(PART 627)


>>> "There must be some reason why David Von Pein got an "inscribed" free copy of Bugliosi's book. Von Pein said so in one of his posts on this very topic. Why would Bugliosi do that?

My instinct is telling me that having an autographed free copy of Bugliosi's book is not the only thing that Von Pein is getting out of promoting that very book." <<<


So, I see Pasquale has now decided to call me a liar.

>>> "How long did it take you to figure out that I'm calling you a liar? Wow, you actually figured out that I'm calling you a liar? It took you this long?" <<<

LOL. Oh, yes, I know that kooks like you think I'm a "liar" in a general sense via promoting the obvious lone-assassin and "Reclaiming History" truth regarding the JFK assassination.

But that's not what I asked you, Mr. Dolt.

I asked if you think I'm a liar with regard to this quote:

"I got an inscribed copy of the book for free from Mr. Bugliosi. .... Other than the autographed copy of the book and the satisfaction of spreading the "RH" truth around the Internet....I guess I'm getting nothing at all." -- DVP

Naturally, you (like most kooks) can't answer a simple question in less than 45 Internet posts. So, just forget it.

>>> "I think you're lying if you say that you're not looking for anything else regarding Bugliosi. I've been saying that all along." <<<

Well, via e-mails sent to Vincent's secretary, Rosemary Newton, I did offer to proofread every last page of "Reclaiming History" for any potential re-release of the book (which probably won't happen, but I'd like to see a few of the minor errors corrected for any future re-release of the book; such as VB's contradiction on Pages 423 and 424 and the obvious error Vince made about the number of bullet fragments that were left inside Governor Connally's body after he was operated on at Parkland).

But I certainly wasn't offering my proofreading services out of some sort of obligation or money-grabbing scheme. I'd do that job for absolutely nothing.

>>> "His [Bugliosi's] book is disinformation and lies to promote the Oswald-did-it-alone idea." <<<

Yeah, right.


And your next stupid statement will be....

>>> "As I said repeatedly, in my opinion, if you're promoting Bugliosi's lies in that stupid book of his, then either you don't know any better or you have a motive. Since I don't think you're a complete dolt [UNLIKE DVP'S CURRENT OPINION OF PASQUALE DiFABRIZIO], my guess is that you have a motive." <<<

Yep...I was right. That's a stupid statement alright.


>>> "Being that you said you have two copies of the book already and then you said you received an inscribed free copy from Bugliosi, I'd say that you must being doing something he wants and therefore working with someone (Bugliosi) who is putting out lies." <<<


In other words -- Everything's a "conspiracy". Right, Pasq?

The next idiotic utterance is.....

>>> "If you're getting a pat on the back from someone like Bugliosi, you're doing something wrong in my opinion." <<<

Yep....that's idiotic.

And just think -- the above nonsense was written by someone who endorses the "Jimmy Files Did It" fairy tale.

As I said, I practically never stop laughing when talking with conspiracy-giddy kooks.

David Von Pein
July 20, 2009