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Notice that Von Pein always shows that picture of Specter [Warren Commission Exhibit #903] but NEVER shows the opposite side.


Better learn how to read, Ken. I have the "opposite angle" photo in my SBT Blog (TWO opposite-angle pics, in fact, including the very rarely-seen picture shown below). And I'm fully open and above-board when talking about those photographs.

So, why are you pretending I never brought up the "opposite angle" picture to CE903?

Quoting from my Single-Bullet Theory Blog:

"In the "opposite angle" photo above, Arlen Specter's pointer is positioned slightly above the chalk mark representing the bullet wound in JFK's upper back, but if the coat of the JFK stand-in had been "bunched-up" on his back (as President Kennedy's suit coat was when he was shot), then the chalk mark on the stand-in's back would have been slightly HIGHER in that photograph above, and would have likely merged perfectly with the position of Specter's pointer/rod. And look at the angle -- DOWNWARD (17 DEGREES), FROM BACK TO FRONT. Without a doubt.

Also: Some conspiracists attempt to use this photo to discredit the SBT (which is a different "opposite angle" picture from the one shown above, but is a photo that also shows Arlen Specter holding his pointer a little above where he is holding it in CE903).

But the CTers who claim that there something is "fishy" or "misleading" about that photograph are doing so without ever having determined exactly WHAT THAT OTHER PHOTO IS, and for what exact purpose it was taken, etc.*

* = Oh, I know it was taken the same day as CE903....but it's unfair to say that it depicts the Warren Commission's SBT trajectory precisely, because it is NOT an official Warren Commission exhibit like CE903."
-- DVP


Still waiting if Von Pein would take on DiEugenio in a debate since Von Pein talks a "big game" all the time.


I've already done it -- many times -- RIGHT HERE.

Maybe you missed those "on paper" debates I've had with James DiEugenio, dating back to October 2008. I've only posted them about 10 or 20 times previously, but I don't mind re-posting them again. After all, the conspiracy theorists of the world could use all the common sense they can get their hands on. Or don't my arguments count unless they are spoken on a radio show?

And as far as my own opinions about the "Inside The Target Car" program that DiEugenio loves to trash endlessly and futilely, I've pretty much laid out all of my thoughts on that program in these articles.

David Von Pein
July 9, 2009