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David...are you really unable to see that your match-up of the back wound photo and Kennedy matches up the base of his skull in the first photo with the base of his neck in the second [see photo below]? I mean, how can you not see that?

As far as CE 903...can you really not see that it's a sham? Specter looked at the back wound photo BEFORE the re-enactment. This photo was shown to him by SS agent Thomas Kelley. They used the location of the back wound in the photo in the re-enactment.

FBI photos taken from behind show that this location did not align with the SBT trajectory, in that the trajectory of a bullet hitting Kennedy in this location would not exit Kennedy's throat and hit Connally in his armpit.

No surprise then that the only photo entered into evidence showing this trajectory was the one taken from the front. No surprise then that Shaneyfelt testified the back wound location matched the trajectory, more or less.

Big surprise, though, that Specter got Kelley to say the back wound location--which was not shown in the photos entered into evidence--was taken from the Rydberg drawings. OOPS. Don't you see? This gives it away...Specter and Kelley KNEW the back wound location in the photo did not match the trajectory, so they decided to pretend they used the drawings (which did match the trajectory) as the basis for their re-enactment, and not place any photos showing the actual location in the record.

(So why did Specter admit seeing the photo, you might ask? By 1966, after the Commission's failure to inspect the photos became an issue, Specter told U.S. News [he] had looked at the photo before the re-enactment. This was supposed to re-assure the American people of the accuracy of the re-enactment, and that the SBT trajectory worked. Apparently, he NEVER thought the actual photos would make their way to the public.)


You're talking nonsense, Pat.

Or, to quote my favorite author (yes, him again):

"The conspiracy theorists will still lie even when there is a photo or film proving them wrong." -- Vince Bugliosi [paraphrasing VB when he said virtually the same thing in hundreds of radio/TV interviews in 2007]

And the "photo or film" in this instance is CE903:

CE903 is PROVING that the Warren Commission did NOT require a wound in the back of the "neck" of John Kennedy in order for the Single-Bullet Theory to work out just fine.

But CTers like Patrick J. Speer will continue to write thousands of words denouncing a perfectly reasonable photo like CE903, even though Pat surely must KNOW that the photo trumps the Warren Commission critics who still seem to believe that the Warren Commission HAD to have the entry wound placed up in the neck of President Kennedy in order for the SBT to align properly.

Jean Davison -- where are you??!!


"To my knowledge, [nobody] has ever explained how moving the back wound up to THE NECK supports the SBT. Nobody CAN support it, because moving the entry to the neck would destroy the WC's SBT trajectory, not strengthen it. Again I'll refer you to CE 903. Although [Arlen] Specter didn't drill a hole in the stand-in's body and drive the rod through it, had he done so, the entry would be in the upper back, not in the neck. There's a string on the wall above his hand that shows an angle of about 18 degrees -- that's the approximate angle measured by a surveyor during the re-enactment and the one the WC used for its SBT. If the rod is moved up to the neck, the bullet will exit well above the exit wound under JFK's Adam's apple. Or take a look at this photo of JFK. Try drawing a line of c. 18 degrees backward from the knot in JFK's tie. Where does it come out? Upper back, right? The claim that [Gerald] Ford's change "strengthens" the WC's SBT is simply not true. If I haven't made my point by now, I give up." -- Jean Davison; January 2, 2007

David Von Pein
July 26, 2009