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Don't you love how Dave SKIPS over the comment about LHO being shown Secret Service credentials when THERE WERE NO SS AGENTS IN DEALEY PLAZA DURING AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ASSASSINATION? Who was this man and where did he get SS credentials?


It was either Pierce Allman or Robert MacNeil (maybe both, since they both did EXACTLY the same thing at about the same time -- i.e., they each asked a white guy where the phone was and they were each directed to the front of the TSBD).

And since there would be absolutely NO LOGICAL REASON WHATSOEVER for ANYONE (a SS agent or any civilian) to have flashed any I.D. to Oswald (or to TELL HIM they were "Secret Service") just in order to get simple directions to a telephone....the reasonable inference then becomes this one: Thomas J. Kelley placed in his report words that weren't 100% accurate about what Oswald said EXACTLY.

If you want to say I'm "cherry-picking" -- okay. Go ahead. I guess I am in this instance, because I'm choosing to believe the part about "Secret Service", but I'm disbelieving Kelley's report regarding Oswald actually being shown a "book of identification" AND I'm most certainly disbelieving the part where Kelley says that Oswald heard the words "Secret Service" come out of the mouth of the man who we know (via the best and most reasonable accounts of what happened) was either Pierce Allman of WFAA-TV or Robert (Robin) MacNeil of the National Broadcasting Company.

And the part about the man actually SAYING "I'm Secret Service" is just silly, given the circumstances....mainly because, as I said, there's no reason for the man to want to even take the time to say that to Oswald and also to dig out his ID. It's just...well...silly (IMO).

So, hang me from the nearest tree in your backyard if you want. But that's my opinion nonetheless.


But how did Powell get SS credentials when he was NOT in the SS? Please explain this for us.


He didn't have "SS" credentials, you idiot. And he never showed anybody any Secret Service credentials. And nobody ever EXAMINED his credentials closely to confirm WHAT agency James Powell was with. That's quite obvious...and, just as important, it's totally logical.

Any reason we can't use CS&L [Common Sense & Logic] to help "solve" this crime, Rob?

David Von Pein
April 11, 2009