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I've been trying to drum home to you the importance of the fact that they photographed [F8] the damn entry in the skull and probably didn't think all you guys would rush to use a photo of the entry in the scalp (just because it's easier to orientate) to determine precisely where the entry was.


LOL. Yeah, why would I (or anybody else!) ever be caught dead relying on a much better and much clearer and much easier to orient photo like the BOH color photo to try and determine where the bullet hole was located on JFK's head....vs. relying more heavily on that mess known as "F8"?

You're a howl, John C.


John C. has to believe that Michael Baden was a big fat liar. In fact, Canal has actually called Baden a liar recently, with John claiming that Baden "lied several times".

And John C. also has to believe that EVERY SINGLE PATHOLOGIST (even conspiracy theorist Cyril Wecht) who examined the autopsy photos and X-rays for the HSCA and the Clark Panel was either a liar too, or each of those pathologists who agreed that the entry wound was "10 centimeters [4 inches] above the EOP" was simply too incompetent and brain-dead to make such a determination after reviewing the original autopsy materials.

I guess perhaps Mr. Canal thinks that over a dozen trained pathologists would be willing to sell their integrity just in order to not "rock the boat" (so to speak). Over ONE DOZEN pathologists did this, according to John A. Canal! Incredible.

And the whole purpose of having the various pathologists for the Clark Panel and the HSCA examine the autopsy photos and X-rays in the first place was, quite obviously, so that those pathologists could clarify the facts surrounding the locations of JFK's head wounds as much as possible.

But if we're to believe John Canal, the exact OPPOSITE was apparently the goal of those pathologists (more than ONE DOZEN of them in total!) -- because evidently the pathologists didn't give a damn about the truth regarding the specific location of the entry wound in Kennedy's head. Those doctors were only interested in not rocking the boat. Therefore, the muddy waters just got a lot muddier.

Right, John?

As I said....John C. is a howl.



"John Canal's theory suggests there was a cover-up by the autopsy doctors in the Kennedy assassination. If there is anyone who has read my book ["Reclaiming History"] and still believes this, there obviously is nothing I can say to him or her to infuse their mind with common sense. However, in the spirit of scholarship that guided me while writing 'Reclaiming History', if it comes out in a second edition, I will examine and address myself to any responsible new theory, including Mr. Canal's, that came out subsequent to the publication of the book." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; April 19, 2009


David Von Pein
April 21, 2009