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[John] McAdams claims Judyth [Vary Baker] "must have" studied the literature extensively. You take the opposite position to argue the same conclusion.


Judyth no doubt studied a lot of the details regarding Oswald and his whereabouts on certain days prior to 11/22/63, etc., yes. She would have HAD to study those kind of pre-Nov. 22 details in order for her lies to have any chance whatsoever of being believed (by anyone).

The chronology of Judyth's fairy tale, though, ends in mid-November of 1963 (prior to the assassination itself, of course), so she doesn't need to memorize any of the details pertaining to LHO or the assassination AFTER the point in time when she says she last saw him or talked to him.

Which makes me continue to wonder if Judyth ever studied (in some depth) the details of THE ASSASSINATION ITSELF, which includes Lee Oswald's own actions and lies AFTER the murders that LHO so obviously committed in Dallas.

So, I was referring mainly to the evidence against Oswald AFTER 12:30 PM on 11/22/63 when I said this in an earlier post:

"My guess is that Judyth probably has not seriously studied and evaluated the hard evidence that exists against Lee Oswald in the TWO murders that he was charged with in 1963. Nor has Judyth focused very heavily on another very important aspect of the JFK murder case -- the ACTIONS and the PROVABLE LIES of her "lover", both before and after the assassination of President Kennedy." -- DVP; 05/04/09

David Von Pein
May 6, 2009