Bugliosi quotes above, based on my own memory from listening to the program, which hasn't shown up in a podcast version as yet, otherwise I'd be linking to it here.

The next two CTers who called to debate Vince on KIRO were even worse. One arrogant lady wanted Vince to explain why Jackie Kennedy used the word "they" a couple of times (both DURING the shooting and afterward, as if she could POSSIBLY have known that a conspiracy was afoot at that time), when Jackie said "What are they doing to you?" during the shooting itself and (later) "I want them to see what they have done."

And that same lady caller thought that it was odd that the bubbletop was taken off the car for the Dallas motorcade (even though the weather was perfectly clear when the parade began).

Given questions like those, it's no wonder that Vince loses his cool at times on these radio call-in programs.

Vince never wants to waste any precious minutes of a fairly short interview on minor, trivial stuff; he wants to hit on all the big-ticket items re. the assassination and Oswald. So when somebody asks about the Junior Jarman/Lee Oswald talk on the morning of 11/22 on the first floor of the TSBD or when someone wants to know why J.D. Tippit was on 10th St. at 1:15....well, VB tries to re-direct the conversation to more important matters, and sometimes with very funny results, because Vince gets irked very easily and quickly by conspiracy-loving people.

BTW, in the second half of the hour-long WBZ interview on 6/4/07, Vince evidently apologized for jumping all over the host (Dan). But, for some reason, only the first segment of the program was given a podcast link by WBZ; so the second part is unavailable. (I can't find it anyway.)

If the hilarious KIRO interview ever shows up via an archived weblink, I'll post it at Vincent-Bugliosi.blogspot.com. It could serve nicely as a small microcosm of what some conspiracists think is really important when they have a very rare opportunity to confront Vincent T. Bugliosi (the author of the most comprehensive JFK book ever penned) with HARD-HITTING questions with respect to the John F. Kennedy murder case. :-)

David Von Pein
July 3, 2007