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Is this the BlackOp program where Jim DiEugenio eludes [sic; Healy The Illiterate really means alludes here] to you and David Reitzes being the same person? If so, have you taken steps to prove you aren't? After all, IF you're one in the same, why hide behind an alias? Doesn't help your credibility, therefore Bugliosi's credibility.


Here we have more backward logic from a conspiracy crackpot extraordinaire named David G. Healy, with Healy placing the burden of proof on ME to show that I'm NOT someone else (namely the very fine JFK researcher David A. Reitzes)....instead of the burden of proof for this make-believe "alias" allegation resting where it does rest--on the silly people who like to make such untrue allegations, of course.

Anyway, it would probably do no good for me to "prove" who I am, because nuts like Mr. Healy are going to believe whatever they want to believe about me (and about the JFK assassination in general as well).

And Mr. Healy, et al, will also continue to believe stupid things with respect to many other people too, such as "Reclaiming History" author Vincent Bugliosi and animator Dale Myers and the whole Warren Commission -- with people like Healy actually believing that the WC was filled to the brim with nothing but liars and "Let's Nail Oswald" cover-up operatives, including the WC's entire staff of lawyers and assistant counsel members.

For any "lurkers" out there, let me add this footnote --- Within the last year or so, this conspiracy-happy retard named David G. Healy has arrived at the conclusion (which he is only too eager to put in print for all to see and read, and laugh at) that I am not only Dave Reitzes (in Internet disguise)....but Healy has also accused me of posing as various other people as well, such as a man named Steve Keating and (get this) also Vincent Bugliosi himself! Let's have a look:

"C'mon Vince [Bugliosi]....we KNOW its [sic] you, you old slime bucket you. And hiding behind a ghost secretary, yet -- shame on you. We understand you've taken a major defeat, the publishing disaster of the century fer christsakes. You'll get over it Vinnie, you're all washed up hon, time to put it out to pasture.... Old Mark Lane would drive you to insanity, dance around you like you weren't even there..... ya see Vin, that's the problem with doing a "book of the century" (sic)....You're a joke Vin, er Dave Von Pein and we know you haven't the nads to show up here under your real name -- so you just hide behind that secretary that doesn't exist - we won't tell a soul, promise....ROTFLMFAO!" -- David G. Healy; April 20, 2009

Now, can anyone imagine a 50+-year-old man actually wanting to type out the paragraph of child-like gibberish that I've copied above? It's just incredible, isn't it?

After reading such tripe (which is not at all uncommon for Mr. Healy, btw; he writes nonsense like that on a daily basis on the Internet), I can only shake my head in bewilderment as I envision men in white coats approaching Mr. Healy's dwelling (with caution).

My response to Healy's April 20th "You Are Vince" ranting-and-raving session was this, btw:

"Oh, goodie! I get to be Vince Bugliosi again today! Thanks, Senor Crackpipe! And we've just learned from the druggie/retard [that's Healy, of course] that Rosemary Newton [Mr. Bugliosi's secretary] doesn't even exist at all! She's a "ghost". Isn't that special? Make sure not to show Kook Healy page 1514 of "Reclaiming History". That page might make Healy turn all colors. .... Tomorrow -- DVP = Steve Keating (again). On April 22 -- DVP = Dave Reitzes (again). Right, Mister Retard?" -- DVP; April 20, 2009


Noticed you ran fast and furious from the question, troll....

My-oh-my, state sponsored David Von Pein has crawled pout of his Vince Bugliosi lined hole, AGAIN! Good to see you alive and well, troll! We need lone nuts such as yourself to show just how stupid some can be.... case evidence notwithstanding. So truck along little guy, and when your brother moves you out of his bedroom, give us a call -- then we'll take you seriously.

Being one of the most prolific lone nut posters (some 20,000 posts) doesn't mean anything, hon..... of course you, also being David Reitzes doesn't help matters any either.... Carry on troll -- ROTFLMFAO!


Hon, you're shucking and jiving and avoiding a simple question... Is Jim DiEugenio correct? Are you David Von Pein and Dave Reitzes the same person?

Hope you're not TOO bothered and bewildered by the difficult question....

GAWD, you'd be horrible when it comes to writing a TV script, no wonder you were passed over for Reclaiming History, but don't take it personally. Myers simply had more to sell, namely his animation -- if you'd like a Peter Jennings autograph I can arrange one for you, though.... After all, we CTer's are here to serve... Now, back to that Internet Radio Black Op question, troll what say you?


Now listen son, we know you shouldn't lie, so you simply avoid answering. Simply tell this entire board (and your loving fans) if in fact David Von Pein and Dave Reitzes are one in the same? Simple english lad! Is Jim DiEugenio correct in his assumption? If a lot of us are correct in [our] collective assumption?


Von Pein/Reitzes --- finally, at loss for words, AMAZING!


Hint for Mr. Retard (aka David G. Healy):

Check out my username.

David Von Pein
April 28, 2009
April 28, 2009