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I frequently host a local radio station in Detroit, and was wondering if there are any lone gunman theorist[s] who would be interested in a radio phone debate against a conspiracy theorist. I will be the host of the show, and will be objective (although I personally believe the killing was done by Oswald...alone). My email is Anton_Batey@yahoo.com.

"grgrychng" SAID:

You may wish to contact Dave Reitzes, Dave Von Pein, both of whom post here. Also, check NickSlick's IMDB profile and send him a message to his email address.

Subject: JFK Assassination
Date: 3/27/2009 10:14:04 PM EDT
From: Anton Batey
To: David Von Pein



I read a lot of your comments regarding the Kennedy Assassination. I host a radio show in Detroit, and was wondering if you would like to take part in a debate with someone from here that believes there was a:

1. Gunman on the grassy knoll
2. The FBI, CIA, Dallas police, etc. were "in on" it.

Hopefully you'll accept. Thanks.


I'd love to hear David Reitzes debate the John F. Kennedy murder case on radio. Mr. Reitzes has, of course, done a fabulous job of debunking many different JFK conspiracy theories on his own website.

A radio debate featuring LNer John McAdams would be a treat to listen to as well.

I, myself, am very honored that Anton Batey would consider me as an "LN" candidate worthy of debating someone on live radio. I received a private e-mail from him on March 27, 2009 [shown above], asking me to be a participant on his radio program.

However, I think I was born with a case of permanent stage fright, and my thoughts are probably better expressed in written form, such as my long-winded ramblings at my JFK Blog (DavidVonPein.blogspot.com).

David Von Pein
March 28, 2009