(PART 606)


I'm...taking issue with your claim of double-hit at Z223-224 when it really took place at Z237-238.

I notice that YOU have not explained the LACK of reaction from Connally after Z230 and before Z237, nor have you explained the extreme force of his reaction at Z237-238. Kennedy's movements also change somewhat drastically at this juncture, as among other things, he drops his hands toward his throat.


John B. Connally's movements (in real-time via the Zapruder Film) are perfectly consistent with him being hit at Z224.

What you're doing, Grizzlie, is attempting to "isolate" Connally's movements by freeze-framing JBC in every frame from Z230 to Z236. If you perform that isolation "trick", then, yes, it appears he hasn't been hit via some of those individual Z-Frames.

But to ignore the obvious JBC hit at Z224 in order to promote a Z238 "Cheeks Puffed" "hit" is just plain silly.

Why did Connally jerk that right arm up then down in the space of three Z-Frames starting @ Z226? Just for a little exercise? Why the sudden open mouth @ Z225? Why does his shoulder pivot forward at exactly Z224? What is JBC doing with his shoulders starting at Z225 (if not hunching them up in an involuntary manner as he reacts to the bullet that just hit him in the back)?

And you're not serious about the Kellerman thing are you? I.E.: The idea that JFK said ANYTHING after being hit. That's an absolute crock. Not a single other person (Nellie, Jackie, Greer, nor JBC) can back up Kellerman's scenario of JFK talking after being hit. And three of those 4 individuals were closer to JFK than was Kellerman...with Jackie's ear practically right next to JFK's mouth at the time. And yet she heard him say NOT A WORD. Kellerman obviously was hearing CONNALLY'S "My God" statement.

You have taken bits 'n pieces of the Z-Film puzzle and attempted to weave a SBT at Z237-Z238...and frankly...that is just plain crazy IMO.


It's amazing, isn't it (via the "shard of concrete hits the President" theory), that ONLY KENNEDY is being showered with debris by a broken bullet/concrete at just the time to match a Z224 SBT timeline? And nobody else gets hit by a single granule of said concrete/fragments...ONLY the intended victim of the assassination reacts to this...right?

Absolutely incredible. And improbable to boot.

But stick to it...somebody'll believe it. After all, Bonar Menninger & Co. got you to buy the Hickey nonsense. (It is The Griz who buys that crap, isn't it? Occasionally I forget who it is who believes in each of these different crackpot and never-could-have-happened nonsensical theories.)

David Von Pein
May 18, 2006