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Maybe ONE day DVP will LEARN that Mr. Fetzer is an EDITOR, thus he did NOT make the claim DVP mentioned! I believe, IF my memory serves me, [Jack] White noticed things while working with the extant Z-film THAT MADE HIM THINK THIS, and Mr. Fetzer is simply supporting the work in his book.


Yes, Mega-Kook Jack White evidently was the first moron who came up with the idea that Zapruder was never on the pedestal, but it's quite clear that James Fetzer HIMSELF certainly ENDORSES such crazy talk....otherwise he wouldn't be talking about it on the Internet in the terms he is talking about it.


Fetzer said:

"There are several possibilities, including that Zapruder was made of rubber, that Zapruder was not there at all, and that someone else stood in for him. We shall see."

Fetzer also made these loony statements:

"Zapruder and Sitzman may have been in the area, but I have always found it a bit odd that she would climb up on the pedestal, which would have been difficult for anyone but especially a woman in a dress, who, presumably, would want to preserve her modesty. But the question is a bit more basic than that, since we know that "the Zapruder film" is not a film that Zapruder--or anyone else!--could have taken, since it includes events, like the blow-out to the right-front, which are complete fabrications."


[/End Kook Quotations.]

After reading comments like the ones above authored by James H. Fetzer, is it truly possible not to come away shaking your own head in bewilderment about how a person who is supposed to be quite "scholarly" regarding his research could believe such total nonsense for even TWO SECONDS?

Fetzer's entire theory regarding the Zapruder Film being a "complete fabrication" can be knocked down in just a few seconds by watching the 11/22/63 live television interview given by Abraham Zapruder himself on WFAA-TV in Dallas (which is an interview that took place two hours after Zapruder took the famous 26-second home movie that Fetzer thinks is a "complete fabrication"):

How does Mr. Fetzer handle the fact that Abe Zapruder went on live TV within just a couple of hours of the assassination and told the world that he stood on "one of those concrete blocks that they have down by the Underpass" and took "some pictures" of the motorcade?

I guess Fetzer and Jack White must think that Abraham Zapruder is one of THE MAIN CONSPIRATORS in the cover-up regarding the Z-Film. How could Fetzer NOT think that, given his belief that Abe was probably not up on that "concrete block" at all on November 22nd? Crazy.

David Von Pein
March 17, 2009