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>>> "I hope Vincent [Bugliosi] reverses his position on the location of the entry wound in the back of the head (to near the EOP)." <<<


Why on Earth would Mr. Bugliosi want to do a silly thing like that?

There's not a chance in the world that Vince would have any desire to change his already correct stance on the location of President Kennedy's head entry wound.


Because, as can easily be determined by this autopsy photograph, the ONLY THING that could POSSIBLY be deemed a "bullet hole" on the back of JFK's head in this picture is the red spot near the cowlick:

And John Canal's weird "stretched scalp" theory doesn't fly either. Because even WITH some degree of scalp "stretching", the actual HOLE (red spot) through John Kennedy's scalp is STILL PENETRATING THE AREA OF THE COWLICK.

Therefore, regardless of ANY scalp "stretching" that John Canal has invented to accommodate his oddball BOH/LN theory....the bullet hole in the back of JFK's head is STILL GOING THROUGH THE AREA OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY'S COWLICK -- which means (by definition): the entry hole for Lee Harvey Oswald's bullet was located HIGH on the back of John F. Kennedy's head.*

* = Unless some inventive theorist now wants to pretend that JFK's cowlick was located LOW on the back of his head. I doubt anyone wants to claim that, however.

Or does John Canal perhaps believe that by "stretching" the scalp of JFK, the entry hole itself (which John insists is located in an area of JFK's head that is much LOWER than the cowlick area) somehow magically CLIMBED UP the head of President Kennedy, in order to appear to be merging with the COWLICK area of the President's head?

There's no possible way that John Canal can logically and reasonably answer that last question....because there is no logical or reasonable answer to that question that would support John's "Low/EOP" theory.


As I've mentioned in previous posts on this subject (after having had this forehead-slapping revelation brought to my attention by Dr. Michael Baden, via his March 12, 1978, tape recorded discussion with Dr. Pierre Finck, which is linked HERE)....the autopsy photo shown above not only depicts just ONE single solitary thing that could conceivably be determined to be a bullet hole (the red spot in the cowlick area of JFK's head), but the MAIN FOCAL POINT of that picture is quite obviously the RED SPOT near the CENTER of the photograph. That couldn't be more obvious. (Although, as I said, I never once thought of using that particular argument to support the cowlick entry until I listened to Baden's very astute comments on the matter during his 1978 interview with Dr. Finck.)

But it's certainly quite obvious that photographer John Stringer is NOT centering his camera lens on the HAIRLINE area of President Kennedy's head in that picture. Stringer is centering his attention on the red spot in the cowlick area of JFK's head (i.e., the only possible artifact in the photo that looks anything at all like a bullet hole).

>>> "But I do predict that if Vincent [Bugliosi] reverses his position, David [Von Pein] will reverse his position." <<<

Not a chance.

But, then too, there's not even the slightest chance that Mr. Bugliosi will change his mind about the obviously true "high"/"cowlick" location of the entry wound in JFK's head, which is a location that Bugliosi fully endorses in his book "Reclaiming History".

And there's a very good reason why Vincent endorses such a cowlick entry location, and that reason is -- because it's so obviously the correct location for that wound:

"The precise location of this [head] entrance wound as stated by the autopsy surgeons in the autopsy report...has been established as being incorrect by every pathologist who has subsequently studied the autopsy photographs and X-rays.


Not only do the autopsy photos and X-rays definitively show that the entrance wound is in the upper part of the president's skull, but they show a bullet track..."only in the upper portion of the skull" [1 HSCA 304, Testimony of Dr. Michael Baden before HSCA on September 7, 1978].


The autopsy photographs and X-rays DO locate the [entrance] wound precisely, though, to Dr. Humes's chagrin, not where the autopsy report says."



Vince, though, needs to re-think his stance on the HSCA's "upward trajectory" through JFK's body for the SBT bullet. He resides, incredibly, on BOTH sides of the fence (at the same time!) on that strange issue [CLICK HERE].

And Vince is also wrong about some of the stuff he has said about Dr. Gregory and the Connally wrist fragments [CLICK HERE].

So you see, WhiskyJoe, I'm not always in complete agreement with Vincent Bugliosi. (Just MOST of the time; but not 100% of the time.) ;)

David Von Pein
April 1, 2009