(PART 494)


Without even hearing the radio debate, there can be no question as to who the victor was/is -- Mr. McAdams.

How can we know?

Simple -- Because there is no CREDIBLE EVIDENCE for conspiracy in the JFK case...period.

Thus, Lee Oswald was the lone shooter in Dallas.

It's hilarious to hear Rossley thumping his chest, when there isn't even the slimmest of chances that ANY debate about the JFK case could result in the "CTer" coming out smelling like a rose. (And, yes, I can say this without even hearing a single word of the radio debate in question.)


You have to realize, however, that more than 75% of the listening audience were already predisposed towards a conspiracy.


Yes, that's certainly true. But, much to the chagrin of Mr. Rossley, that "more than 75%" is not really in his "Anybody But Oswald" corner at all. Not even close, in fact (at least when based on the assassination poll I'm going to be talking about next).

A JFK Assassination poll conducted by ABC News in November 2003 shows us that 83% of the 1,031 people participating in that particular poll said they thought that Rossley's favorite innocent patsy (i.e., a man named Oswald) was, indeed, firing a gun at JFK on 11/22/63, with only 7% of those same 1,031 individuals saying they thought Oswald was not a gunman.

Rossley must hate polls like the one shown above, because stuff like this (with a specific question being asked about "GUNMAN"/"GUNMEN") only goes to show that the type of crazy Anybody But Oswald mentality that is possessed by so many CTers within the cyber walls of Internet forums is certainly not even close to being the mentality of Americans in general (at least when based on that 2003 ABC News poll, at any rate).

David Von Pein
April 6, 2009
April 15, 2009