(PART 522)


Bugliosi's middle initial isn't "D".


Perhaps not, but "Dumbass" usually begins with a "D", does it not?

Anyone who proclaims the virtues and truths of the WC is most assuredly a DumbAss!


Exactly what was it that Henry Heiberger said to you in regards to the spectrographic analysis of JFK's clothing which he conducted?

Oh! I'm sorry, you do not actually conduct research do you? Instead, you either read (or have someone else read and explain to you) what the WC has to say, as well as what your butt-buddy Bugloisi [sic] has to say on the subject matter.

And then, not unlike many of the CT community, you dive off into a rabbithole and run around expousing this as if it were the FACTUAL truths.


Some of us here are not "Dumbass Von Parrots" who know only how to repeat the BS of the WC and/or VB, and we actually know the proper format for conducting research.

You should make an attempt to learn it and then try it some time. One is far less likely to ultimately look BONEHEAD STUPID if they do so.


Wow-wee! Nobody get near Thomas H. Purvis right now! He's obviously rabid (and ready to bite)!

That kook named Purvis gets wackier (and funnier) with each passing 24-hour period. I hope he continues, too. I love watching a kook unravel "on the air" (on the Internet).

In short -- ANYONE who has looked at the SUM TOTAL (aka THE TOTALITY) of evidence in the JFK murder case who actually thinks that there was a second "BULLET" hole in John F. Kennedy's jacket is not only a "bonehead" (which is Kook Purvis' favorite term it seems), but that person who believes such craziness is just plain RETARDED.

P.S. -- Purvis, please do continue to cross-post my messages at The Education Forum. You're doing me a great favor by doing that, and I appreciate it. Because you're allowing any "lurkers" there to read the posts of a reasonable person (that's me) regarding your "2 Head Shots From The Rear" fantasy. Thank you.

And say "hi" to Mr. Serling for me too -- because we all know you have ready access to him, what with you being firmly entrenched in "The Twilight Zone" the way you are.

David Von Pein
May 10, 2009