(PART 630)


I recall reading Josiah Thompson's "Reclaiming History" critique in 2007 [linked HERE through Jim DiEugenio's website]. A pathetic appraisal of Vincent Bugliosi's masterpiece, IMO.

Of course, such a Bugliosi bashfest is to be expected, coming as it does from a veteran conspiracy advocate.

This closing salvo by Mr. Thompson is particularly humorous (and inaccurate):

"It's a shame and a waste of great time and effort that Bugliosi decided to contribute to the problem and not to its solution."

I guess the funniest part about statements like the one quoted above is the fact that conspiracy theorists like Mr. Thompson will seemingly forever remain married to the delusional notion that the JFK assassination has NOT had a satisfactory "solution" attached to it ALREADY.

But despite the constant nit-picking and evidence-mangling of conspiracists for the last 45 years, there is, indeed, a very satisfactory (and correct) "solution" affixed to the events of November 1963 -- i.e.: Lee Harvey Oswald, by himself, took his gun to work on November 22, 1963, and killed President Kennedy.

And no amount of Bugliosi-bashing and anti-Warren Commission critiques will ever change the irrevocable FACT that nobody, in more than 45 years, has been able to produce one single piece of physical evidence that would undermine and/or prove wrong the last paragraph I wrote above.

David Von Pein
July 23, 2009