(PART 487)


The [Warren] Commission specifically asked the FBI to get the videotape [of Dan Rather's supposed statement about seeing Oswald at the Carousel Club, via KRLD-Radio in Dallas].


So what?

CE2983 provides ample proof that Dan Rather NEVER, EVER was in the Carousel Club at any time.

You obviously think Dan Rather is a liar, right Tom?

(Silly question, of course Tom thinks Rather is a liar.)

But let's look at this from a "common sense" perspective, okay? (Are you up for that, Tom?)

Let's say (for the sake of argument) that Dan Rather of CBS News really HAD been in the Carousel Club prior to 11/22/63 and he really DID see Lee Oswald in that nightclub.

Now, fast forward to 11/24/63 --- Dan Rather, who is heavily involved in the Dallas coverage for CBS-TV that November weekend in 1963, would have had a golden opportunity to reveal to the WORLD (via live television) that he, HIMSELF, had actually SEEN Lee Harvey Oswald a few days before JFK's assassination in the VERY SAME CLUB OWNED BY OSWALD'S MURDERER!

But does Dan Rather reveal this bombshell on nationwide TV on 11/24/63 (or at anytime thereafter)?

No. Instead, Dan Rather interviews nightclub comedian Bill DeMar on CBS-TV on the afternoon or early evening of Sunday, November 24th, 1963 [see the video below], and it's DeMar who tells the world that it was he (DeMar) who had supposedly seen Oswald in the Carousel about "8 or 9 days" prior to 11/24/63. (DeMar also said "last week" when he was asked by Rather when exactly DeMar had seen Oswald at the club.)

Also -- Via the above Rather/DeMar interview on 11/24/63, Dan Rather obviously has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what kind of club the Carousel is....hence, Rather asks DeMar questions like, "What kind of club is it?" and "Is it a rough place?"

Now, if Dan Rather HIMSELF had been inside the Carousel Club at some point in time shortly prior to Kennedy's assassination, why would he need to even ASK such questions of somebody else? He would have known what kind of club it was HIMSELF.

Of course, I'm sure that Tom Rossley (and other conspiracists equally as unhinged as Tom) want to believe that Mr. Rather was merely keeping quiet about being at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club prior to the assassination (and seeing Oswald there). Right, Tom?

Dan Rather really KNEW what kind of club the Carousel was, right? And he really had seen Lee Oswald there on 11/21/63 (even though we know that Oswald couldn't even have been there that night, because he drove out to Irving with Buell Frazier to spend that night with Marina and his kids [and to get his rifle, of course]). Right, Tom?

But Rather was, in a way, lying his ass off by KEEPING QUIET about these things on November 24, 1963, when he interviewed Bill DeMar. Right, Tom?

Dan Rather, with a golden opportunity (per Kook Rossley) to toot his own horn (so to speak), and to gain even more attention than he already had gained as of 11/24/63, decides to CLAM UP entirely about having physically SEEN Lee Harvey Oswald at Jack Ruby's nightclub prior to the assassination of the President.

Tell me I'm right about those things, Tom. I always enjoy watching a kook hang himself with his own stupid beliefs.

David Von Pein
April 11, 2009