(PART 607)


The very expensive dummy head in the ITTC ["Inside The Target Car"] tests sat on a neck that did not move. This alone renders any actual conclusions invalid, as there is no way to duplicate the head movement of the fatal shot.


Excuses, excuses. That's what CTers are made of--excuses.

Pam must think that if the dummy heads had been affixed to a "spring"-like neck device, it would have made [Michael] Yardley's two "From The Knoll" shots interact totally differently with the dummy heads. Is that it?

Does Pam think that Yardley's "From The Knoll" test bullets (one from a Winchester rifle; the other from a Mannlicher-Carcano similar to Oswald's) would NOT have either blown the head of the dummy off its simulated neck (which the Winchester bullet accomplished) or cause damage to the left side of the dummy head (which the Carcano bullet did) if the heads had been situated on more true-to-life "necks"?

In short, the conspiracy theorists who continue to want to paint the "Target Car" program as being totally worthless are looking very, very foolish in their efforts to do so.

Because regardless of the mistakes made in the program (Jackie's positioning in the car for one), the BOTTOM LINE is crystal clear and undeniable, despite the paper-thin protests of conspiracy theorists -- and that bottom line is:

A gunshot hitting President Kennedy in the head from a position in FRONT of JFK's limousine would have caused damage to the LEFT side of Kennedy's head. And since the President did not suffer any damage to the LEFT side of his head (or brain)....just do the simple math from there.

Conspiracy-happy kooks, unfortunately, always manage to score an F when taking this easy "Where Did The Head Shot Come From?" exam. And I haven't even yet added in the irrevocable "One Shot Hit JFK In The Head From Behind" autopsy results and the autopsy photographs.

When the autopsy report and the pictures are ADDED to the "Target Car" head-shot simulations, it then becomes fairly obvious that it's time for the disgruntled clowns in the CT camp to give up the idea that JFK was hit in the head by a make-believe Grassy Knoll gunman.

David Von Pein
July 1, 2009