(PART 648)


The public record clearly indicates that LHO overslept that morning. Read Ruth [Paine's] and Marina's testimony. It occurred to me the other morning when I overslept. I dashed out the door and forgot my wallet and wedding ring. Couldn't LHO have done the same?


Not on 11/22/63, no. Because per Marina's Warren Commission testimony, Lee TOLD Marina to take as much money as she needed prior to LHO leaving the Paine house on November 22:

MARINA OSWALD -- "He told me to take as much money as I needed and to buy everything, and said goodbye, and that is all." [1 H 72]

I think I'm correct in saying, however, that the above testimony conflicts with what Marina Oswald told Priscilla McMillan in the book "Marina And Lee", because I believe McMillan has always stated that Marina told her that Lee left a note with instructions to "Buy some shoes for Junie", rather than verbally saying anything to Marina that Friday morning.

In any event, either one of those scenarios (speaking to Marina vs. leaving a written note) would indicate that Lee Oswald left behind the wallet and the $170 deliberately and not by accident.

Plus -- We know Lee didn't forget his "regular" wallet*, because that wallet was plucked from his back pants pocket by the Dallas police shortly after 1:50 PM CST on November 22, following LHO's arrest.

* It's fairly obvious that Lee must have had a spare wallet, with one of those wallets being used to store his life savings of $170 at the Paine residence; while the other wallet could be referred to as his "regular" wallet/billfold, wherein he kept smaller amounts of day-to-day money plus other items, like a forged Selective Service card with the name Alek J. Hidell on it, etc.

David Von Pein
August 6, 2009