(PART 477)


You're wrong about the red spot being in the cowlick area of the scalp in the photo...unless you have proof? If you do, I might mitigate that statement...but let's hear the proof first.


Come now, John Canal, let's be reasonable here.

Are you going to sit there and tell me that you really think that this red spot on the back of JFK's head is **NOT** going through the cowlick of Kennedy's scalp?

Bottom Line (which Dr. Michael Baden and the HSCA's forensic panel agree with, of course):

That red spot is penetrating President Kennedy's SCALP at the area of the scalp where JFK's hair starts to diverge or go in different directions (for lack of better terms to describe the "cowlick" on a person's head).

Therefore, how can you possibly say that the red spot actually PENETRATED the "EOP" on John Kennedy's SCALP, when we can see the red spot merging with the diverging hair (aka: the "cowlick") on Kennedy's scalp?

If you want to continue to think the red spot really started out at the EOP, then you've got one magical floating red spot there, John....because that bullet hole ended up GOING THROUGH THE COWLICK when John Stringer took the above photograph.

John, you'd be better off theorizing that the above picture is a fake, like almost all conspiracy theorists like to think.

Because if that photo is not a fake (and, of course, it's not; the HSCA proved that as well), then the bullet hole penetrated JFK's cowlick region and not the External Occipital Protuberance.

~Mark VII~

David Von Pein
April 4, 2009