(PART 623)


Any honest member of any jury would want to know why Oswald would be in the area of the crime scene.


Not when the WHY WAS HE THERE? question is trumped by scads of HE WAS DEFINITELY THERE evidence....which is what exists in this case.

Plus: 10th & Patton was a mere 0.85 mile from 1026 Beckley. Oswald starts walking in FLIGHT from the murder he just committed less than an hour earlier. It's not like he was on the other side of Dallas, or miles and miles from 1026 Beckley when Tippit was shot (with Oz's gun, of course).

Oswald was still in OAK CLIFF for Pete sake! The same Dallas suburb where he was last seen by Earlene Roberts! IOW, he was still in his own general neighborhood when he plugged Tippit. He hadn't even had a CHANCE to escape Oak Cliff yet!

Any jury member who would think that the question of "WHY WAS OSWALD AT 10TH & PATTON?" overrides and invalidates the physical evidence and witness evidence of Oswald having definitely been at 10th & Patton at 1:15 belongs on the O.J. jury....and only that jury. Because that juror is obviously nuts!

Oswald killed Tippit and everybody knows it. Close the case (for once).

David Von Pein
March 29, 2007