(PART 517)


You have to ignore a LOT of evidence to believe that Ruby just happened to have lucky timing, and shot Oswald on impulse.


And conspiracy theorists have no (reasonable) choice but to call Karen Carlin one of the prime conspirators in a plot to murder Lee Harvey Oswald.

Because without Carlin being nearly penniless and having her rent due very soon (as of 11/23/63), then she's not going to make that call to Jack Ruby on Sunday morning, which is a call that enabled Ruby to be at the right place at the perfect time to slay LHO.

And the fact that Ruby closed his clubs on 11/22 and 11/23 is a key factor in Ruby being where he was on 11/24/63 too.


If Ruby hadn't closed his nightclubs on those two nights, then Karen Carlin could have (and undoubtedly would have) gotten her $25 advance AT ONE OF THE NIGHTCLUBS THEMSELVES, instead of having to bother Jack at home for the money.

Any way a CTer slices it, they need Karen Carlin to be a key "plotter" in November 1963 if the CTers want to actually believe that Ruby killed Oswald due to anything except an "impulse" (and being in the right place at just the right time to pull off the murder).

Or do CTers want to believe that the "Carlin Asks For Money" part of the scenario was merely PURE LUCK for plotter Jack Ruby?

IOW -- Carlin just HAPPENS to need some cash (and can't get into Ruby's clubs to get the money because they're closed for the weekend)....and she just HAPPENS to call Ruby prior to 11:00 AM on Sunday morning....and Jack then suddenly realizes he has the perfect "non-conspiratorial" reason for going downtown to the Western Union office (even though, per this silly scenario, Jack knows in advance he's going to pop Oswald on Sunday, but he decides to wait until about 11:00 to go downtown, even though the transfer of Oswald was supposed to have occurred at 10:00 AM)?

In the final (and most reasonable) analysis.....

Every last thing connected to Jack Ruby and his killing of Lee Harvey Oswald spells SPUR OF THE MOMENT. Right down to "Sheba" [one of his dogs] going downtown with Jack.

~Mark VII~

David Von Pein
May 8, 2009